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Why have one when you can have two? Any graduate degree can provide you with a competitive advantage in the job market. However, having additional, complementary certifications or degrees that indicate your versatility and skill in various areas would make you even more appealing to potential employers. A dual degree program is an academic program that permits you to achieve two degrees simultaneously. An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) and another degree can be combined and earned through online MBA dual degree programs.

An online MBA dual degree program can help you maximize your graduate education and gain the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your academic or career goals if they involve multiple disciplines or require numerous areas of expertise. An online MBA dual degree could help you advance in your work by allowing you to apply for promotions that would otherwise take longer or not be available if you didn’t have an online MBA

Here’s a list of top online MBA dual degree programs, and let’s see what program works best for your schedule and future aspirations.

Online MBA/MS in Business Analytics

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Leaders with functional solid business skills who can utilize data to drive choices in risk management, product marketing, supply chain optimization, financial technology, and HR recruiting and performance assessment are in high demand. Professionals who can choose, interpret, and utilize data for strategic business users will have an advantage in leading and guiding their companies. Pursuing the dual MBA/MSBA degree program in today’s fast-paced industry will provide a competitive edge!

An MBA/Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program is currently offered by Montclair State University and the Feliciano School of Business. In two years, students can acquire two master’s degrees! You will learn basic business management knowledge and abilities and proficiency with data analytics techniques and technologies in the MBA/MSBA dual-degree master’s program. Today, people with a combination of these talents and competencies are in high demand across all industries.

Online MBA/MS in Engineering

You can acquire an Online MBA while earning another degree in less time and for less money than if you pursued them separately. You can strengthen your MBA with experience in another field of study through partnerships with well-respected institutions across a university, showcasing current skills in your CV, or building new proficiencies to advance your career. Increase the value of your top-ranked MBA by making the most of your time in graduate school.

Add the W. P. Carey Online MBA with a degree from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering for a powerful combination. ASU offers students two options, merging an MBA with an electrical engineering degree or an industrial engineering degree. These degrees merges high-level management curriculum and advanced engineering curriculum for students wanting to excel in engineering management. All courses are offered online and graduates can finish the dual degree in only 57 credits.

Online MBA/MS in Finance

Today’s quickly expanding business world disrupts industries, and businesses want executives proficient in finance and business. An online MS in Finance/MBA dual degree program thoroughly blends business knowledge with a comprehensive grasp of finance, equipping students with diverse abilities to apply in today’s fast-paced corporate environment.

Northeastern University offers students an opportunity to excel in business and finance. In the second year of the Online MBA, students are eligible for the Online MS in Finance/MBA option if they have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a B grade in the core finance and accounting courses. In the Online Master of Science in Finance, students take four additional classes and have the option of focusing finance electives on Investments or Corporate Finance. Online learning is done on your own time with weekly deliverables to ensure continuous learning. It is possible to complete the program in as little as two years, and most students do it in fewer than three years.

Online MBA/Master of Healthcare Administration

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Two very marketable degrees have been integrated into a single curriculum. The online MBA/MHA dual degree combines general business and healthcare business study. Each program generally requires students to apply individually and be accepted into both. Whether or not prerequisite courses are required, the program can usually be completed in three academic years if students attend full-time. This is time well invested in getting the skills necessary to distinguish yourself as an innovative leader in business and healthcare. Both degrees are awarded to those who complete the program.

MBA and MHA dual degree program features at Texas Woman’s University:

  • Convenient online MBA program and hybrid MHA class choices.
  • The Online MBA is accredited by the ACBSP.
  • The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education has granted the MHA national accreditation (CAHME).
  • The dual degree can be completed in 57 semester credit hours, excluding degree prerequisites, while it would take 81-99 credits to complete them separately.

Online MBA/Master’s in Management Information Systems

The Dual Master’s in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Degree Program is a great opportunity for individuals to acquire two in-demand master’s degrees. General management and functional business abilities, as well as technical skills in information systems, will be acquired by successful candidates. Applicants will be able to design and implement business solutions due to the combination of business and technical training, making them more marketable to potential employers.

Students interested in a this great opportunity can look toward the University of Arizona. A student can start the MBA core program or the MS MIS core curriculum in the Fall semester and typically finish after 2.5 to 3 years of full-time study. This Online MBA dual degree allows students to complete the curriculum after 69 and 71 units. If students were to pursue each degree separately, it would take 75-78 credits. This not only allows dual degree students to save time and money, it allows them to fully enter the workforce with both degrees on their resume in a shorter amount of time.

