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As information technology (IT) and business become more intertwined, an online MBA in IT is becoming an increasingly vital qualification for the industry. If you are considering an IT management online MBA, it is crucial to consider a program’s curriculum, a business school‘s admissions requirements, and the specifics of career information. At the center of all online MBA programs lies a curriculum in business management, economics, and strategy. However, business operates on information, and in today’s global economy, information travels through technology. Whether the technology is in a data warehouse, cash register, or robotics production, knowing how to incorporate it into an organization is essential to modern business. An online MBA in an Information Technology field integrates technology knowledge and business management into an advanced graduate program. Here are ten of the best Online MBA IT specializations:

AI, Machine Learning and Automation in Business

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A fascinating Online MBA IT specialization is AI, Machine Learning and Automation in Business. In the business world, Artificial intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology with a transformational impact. From preventing money laundering and detecting malware to improving product recommendations, automating insurance claims, optimizing inventory, and more. AI continues to necessitate changes in core business models and processes.

Machine learning has become widely utilized and more effective within the last few years while not fully optimized in the business sphere. Tomorrow’s business leaders and managers will need to facilitate machine learning where appropriate by incorporating its capabilities with those of human workers. Implementing and designing new combinations of technologies with human abilities to meet consumers’ needs requires project planning, critical thinking skills, and creativity. Graduate students enrolled in an online MBA specializing in AI, Machine Learning, and Automation in Business learn to think strategically and leverage information across business functions. They also gain insight into the best practices in management while developing business and leadership skills. Some of the nation’s best programs in this field also allow distance learners to gain hands-on, real-world experience throughout their program.

Business Technologies

The unprecedented rate with which technology transforms economies and markets has influenced the way multinational enterprises successfully compete. Business schools that are synonymous with technology have been key players in leading this trend. Online MBA students represent a new breed of business leaders who comprehend global issues and can appropriately leverage emerging technologies and trends through a deep understanding of the topic. Broadly encompassing a wide array of managerial and technical coursework and applied project experiences, an online MBA in Business Technologies is designed to prepare graduate students for careers in solving business issues across different domains utilizing technology and data. Many distance learners enrolled in this type of program take advantage of cross-campus academic learning within an MBA program that benefits from exposure to a university’s College of Information Systems and Public Policy, School of Computer Science, or a Software Engineering Institute. Some courses in this concentration may include Data Mining, Technology Strategy, Modern Data Management, and Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy.

Digital Innovation and Information Systems

An online MBA with an emphasis on Digital Innovation and Information Systems allows a distance learner the chance to discover how to build an enterprise using technologies including infrastructure management and IT security. An online MBA curriculum explores business fundamentals through the filter of 21st-century strategies and insights to prepare graduate students for business in a digital world. Students enrolled in this popular business degree are exposed to topics like leadership development, strategic management, business tech, organizational behavior, regulatory issues, profitability, financial management, and processes and systems. Many of the nation’s best online MBA programs in Digital Innovation and Information Systems include student bodies with diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and professional experiences. These unique perspectives improve the learning experience by creating more exciting discussions and debates. An online Master of Business Administration curriculum combines education in technology, strategy, and values-driven leadership to empower graduate students to drive meaningful change— at work and in the world.


Enterprise Resource Planning

One of the leading Online MBA IT specializations is Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a vital component of contemporary business strategy. An online degree program in this field provides core business skills while focusing on data analytics and technology platforms to integrate all facets of an organization or business. Since the dawn of internet technology, organizations have become more reliant on higher amounts of data and the integration of all business functions.

Graduate students enrolled in an online MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning gain the management, financial, and leadership skills found in most MBA programs along with training in the principles and utilization of data analytics—a sought-after skill set in the modern data-driven workforce. Through specialized courses, MBA students gain intensive training in various SAP applications, including Business Information Warehouse, NetWeaver, Visual Composer, and Data Warehousing solutions and supply chain management platforms. An online MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning online features graduate-level business courses that often include accounting, finance, marketing, and economics, along with ERP training, including supply chain management, analytics, and e-commerce functionality and development. It is no wonder this specialization is one of the most sought after.

Geographic Information Sciences (GIS)

An online MBA in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) is designed to launch careers using computer systems to retrieve, store, analyze, manage, manipulate, and present geographical or spatial data in various fields, including management, logistics, telecommunications, and insurance. The coursework for this type of degree includes an advanced introduction to Geographic Information Systems utilizing ESRI ArcGIS to attain proficiency to merge into the mainstream GIS community. Distance learners learn how to create, edit, query, manage, analyze, and georeference spatially and attribute data, producing functional, informative, and cartographic output in various formats. Coursework within this excellent type of business degree includes an in-depth study of the standard applications and physical principles. A focus is placed on directing these skills to research applications in the graduate student’s home discipline. Statistical concepts within the curriculum include confidence intervals, t-tests, hypothesis testing, chi-square tests, ANOVAs, and correlation analysis. This technical degree features many benefits for today’s online MBA students.

