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Are you considering an Online MBA in Corporate Management? Choosing an Online MBA specialization can be daunting and scary at the same time. It is like being a kid in the candy store with so many degree options. With over 30 different types of MBA specializations available, the university that you pick is likely to offer at least three or four, if not more. Which path will you take? While finance, marketing, and accounting are the most popular MBA majors, other aspects determine the ideal MBA specialization. Even in the area of corporate management, there are many opportunities to explore.

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Specialization Options

Finance, accounting, marketing, general management, and entrepreneurship are the most popular MBA concentrations, but that doesn’t imply they’re perfect for you. Now it is time to take inventory; let’s make a list of your strengths and passions. Which of the MBA concentrations listed above piques your interest? What stands out? List your skills and career objectives and match your MBA specialization to them.

But don’t get too thrilled just yet; there’ll be more! Many programs are taking it a step further by focusing on other aspects of management. The world of academia is evolving in the corporate management sector, from Corporate Innovation to Corporate Financial Management. Have you given any thought to your training and skill pool? Having a thorough grasp of your training will assist you in determining where you are weak and in deciding on your next professional step. So sharpen that pencil and scribble down some thoughts for your future career move.

Online MBA in Corporate Board Leadership

Every corporate manager has to deal with a board. But what does that entail? SUNY Empires State College offers a graduate certificate in Corporate Board Leadership that adds to their Online MBA degree. The curriculum allows students to learn about the intricacies of sitting on a board of directors. This is a nine-credit Advanced Certificate in Corporate Board Leadership. It assists executives who aspire to the next management level in achieving their objectives and aspirations within the company structure. 

The first course explains how corporate boards operate and the skills required to serve on one. Students who desire to focus on nonprofit board leadership will have the option of taking an alternate introductory course that will teach them how nonprofit boards work. The advanced certificate’s second course discusses how to construct a personal brand strategy to overcome hurdles to serving on a board of directors. The third course examines how to promote board diversity through organizational development and change. If you want to be in the room where it happens, and you are a change agent, this is possibly a program to further investigate. 

Online MBA in Corporate Communication


A great Online MBA corporate management specialization is corporate communication. Fort Hays State University offers an MBA in Corporate Communications. Their uniquely designed program provides classes in Professional Development and Managerial/ Corporate Communication. They believe that goal-oriented and audience-centered communication is critical in all aspects of a business. To engage in complicated decision-making processes, execute change, and develop solid and sustainable relationships, executives and managers must effectively communicate with customers, clients, and colleagues in both oral and written formats. Additionally, managing firms’ reputations and negotiating their roles in local and global economies necessitates the capacity to communicate strategically with external stakeholders. This specialization is a great option for future corporate managers.

Online MBA in Corporate Compliance, Governance, and Regulatory Policy

The Fox School of Business provides an Online MBA program that delivers a flexible learning pathway. Courses are offered via web conferencing technology and HD, mobile-friendly, and on-demand lecture videos. The Corporate Compliance, Governance, and Regulatory Policy emphasis in the online MBA program is designed for students who wish to enhance their careers in these business areas. The program includes MBA classes and Corporate Compliance, Governance, and Regulatory Policy courses. The MBA program is dedicated to providing an integrated curriculum, hands-on learning, individualized service, and value. Classes build on prior business knowledge and abilities while also introducing new technology concepts and advanced knowledge and skills in accounting, project management, supply chain logistics, and more.

Corporate Compliance, Governance, and Regulatory Policy courses may include the following topics:

  • Compliance in the workplace
  • Corporate Responsibility and Governance
  • The Financial Services Industry’s Compliance
  • The Financial Services Industry’s Code of Ethics
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Business Sustainability

Online MBA in Corporate Entrepreneurship

entrepreneur student

Some might not put entrepreneurship and corporate management together, but they make an exciting mix. From the standpoint of an established or developing company, new venture creation is examined and deconstructed. These organizations dedicate themselves to launching new business ventures to expand and remain competitive.

Flexibility and innovation are at the helm of education at Lehigh University’s School of Business. In Lehigh’s VENTUREseries entrepreneurship concentration, a frequent issue is how a company can improve its ability to market, manage, execute, integrate, and invest in new businesses. This focus requires 12 credits from authorized courses. It can be accomplished both on and off-campus.

Online MBA Corporate Financial Management

One of the main reasons for pursuing a finance graduate degree is to broaden your knowledge and skills, depending on your strengths and interests, and eventually move up the corporate ladder. Concentrating on corporate finance, for example, can lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will prepare you to be a top candidate for senior or specialized roles at several enterprises, ranging from venture capital firms to commercial banks to Fortune 500 corporations. Corporate Financial Management is a concentration offered by Upper Iowa University. Financial management, institutions, and investment techniques are all covered in the Corporate Financial Management emphasis. The emphasis is on analyzing investments, formulating fiscal plans, and putting financial strategies to work in risk assessment.

