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Whether you just finished your undergraduate degree or you are a seasoned professional considering adding some coursework to your workday, a graduate program focused on marketing can expand your career options and broaden your marketing scope. An increasing number of business schools are adding top Online MBA marketing specializations to their degree roster, thereby opening opportunities to students worldwide.

While researching online graduate degrees in marketing, it is essential to be thorough about emphasis options and what long-term effects are forecasted within your desired career. Some Online MBA programs may feature less exposure to marketing analytics, and that may be the specialty you plan to cultivate as your job takes off. Or maybe you are an entrepreneur and want some extra training and expertise in social media marketing. A specialization in social media marketing or digital marketing can be the perfect focus for you. Perhaps you are still uncertain about what specific marketing specialization you are interested in. Multiple options can sometimes feel like a double-edged sword. To help you in your research, here are ten of the best Online MBA marketing specializations available to prospective students.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Today’s businesses and organizations recognize how effective digital marketing directly impacts their success in today’s tech-driven economy. An Online MBA in digital marketing equips graduate students with the needed knowledge and skills to respond to customer needs and develop online strategies to place their organization at the forefront of their industry. In addition to general business principles, enrolled students learn to analyze online performance, reach virtual consumers, and develop compelling digital content. Online MBA students in digital marketing are prepared for the growing number of job opportunities in the marketing field as organizations continue to build and investment into online platforms. Concentration courses within digital marketing can include Integrated Marketing Communication in the Digital Era, Digital Marketing and Strategy, and Social Media Marketing. This top marketing specialization can help newly graduated business school undergrads and seasoned professionals looking to learn more about careers in the digital marketing industry.

Market Research & Consumer Insights

All types of businesses and organizations urgently need quantitative professionals who can understand information from consumer data to inform strategic organizational decisions. Professional prospects abound for MBA candidates who demonstrate a well-rounded consumer perspective, leadership and managerial capabilities, and data and marketing analytics skills. An Online MBA in marketing research and consumer insights is created to integrate analytics throughout a curriculum and ensures distance learners have the foundation in analytics, business, and consumer insights that will set them apart. A marketing analytics and consumer insights discipline fuses analytical thinking and business strategy with a deep understanding of consumer behavior. The field appeals to intellectually curious professionals, comfortable with data and research and interested in managing teams to meet organizational goals once consumer behavior is understood. This sector exists among the fast-growing professional fields today. MBA students seeking a degree in MRCI gain expertise from instructors with extensive academic training and years of experience working for major companies. This degree has it all.


Social media, mobile technology, and exponential growth in e-commerce have virtually changed the way organizations communicate with consumers. To better connect to a global audience, marketing professionals need to identify consumer purchasing and behavioral trends, leverage new technologies and tools, and analyze analytics data to develop competitive marketing strategies. An Online MBA with a marketing specialization prepares graduate students to initiate or advance their careers in this constantly evolving landscape. Online MBA students learn that the marketing field is diversifying as the emergence of digital marketing has produced a high demand for creative, quantitatively minded decision-makers. Marketing teams need professionals who use metrics to identify audiences, anticipate the success of marketing campaigns, and monitor engagement. Because the sheer volume of marketing has made it harder for brands to engage the fleeting attention of consumers, this type of program equips MBA students with proven business leadership strategies. Distance degrees in marketing are designed to prepare marketers to think and lead well.

Marketing & Innovation Management

An Online MBA emphasizing marketing and innovation management features content on marketing strategies, innovative product design, and entrepreneurship. Distance learners are equipped with the skills and knowledge to enhance marketing communications and branding. Curriculum also covers traditional content such as market segmentation and product life cycle, as well as new concepts like product positioning, consumer measurement, market structure analysis, and portfolio management. Course instructors train students in theory and models applicable to product development, emphasizing new product planning and consumer measurement techniques. Strategic issues of the marketing planning and new product development processes are also part of this program. Students looking for a top-notch marketing degree will be satisfied by a marketing and innovation management Online MBA as it covers why innovation is vital and its role as a core business process. Some students enrolled in this program may participate in team projects, developing an innovation strategy for entrepreneurial or established enterprises.

marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics

All industries need data collection and interpretation to aid them in understanding their customers, the performance of their services and goods, and maximizing their return on investment. An Online MBA in marketing analytics can enhance a working professional’s understanding of marketing metrics, marketing research, data science, organizational behavior, marketing management, and many other related areas. The marketing analytics field is witnessing worldwide growth. Demand for knowledgeable managers who use big data analysis to make effective decisions is increasing rapidly. A marketing analytics Online MBA degree trains graduate students to use cutting-edge analytics to direct various marketing decisions to prepare business leaders for these opportunities. Specialization in marketing analytics may consist of courses like Customer Analytics, Analytics for Marketing Decisions, Digital Marketing Analytics, and Strategic Pricing. Courses like these introduce statistical modeling and coding techniques that help business professionals manage the customer relationship from acquisition to development and retention. This top Online MBA marketing specialization has a lot to offer.