Online MBA/MS in Marketing

Marketing is one of the foundational business sectors that every manager should have a basic understanding of. But what if managers were experts in overall business strategy, business management, and marketing? Combining an online MS degree with an online MBA adds a specialist’s focus to broad management talents. This type of expertise amalgamation can give any professional a competitive advantage in the job market.

Indiana University offers such an opportunity: to pursue an Online MBA and an MS in Marketing. Students can get two graduate degrees in 66 credit hours—degrees that would require 81 credit hours if achieved individually. Fifty-four credits encompass the MBA curriculum, and 12 credits are focused on the second marketing degree. With Indiana’s flexible timetable, students have five years to complete both degrees, allowing them to balance personal and professional obligations.

Online MBA/MS in Operations Management

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The MBA is regarded as the pinnacle of business education. With expertise in finance, accounting, marketing, and people management, you’ll be able to make confident managerial judgments. Imagine having the added benefit of earning not just one but two master’s degrees for the same amount of courses that some colleges require for only one degree.

With the Kettering online MBA dual degree, you can take your business knowledge to the next level. The online MBA was initially designed to help engineers gain business skills, but it has now expanded to enable anyone looking for a step forward in their career. In addition to the online MBA, Kettering provides a unique opportunity to achieve an online MS in Operations Management by enrolling in only four additional courses. Earn two master’s degrees and a tailored certificate to boost your resume’s worth. Other credentials can make a difference in today’s work environment. You can add more value to your career path in just two complete terms.

Online MBA /Master of Professional Accounting

In an online Master of Business Administration and Master of Professional Accounting Dual Degree program, students can study for the CPA Exam while also learning advanced administrative skills that will help you advance more swiftly into management positions. Prepare for leadership positions in various businesses by learning the accounting standards and core business skills.

Eastern Washington University offers this unique Online MBA dual degree program allows students to earn extra credit hours toward the CPA exam, on top of earning a highly-sought-after MBA degree. Student will receive two valuable degrees simultaneously, decreasing costs and time to completion significantly. With a choice of MBA and MPAcc electives, including an optional internship, students may personalize this flexible online program to their career goals.

Online MBA/Master of Science in Nursing

Examine the challenging healthcare climate that nurse administrators endure. By combining leadership and management theory, organizational science, professional communication, and informatics principles, this dual degree trains the professional nurse to show organization and systems leadership, as well as lead in quality patient care. Evidence-based practice, customer service, and people management are all areas where theories are implemented. Nursing managers can increase their organizational worth and gain a professional edge.

The University of Texas at Tylers offers this important dual degree. The program was constructed to meet the needs of working nurses and can be completed entirely online. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential commercial concerns in the medical field. Advanced courses include Accounting for Management Control; Legal, Regulatory and Financial Management; Leadership in the Healthcare Environment; Advanced Financial Management; and Nursing Administration: Delivery of Care.

Online MBA/Master in Social Work

Graduates of a combined Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration degree program will be ready to take on high-level leadership jobs. Students will study to be a capable leader who can tackle the demands of social work in this dual degree program. They develop into strong advocates for the social work profession and the people therein while also developing into leaders who can run a successful business. Students learn how to manage people, understand data to make decisions, and create company plans.

Carlow University offers a top notch dual program curriculum in essential core knowledge in social work and business with low-residency MSW courses. The curriculum hold accreditation from IACBE and CSWE. This robust coursework combines two degree that individually would take 81-96 hours to complete, into a more compact 72-87 hours. Students can choose between social work direct practice and social work macro practice as a specialization. Students in this dual degree program are required to complete the necessary field work related to an MSW, but the rest of the coursework was developed into a flexible and supportive format.

Action Plans

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It is time for vision and planning. What are you career goals in the next five years? 10? You will generally have to spend more time in school for a dual degree than if you were only obtaining one degree. This may entail strategic time management for an extended amount of time, spending more time away from family, or postponing other life plans. But remember, you are making the monetary and time commitment for the future. 

Specifically write out your why. Why do you want to pursue this route? Think about your strengths and weaknesses. What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? What excites you for the future? These things are essential to think about before signing up for a program. Remember, you are the one that will have to sit late at night with books, charts, and writing papers. Make moves based on your purpose and passion. 

If you plan on getting both degrees, or see a dramatic advantage for both, then combining them could be the most efficient way to pursue both. So, if you have the time and the resources to get an Online MBA dual degree, go for it. It would be best to be a whiz with time management and organization. Make sure you have carved out time in your schedule for your studies. Your coursework will significantly increase, so do not forget to administer self-care and pamper yourself from time. If you are working and have a family, this is a must.

Think about the goal and the career path, and we are sure that you will enroll in the proper program that suits your specific needs. Good luck!

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