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You’ve got a heart for business and a brain for science. Now what? Enter the top STEM Online MBA specializations. This advanced business degree is the perfect fit for a graduate student looking for convenience, flexibility, and a promising future in the industry. Technical and STEM-related positions continue to exist as some of the fastest-growing sectors of business leadership. Here are ten of the best STEM concentrations you can include within an Online MBA program.

aerospace logistics

Aerospace Logistics

An Online MBA with a focus in aerospace logistics allows graduate students the chance to gain knowledge and skills in providing clients and organizations with logistics and supply chain services both as a stand-alone offering and as an essential part of integrated lifecycle solutions. Students interested in this field will do well to find a business school that possesses solid relationships with regional suppliers, international OEMs, and third-party MROs. Once hired in this field, aerospace logistics professionals can provide customized supply chain solutions, parts distribution, availability-based support, service-based maintenance and logistics with performance measures, warehouse management, and fleet inventory analysis. Aerospace logistics Online MBAs also teach distance learners to understand and work with instrument landing system support, consignment inventories, aircraft resale and disposal, strategic supply agreements, and obsolescence management. This exciting degree is the perfect fit for business leaders interested in aerospace technology and logistics.

Example: Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Online MBA in Aerospace Logistics

Computer Science

A computer science-focused Online MBA is designed to prepare distance learners to lead in computer science management. While they refine their business leadership and managerial skills, they also discuss computer science topics in a constantly modernizing economy. Some of the subjects in the MBA specialization include web concepts for managers, web-based services, network management, and robotics management. As more organizations continue to rely on e-commerce opportunities, there continues to be a growing need for trained business leaders in the computer science field. Business leaders responsible for software developers, software engineers, and computer scientists must have a technical foundation to guarantee that projects progress and are completed smoothly. A high-quality Online MBA concentration in computer science will equip graduate students with the knowledge base they need to lead teams as they develop new techniques and technologies.

Example: Campbellsville University’s Online MBA in Computer Science


One of the top STEM Online MBA specializations is Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity MBA students develop a thorough understanding of the strategies and concepts needed to evaluate strategic approaches, translate complex technical language, and set policies to ensure organizations. The current exponential value and growth of data and information systems have initiated high demand for cyber security engineers, IT teams, and professionals to lead cybersecurity teams. Online cybersecurity MBA programs are geared toward professionals who serve as facilitators between an IT/cybersecurity team and management. While the demand for cybersecurity managers grows faster than the available workforce, firms are expanding their hiring approaches. A specialized MBA in Cybersecurity is designed to prepare a broad range of business students for leadership roles in data protection – beyond IT and technical experience. Professionals from marketing, business, finance, military, and defense backgrounds can qualify for this attractive career path.

Example: The University of Texas at Tyler’s Online MBA with a concentration in Cybersecurity

Data Science

As many business decisions rely on data analysis to make correct choices, an Online data science MBA is seamlessly designed to blend the best of an MBA with data science. This gives distance learners the skills they need to analyze the numbers, communicate better with their analytics team, and utilize familiar programs and programming languages. An Online MBA in data science allows students the chance to work through a degree program at their own pace, sometimes over eight-week terms. These programs often include videos of in-class recordings, screen shares, and easy-to-use platforms that help keep students connected to instructors throughout the program’s duration. Many business schools also allow graduate students a hybrid experience by taking some classes on campus. There is little standing in the way of Online MBA students’ new opportunities when taking convenient coursework with instructors committed to their student’s success. An MBA in data science teaches distance learners how to use analytical tools like Tableau, R Programming, and Python, giving them the skills to analyze data and make informed decisions based on the numbers.

Example: Rockhurst University’s Online MBA in Data Science


An Online MBA in energy is a Master of Business Administration distance degree which centers on the energy field. This exciting program is designed to educate graduate students about the growing needs in public and private sectors for renewable and non-renewable energy resources like gas and petroleum. The curriculum within this distance degree places a strong emphasis on developing a graduate student’s expertise in managing funds spanning multiple sectors of the petroleum industry. Students also get trained on how to handle financial crises within the industry with professionalism and composure. Studies can include the legal framework in the oil industry, environmental management, auditing, applied statistics, accounting, corporate quality, finance, and research management. Graduates holding this degree tend to possess many marketable skill sets, including analyzing complex situations and developing viable and cost-effective solutions. Additionally, distance learners can graduate equipped with the concepts needed to efficiently solve financial problems within the energy sector. These skills will serve them well within any future position they pursue.

Example: Texas Christian University’s Energy MBA

Engineering Management

Engineering Management

Expressly designed for the business management requirements of the working engineer, an Online Master of Business Administration with a specialization in engineering management prepares distance learners for leadership roles in research and development, construction, technology, manufacturing, and industrial management. Enrolled students of this program gain the knowledge and insight to lead in project management, supply chain distribution, and quality control. Graduates of an Online MBA in engineering management program are qualified for various positions in leadership like engineering manager, IT manager, architectural manager, construction manager, and industrial manager. Popular courses within this business program can include courses dealing with principles and practices of project management, principles and practices of quality management, and principles and practices of supply chain management. An Online MBA in engineering management offers as much flexibility and convenience as it does a solid curriculum.