Marketing and Advertising Management

An Online MBA in marketing and advertising management constantly reinvents itself to keep up with the latest innovations and trends. Working professionals prepare to become leaders in the field with this degree, which gives them the skills to help an organization boost its bottom line. The program includes lessons on building successful marketing campaigns, analyzing consumer behavior, studying contemporary advertising, learning to maximize ROI, and how to lead effective marketing and advertising teams with confidence. An Online MBA in advertising and marketing will typically explore the ideology behind motivating team members to take ideas from the classroom to the boardroom. Through innovative online courses delivered by experts, distance learners gain the knowledge and experience to lead teams in creating and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns for various audiences. Plus, they have the skills to ensure successful marketing strategies, select advertising mediums, conduct and evaluate customer studies, and create competitive pricing strategies.

Marketing Channel Strategy

Marketing channel strategy-focused Online MBA programs train graduate students in learning the processes that guide effective omni-channel marketing planning and execution and how to carry out communication and distribution strategies for a profit. Courses may include topics in omni-channels marketing and distribution systems and supply chain management. Graduate students in this program may also create, design, and manage multiple online and offline marketing channels, concentrating on omnichannel marketing. Using distribution and communication strategies to integrate physical and digital flows of product and information innovation may also play a substantial role in this type of business degree. Marketing channel strategy also includes studying supply chain management. Courses over this topic include Examining, integrating, coordinating, and improving processes for the efficient movement of finances, materials, information, and people while considering how digital, physical, and human elements interact to facilitate profitable returns. An Online MBA curriculum in Marketing channel strategy is curated to prepare business students to excel in the most competitive business environments.

Marketing Management

Students enrolled in an Online MBA in marketing management train for roles managing marketing and sales operations for businesses and organizations. Distance learners examine how organizations create value by utilizing customer insights, forge creative and competitive strategies, build customer relationships, optimize lifetime customer value, develop new products, and implement targeted promotional, pricing, and distribution plans. To fulfill a specialization in marketing management, students often take three or four marketing and management-focused elective courses. Courses may include Marketing Research, Strategic Brand Management, Managing New Product Development, and Marketing Analytics. Upon completing an online MBA in marketing management, graduates can expect to have a thorough understanding of the processes that lead to successful marketing strategies for launching and maintaining new and existing brands and the comprehensive skills needed to identify market opportunities and customer insights. Graduate students interested in this field should look for a degree offering hands-on experience implementing the marketing mix, taking full advantage of marketing tools in their online courses.

Social Media Marketing

social media

Graduate students can connect with a growing field and take their careers to the next level by pursuing an Online MBA in social media marketing. This program allows distance learners the flexibility they need to successfully manage work and home life while pursuing their online business degree. The curriculum in this program features the skills, tools, and knowledge required to increase brand awareness and influence more leads through social media channels.

An Online MBA in social media marketing centers on the rapidly evolving, data-driven business world. The curriculum provides MBA students with the essential marketing insights to better influence business decisions. Graduate students can gain confidence in advanced marketing data analysis frameworks and tools through hands-on, experiential learning. An online social media curriculum may consist of several graduate credits in strategic marketing. Best of all, students can engage in a dynamic learning environment from the comfort of their home office through an Online MBA program.

Strategic Marketing

To stay competitive in the ever-evolving marketing world, professionals need to be on top of current trends in their industries and professions. They also need to know how to engage in their company’s story and speak to their customers in a way that grabs their attention. An Online MBA in strategic marketing exists to teach students the skills they need to stay competitive. Whether they already work in the advertising business or looking to advance their career in a different field. Programs like the online MBA in strategic management are led by experienced instructors committed to helping distance learners discover ways to plan, implement, and maintain marketing tasks like budgeting, market segmentation, utilization of media and promotion, and evaluation. MBA students learn how to research their audiences and share their messages using the best channels – so they know they’ll be heard.

Action Plans

If you are looking for the right program in marketing to propel you into your future career, the good news is that you have a lot of really good and exciting choices. But instead of just hoping your future dream career will come along, let’s make some SMART plans in order to actively and intentional work your dreams into reality. With the three action plans below, be sure and write out specifically how you can accomplish the plan and in what time frame.

1. Interview Professionals in Marketing

Contacting business schools that offer programs you are interested in is a great way to get started. Admissions experts can put you in contact with students, instructors, or alumni who can answer questions you have about a career in marketing. Taking a meeting over the phone or coffee allows you to ask questions and learn from others who are in the process or have completed a degree like an Online MBA in marketing.


2. Read Top Books on Marketing

There are countless titles available about marketing. A quick online search over the highest-rated books on marketing will give you titles to find at your local library or Amazon. Dig into the content provided there and watch your business savvy and marketing knowledge take off.

As consumers’ tastes and technology continue to change, some brilliant people examine and forecast things that lead to organizational behavior and marketing campaigns. Take advantage of websites and blogs written by marketing experts today. You will find you have access to cutting-edge information in the area of marketing.

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