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Applying to an on-campus or online MBA program can be overwhelming. Potential business students want to gain acceptance to a top MBA program. They hope it will prepare them for successful careers in business. Many business school applicants wonder if they have what it takes. Are they good enough to get accepted to exclusive business schools. That is where the best MBA admissions consultants come in!


We live in a time when some top-notch entities specialize in helping graduate students navigate MBA admissions. These organizations have MBA admissions consulting experts. They offer programs to guide prospective MBA students through the MBA admissions process. They also help them create the most-solid possible application. Here are ten of the top MBA Admissions Consultants and firms available to MBA applicants.


Accepted is an MBA services business that offers some incredible resources. Its MBA/EMBA application package is comprehensive. This MBA admissions consulting firm includes school choice evaluation, essay strategy, decision counseling, and recommendation letter guidance. There are also interview prep, waitlist support, resume critique, and final application review.

Its admission consulting is set up as an hourly MBA admissions plan. It answers all a student’s questions about MBA admissions. They learn how to stand out above the rest, school selection, and overcoming low scores. Accepted’s flat-rate plans and hourly packages allow MBA candidates to work with consultants. They help them brainstorm and polish their essays until they shine. MBA consultants review essays and check them for interest and readability. Hourly resume plans help students make a memorable first impression.

This service is the perfect fit for business school applicants who have a LinkedIn profile or resume draft. The recommendation letter service is a two-step approach. MBA consulting experts review and critique recommendations before finalizing them. Many b-school students have all their materials gathered but aren’t ready to hit “Submit.” They can have Accepted experts review and critique their essays, resume, and short answer question responses. This ensures their MBA application is 100% ready to turn in.

Accepted Website


Scores of competitive applicants come to Admissionado with incredible profiles, stories, and potential. Often, company representatives hear them describe what they believe are their best selling points. There is a misalignment with what’s communicated and what admissions committees are requesting. There is no guarantee that candidates with “the right stuff” will convey it well enough for adcoms to hear it and want it. Admissionado helps future MBA students make their case convincing and legible. Their future success feels enticing and bankable. This is what the top MBA programs around the nation want: future success. Admissionado’s approach to MBA admissions includes understanding which traits to emphasize. How they sell them is what makes them one of the best in the United States.

MBA admission consultants improve a potential b-school student’s chances of acceptance. The admissions aid currently advertises a 98% client success rate. This MBA admissions consulting firm understands what motivates admissions committees. It helps bring their most salient virtues to the gatekeepers’ attention. Admissionado helps candidates connect their past achievements to their future goals. They bring out their superpowers and the absolute best version of who they are.

Admissionado Website

MBA Prep School

Marketing Manager

MBA Prep School clients beat the MBA admissions odds annually. The firm has assembled a team of the top MBA admissions consultants in the industry. It helps b-school candidates develop their application strategy and story. Their MBA applications generate admission interview invitations. They receive acceptance letters from the nation’s top business schools.

MBA Prep School’s admissions consulting services strengthen future MBA students’ candidacy. They improve all the critical areas that MBA admissions officers focus on. Customers partner with MBA application experts to perfect their MBA essays. They receive résumé, admissions interview approach, and recommendation letters help. The Wharton School, Stanford Graduate School, Harvard Business School, and all the other top business schools are searching for the best students worldwide. MBA Prep School admission consultants set their clients’ MBA applications apart. They take future business students through a proven program. It makes them the best MBA candidates they can be. Each application season, over eight out of ten clients go into a top-choice business school.

MBA Prep School Website


Leaders at mbaMission understand that business school candidates have many questions. They prepare to apply to their target business programs. What are their chances of admission? How can they differentiate themselves from so many other applicants? What is the best way to showcase their accomplishments or mitigate their weaknesses? These questions find answers when clients take mbaMission’s free 30-minute consultation. They meet with an expert from the Senior Consultant team. This MBA admissions consulting firm provides future MBA students with actionable feedback. They will improve their MBA applications. Clients provide basic information about their candidacy and upload their resumes. mbaMission contacts them within one business day to schedule a free half-hour consultation.

Potential b-school students consider their consultation as time with an admissions consultation expert. Session discussion is up to the client. It can be a profile evaluation to identify their strengths and weaknesses. They may discuss school selection, reapplication strategies, or anything else. Before the meeting, clients think about what they would like to get out of the conversation. They come prepared to ask their most pressing questions. All consultants review the submitted resumes and profiles via mbaMission’s site. This is a high-powered MBA application entity.

mbaMission Website

Personal MBA Coach

MBA admissions experts at Personal MBA Coach help clients gain acceptance into the nation’s top programs. They have done this for 15 years. Personal MBA Coach currently boasts a 96% success rate. 2020 saw over $6.5M in scholarships awarded to its clients. Wharton MBA and MIT Sloan graduates established the entity. They are of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants Board of Directors. The MBA Admissions Consulting team includes experts. They are M7 admissions directors, industry-leading tutors, and M7 interviewers.

Personal MBA Coach has helped applicants get into their dream schools for years. MBA candidates need help developing their profiles and selecting schools. Some have already drafted their MBA application essays. They discover that this proprietary approach and insider knowledge helps them. They transform their business school applications. Clients work one-on-one with experts to cover all aspects of MBA application processes from start to finish. This includes early planning, school selection, GMAT/GRE/EA tutoring, and application strategy. Essay editing and mock interviews are also included.