Online MBA Corporate Innovation

One of the most common Online MBA in corporate management specializations is corporate innovation. Entrepreneurs and inventors are said to be born, not made, but a new MBA focus may prove otherwise. Corporate innovation and entrepreneurship MBA programs draw students who have game-changing ideas but lack the necessary business skills to put them into action. Everything great starts with an idea, and those who are creative thinkers and risk-takers might want to think about an MBA in Corporate Innovation. At Post University, you’ll discover how to assist your company break new ground without disrupting your career path, whether it’s in a new market, product, or organizational structure. The career outcomes are managers, directors, and executives in charge of strategy, transformation, and innovation.

Online MBA in Corporate Management


Business is an efficient topic of study; everything has a business aspect! Every sector requires accountants, marketers, managers, financial analysts, and data analytics professionals, whether you are interested in social media, basketball, or establishing your own business. Texas A&M Commerce offers a minor in Corporate Management for those students who want to take their core studies to the next level. When you earn your degree at A&M-Commerce, you’ll be well prepared to advance your career in the competitive, global, and technological environment found in innovative business and industry enterprises. You’ll not only be a part of Texas’ most extensive online MBA program, which translates to a large professional network, but you’ll also be well prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges in the competitive, global, and technological environment found in innovative business and industry enterprises.

Online MBA in Corporate Strategy

Experts believe that an MBA in strategy will teach students to lead firms through adversity. Students who pursue an MBA concentration learn how to make big-picture management decisions that boost their company’s performance. Unlike a technical MBA specialization that attempts to develop expertise in a specific area of business, such as marketing or finance, a strategy MBA focus necessitates a grasp of business theory regarding what elements determine a company’s success or failure. 

Rice University’s flexible corporate strategy curriculum will aid in the development of your knowledge of key business concepts such as financial accounting, business analytics, marketing strategy, leadership, and finance. As you hone your talents with your electives, you’ll learn to apply these more significant concepts throughout an organization. They offer electives, job path-focused topics, and a revolutionary curriculum. With 13.5 optional credits, you can tailor your MBA program to your preferences. You can tailor your electives to your interests, take a broad management approach, or choose from one of seven professional or industry concentration areas:

Online MBA in Corporate Taxation

Tax Director

The Tax Certificate program at the University of Cincinnati provides you with targeted training and comprehensive instruction on various aspects of corporate tax fundamentals. You’ll learn a lot about federal income taxation and how it applies to corporations and shareholders. The Corporate Tax certificate program’s coursework can be used for requirements of their advanced business degree requirements. Students can also apply their coursework toward meeting the CPA exam’s necessary hours. The online certificate program in Corporate Tax is also a focused option for providing high-quality Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

Since 1919, the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati has been AACSB accredited.

You’ll obtain the following benefits by enrolling in this top-rated program:

  • Cutting-edge tax experts, Accountants, lawyers, academics, and professionals with Fortune 500 and worldwide accounting experience teach from a faculty that includes advanced tax experts, CPAs, lawyers, academics, and professionals with Fortune 500 and international accounting expertise.
  • Knowledge of corporate tax concerns and their implications for shareholders, including capital formation and structure, corporate operations, cash and property distributions, and tax difficulties relating to the corporation’s income accumulation.
  • If a student wishes to apply for the complete degree program, transferable credits may be used to complete the degree requirements for the MS in Taxation or MBA with a Corporate Taxation Concentration.

Online MBA in Executive Leadership

One of the top Online MBA corporate management specializations is executive leadership. The executive leadership emphasis in the MBA degree at James Madison University is designed to help you acquire the skills and talents needed to manage effectively and ethically in dynamic and highly competitive corporate environments. The executive leadership concentration is perfect for mid-level managers with at least five years of professional work experience who want to advance into a leadership post.

“Leading Through Change” is the focus of the executive leadership concentration. Their curriculum places a strong and engaging leadership focus on you, equipping you with the hard and soft skills you’ll need to succeed in high-level roles.

This program, in addition to covering essential topics in all functional business disciplines, places a particular emphasis on:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Understanding, directing, and implementing change in a company
  • Management of a crisis
  • Concerns about global competition
  • Challenges in the supply chain

Learning takes place face-to-face and synchronously using the newest online technologies, with an emphasis on both in-class and experiential activities. 

Action Plans


Are you making a list and double-checking it? Choosing which graduate degree to pursue is a difficult decision, but we want you to follow your heart and passion. I’m sure you’re wondering what comes next. Take a look at your resume and consider your previous training. What is your USP (unique selling proposition)? Are you distinguishable from your competitors? What qualities and skills make you a valuable asset to your employer? What makes you tick? Passion? Money? Access? Opportunity? We were hoping you could consider these points since you will need to make changes in your life to embark on a journey with peaks and valleys.

An MBA degree advances a person’s career in business management to new heights. Earning an MBA in with a specialization, like corporate management, gives you a competitive advantage. Specializations give you the most up-to-date skills, training, and understanding of a particular subject that your peers may lack. They allow you to progress your career and extend your opportunities. Students can choose from various specialties for their MBA degree, depending on their interests and aptitude. You should consider the program and curriculum that will work best for you. Many of the programs listed above include comprehensive course catalogs that cover the overall core curriculum and the specific concentration. The ball is now in your court.

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