Example: University of Southern Indiana’s Online MBA with a concentration in Engineering Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) continues to develop as an essential part of contemporary business strategy. An Online MBA in ERP offers a foundation of core business skills while highlighting technology platforms and data analytics that integrate all facets of an organization or business. Since the advent of internet technology, all types of organizations have become reliant on more significant amounts of data throughout all business functions. A distance degree like the MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning gives graduate students the chance to gain the leadership, management, and financial skills they need. Most MBA programs offer these skills, but the ERP MBA couples it with knowledge in the theory and application of data analytics—all high-demand skills in today’s data-driven industry. Many advanced business degrees will feature specialized courses for students needing to gain intensive training in SAP applications, including Visual Composer, NetWeaver, Business Information Warehouse, and Data Warehousing solutions and supply chain management platforms.

Example: Lamar University’s Online ERP MBA

Geographic Information Sciences (GIS)

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) online MBA is designed to support careers utilizing computer systems to retrieve, store, manage, manipulate, analyze, and present geographical or spatial data in many fields, including telecommunications, management, logistics, and insurance. Students are also exposed to effective use of accounting information in managerial problem solving and tasks both external (financial) and internal (managerial) to the organization. A graduate-level online program like the Online MBA in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) emphasizes broad software competency, awareness of current trends in GIS research & technology, foundations of spatial information theory, and project design and management. Hands-on labs within these programs focus on conceptual understanding of how spatial processes and entities are modeled in a GIS environment. Students can learn about commercial and open source GIS by identifying relevant literature and case studies, developing projects that meet a functional GIS analysis objective, and creating high-quality written and cartographic output for the broader GIS community. This excellent Online MBA specialization has a lot to offer the STEM professional.

Example: Eastern Illinois University’s MBA with GIS Option

Management Information Systems

Graduate students searching for an exemplary business degree that will help further their careers will want to consider an Online MBA in Management Information Systems once they graduate. Business leaders interested in advancing their professional development will discover that attending a graduate school MBA online may be the best choice so they can still work and pursue their advanced degree. Finding an attractive Online MBA program with a relevant concentration to our modern world, like the MIS, means graduates can immediately be ready to work after completing their coursework. Within an online MIS concentration, enrolled students learn to understand the value of information and its relation to business leadership. Online MBA programs with an MIS concentration continue to remain popular because of the growth of information systems and information technology and how vital they’ve become to business in recent years. MIS courses are focused on the strategic value of business information. They leverage the strategic nature of the MBA degree by highlighting the role of information management in seizing competitive advantage through improved practices. Graduating with an Online MBA degree with an emphasis in MIS can do a lot for one’s career.

Example: NJIT’s MBA in Management Information Systems

Technology Management

technology management

The MBA remains the most widely recognized and awarded graduate degree in the business field. An MBA in technology management offers a broad and integrative perspective across business functions. It is one of the most popular STEM Online MBA specializations. It addresses the current needs of business communities by fusing a rigorous traditional management topics study with a specialized focus on technology and innovation. The program prepares graduate students for upper-level management positions by stressing the need for contemporary techniques to capture, analyze, and solve business issues. This program’s diverse coursework is often based on evidence-based accounting, management, finance, and economic principles. It incorporates the use of qualitative and quantitative analyses, robust experiential learning techniques, and design-thinking approaches. Online MBA in technology management curriculum prepares students for management and leadership positions, especially those dealing with emerging and evolving technologies. An accredited business school’s well-qualified graduate instructors coupled with a modern technological infrastructure should provide ideal student-centered learning environments that integrate a practical management curriculum with technology. MBA degree holders seek careers in areas such as government administrative employees, corporate administrators, business entrepreneurs, and industry consultants. The Online MBA curriculum’s advanced professional training and the broad learning scope make it possible for graduates from this degree program to find leadership roles in diverse industries, non-profits, governmental, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Example: SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Online MBA in Technology Management

Action Plans:

Now that you’ve seen what specific programs are out there for serious graduate students in business, it’s time to take some steps toward the program of your dreams. Here are three simple things you can begin doing today as you initiate your journey toward a top STEM Online MBA:

  1. Take a Look at What You’re Bringing to the Table
    Does your past academic performance help or hurt your chances of getting into the business school of your choice? Many business schools clearly state their acceptance requirements on their websites. Make sure that you have what it takes to shine as a potential business school candidate by knowing where you stand with your previous academic performance.
  2. Get Ready for Those Tests
    Many business programs, like the Online MBA, request GMAT or GRE test scores to help ensure that incoming students will be prepared for the rigors of business school. Start by making sure you take a placement test and then mark your calendar for when the test is held. You will also want to make sure you have plenty of time to post scores before your MBA acceptance cut-off date arrives.
  3. Choose a Field that Stirs You
    It is easy to find an area of business known for a lucrative paycheck. But how often have professions switched careers after someone promised an attractive salary but did not also feature job satisfaction. An MBA program is challenging and before you spend the time, money, and energy needed on this advanced degree, try to make sure the business field you’re going into will be one you can thrive in decades later.

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