Personal MBA Coach Website

Stacy Blackman Consulting


What types of students can enjoy services provided by Stacy Blackman Consulting? Ivy League grads are aware there are no guarantees when considering MBA admissions. Applicants who face challenges such as failed classes, lay-offs, suspensions, or low numbers. Anyone who hopes to get into business school knows that hope alone does not make dreams come true. Stacy Blackman Consulting clients receive unparalleled acceptance invitations to b-schools. They also get scholarships from all top business schools worldwide. In 2019 alone, SBC clients accepted over $4.5 million in scholarship offers.

Leaders at Stacy Blackman Consulting believe that who they are is as vital as what they do. They are an elite team supported by revised resources and relevant in-service training. Program designers are proud of their team and what they have accomplished. This MBA student aid process begins with matching clients and consultants. That is based on goals, histories, and needs. Some consultants have a sweet spot for non-traditional applicants. Others do more with engineers. Stacy Blackman consultants’ backgrounds and perspectives are varied. All clients are matched with someone who believes in their candidacy. They are excited to work with them. Before clients are paired, they can review bios and speak with potential consultants. Everyone feels 100% comfortable. Program leaders accept payment. starttiate engagements when clients believe they have the perfect match.

Stacy Blackman Consulting Website

Stratus Admissions Counseling

Stratus Admissions Counseling is an elite admissions counseling firm. It helps clients achieve their goals. Goals include going to business school, graduate school, or law school. Stratus has served thousands of clients from many countries. This MBA admissions consulting firm features a unique team-based approach. Its time-tested program has helped professionals gain admission into many top schools worldwide. Business schools include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UPenn, Columbia, INSEAD, and many others. SAC’s expert counselors include Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and Duke graduates.

Program leaders make up a dedicated team working together on all aspects of their clients’ applications. They believe every MBA applicant deserves personalized care tailored and strategically developed. They make their application stand out from the thousands of others worldwide. Future b-school students begin working on their applications. They discuss their profiles and plans with a Strategist. They help them develop a personalized application strategy. Primary Counselors look at the big picture of students’ candidacy. They work with them on essay development, interview preparation, and brainstorming. School-Specific Reviewers ensure that essays project “fit.” Proofreaders check for grammar and punctuation issues before application submission. Stratus Admissions Counseling is a one-stop shop for business school candidates.

Stratus Admissions Counseling

Vantage Point

Prospective business school students wonder if MBA admissions consultants are worth the effort. Getting accepted into an elite MBA program sets them apart from post-graduate competition. searching for their dream job. The most vital question is, what do they have to do to get into the program? Wharton, the Harvard Business School, Columbia, and Stanford GSB feature rigorous standards. Clear admissions ask much more than healthy test scores and good grades. The MBA application process can be complicated without the help of an MBA admissions consulting firm.

Vantage Point guides candidates through building their profiles. They also identify strengths and weaknesses and prepare for interviews with admissions committees. Vantage Point’s MBA admissions consulting services give MBA candidates the edge they need. Its numbers speak for themselves. Vantage Point clients get into top-ten MBA programs at three times that of the national average. At Vantage Point MBA, clients partner with the entity because the process works. Consultants only work with an average of four clients at a time, which is the lowest ratio in the industry. The Vantage Point passion is a simple one. Program leaders invest in each person they work with. This MBA consulting firm only works with a limited number of clients each year. They give them all the time, attention, and guidance they need to be competitive.

Vantage Point Website

Veritas Prep

action plans

Veritas Prep clients get the chance to assemble their dream team. Clients work with Head Consultants. They have MBA admissions experience. School Specialists have degrees from the nation’s top business schools. Former admissions committee members test thousands of applications.

Future business school students get the chance to build their plan and stand out. Head Consultants test application profiles. They work with them to develop an admissions strategy that highlights their strengths. It compensates for shortcomings. Veritas Prep calls this a client’s MBA Game Plan. Program leaders don’t count hours. Head Consultants and School Specialists guide clients through matters. These include school selection, essays, and all application components. At the end of this program, a member of the Ultimate Admissions Committee reviews everything before MBA students click “Submit.”

Veritas Prep Website

Now that you know about the best MBA admissions consultants, what do you do next?

Action Plans

Before students land on an MBA admissions consultant, it’s vital to consider what services these entities offer. Here are three action plans to make when considering a consultant program:

Find a Program that Employs Experienced Consultants

Look for a program that has a staff featuring admissions experts. They need a background in higher education. Finding counselors at admissions offices at top-ranked programs is a step in the right direction.

Find an MBA Admissions Consultant that offers Personalized Assistance

You will want an entity that matches you with experts who understand your situation. They should work with applicants with similar academic and professional backgrounds.

Find a Program That can Report Proven MBA Admission Results

The leading MBA admissions consultants can tell you how many clients go onto the business schools of their choice annually. Look for a company that helps applicants gain admissions. Schools should include Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, and other elite schools.

Finding an MBA admissions consultant worth their salt has never been easier. Top companies offer online services. Make it a point to research and company these organizations, and you will find a quality service.

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