Health Informatics

An online MBA with an emphasis on Health Informatics is unique in its focus on technology management. This program is designed to prepare distance learners for healthcare management and leadership positions in leveraging technologies to develop a competitive advantage in business operations and strategies. The MBA in Health Informatics is a degree program that features a broad and integrative perspective across business functions with a chance to specialize in a growing business area. This concentration responds to the current needs of healthcare communities by fusing a rigorous study of traditional management topics with a focus on innovation and technical leadership. The distance degree prepares graduate students for upper-level management positions by stressing contemporary techniques to analyze and solve business issues. The program’s diverse coursework is based on evidence-based accounting, management, finance, and economic principles. This IT specialization is an excellent choice for tomorrow’s healthcare leader, covering topics like quality improvement and legal issues in Health Informatics.

Information Security Management

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An online MBA specializing in Information Security Management gives distance learners the skills and knowledge they need to ensure their organization or business has a practical and relevant information security management program. Students enrolled in this program learn how to perform risk assessments, identify threats and cybersecurity dilemmas, and design, develop, and maintain security management solutions.

The curriculum within an online MBA in Information Security Management features how to analyze essential elements of a complex business issue to identify the problem and create appropriate alternatives with sound recommendations. Students also gain unique expertise in analyzing the effects of regulatory, economic, and tax policies on the business environment while forming teamwork skills, including consensus-building, leadership, and group problem-solving. Online MBA students seeking training in Information Security Management also learn the intricacies of articulating technical and conceptual aspects of information security management solutions to coworkers, managers, and clients.

Information Technology Management

One of the top online MBA IT specializations for tomorrow’s IT leaders is Information Technology Management. Information technology is essential to all organizational operations and permeates all aspects of today’s business. Courses within an online MBA in Information Technology Management enable distance learners to fully utilize information technology to solve business issues and gain a strategic advantage. Advanced courses provide the knowledge needed for information technology’s “supply” side for e-business, IT consulting, and software management. Many of these business degrees feature a curriculum that can be completed 100% online with tests administered in various ways – uploaded via email, proctored through a testing center, or embedded in courses – with the understanding that students can reside anywhere worldwide. Since connections matter in the business world, this degree helps distance learners connect to people. Online MBA students start building bridges the day they start. From classmates to a healthy alumni network, MBA students leave programs with a network of professionals who believe in them. A distance degree in Information Technology Management has a lot to offer.

Project Management in Information Technology

In today’s digital age, organizations spanning industries need professionals with project management, business, and IT expertise to manage and lead IT software and project implementations. An online MBA focusing on Project Management in Information Technology opens career opportunities like IT project manager, IT director, and project management consultant. Graduate students in Project Management in Information Technology learn how to apply project management principles efficiently and effectively to information technology processes and projects. An online MBA in Project Management in Information Technology features a depth of knowledge in managing projects in the IT realm, preparing professionals to address the diverse issues of today’s enterprise systems. Many of the best programs in this field are rooted in the case method approach and cover a breadth of business disciplines through a hands-on, collaborative experience. Enrolled students can expect to acquire essential knowledge of economics, accounting, and financial management. They also gain in-demand insights into topics including emerging technologies, risk management, and software life cycles.

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Management Information Systems

An online MBA with an MIS specialization introduces graduate students to fundamental concepts about the design, implementation, and maintenance of information systems within organizations. The curriculum often provides distance learners with an understanding of information systems and how to achieve an organization’s strategic objectives. Typical courses within this degree may include Systems Analysis and Design, Project Management, and Corporate Information Security. An online MBA in this field equips graduate students with the expertise, skills, and professional network they need to advance in today’s fast-paced business world. This program is designed for highly motivated professionals seeking a competitive edge. MBA students will want to find programs taught by renowned business school faculty members committed to providing students with individualized attention. Some of the best programs in the nation will include innovative curriculums, solid alumni networks, and excellent career placement. MBA students take core courses to strengthen their managerial skills in the fundamentals, including accounting, marketing, operations, and strategy. They typically round out their degrees with Management Information Systems courses.

Action Steps

A degree like the online MBA with an IT specialization is an excellent choice for graduate students wanting to excel in business leadership. Here are three steps to consider taking to get closer to a career in IT:

  1. Do Your Homework
    Make sure to research programs that can get you where you want to go. Business schools have ramped up their websites recently, with so many students registering for distance education. Find program descriptions that inspire you, and don’t settle for an area of business outside your interests.
  2. Take a Meeting
    Chances are you know someone who knows someone who holds a business leadership position in a field that may interest you. Ask to shadow a professional for a day or seek to interview someone working in a role of business you find interesting. IT professionals who love their job will love sharing the ins and outs of their position with you.
  3. Visit a Campus
    Online research can only get you so far. To get a true sense of a business school’s quality and atmosphere, consider visiting a university’s campus and meeting with faculty. This is the best way to judge an IT degree’s fit. Business school leaders will happily answer any questions you have about their programs.

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