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Wisconsin Online MBA Programs offer a flexible and convenient way for students to earn their degree, allowing them to continue working while pursuing their studies. Students can take advantage of courses taught by experienced faculty and access resources such as library databases and career services. With a Wisconsin Online MBA program, students can gain the skills and knowledge needed for success in today’s competitive business environment.

This guide to Wisconsin’s hidden gems helps answer the question of what online MBA program is right for you. 

Flag of Wisconsin

What Is Important to Know About Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland. It is the birthplace of classic beers like Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller, and Schlitz. It’s also home to some of the best locations to live in the nation, including Madison. The city took the top spot on a 2022 Top 100 Best Places to Live list. With lakes and rivers scattered throughout the state, Wisconsin also includes vast woodlands. The state draws outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world during all seasons. Visitors who have never been ice fishing can even experience the thrill of the activity.


The metropolitan areas of Milwaukee and Madison boast popular art and entertainment choices. The Milwaukee Museum of Art features pieces from renowned artists like Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keefe. Wisconsin’s Madison Museum of Contemporary Art hosts the best up-and-coming artists. Music festivals like Summerfest and Eaux Claires bring regional and international musicians together statewide.


A highly respected educational system is led by the University of Wisconsin and its over twenty-five campuses. Racine, Eau Claire, and Green Bay provide residents with affordable housing, quality education, and employment opportunities.

Wisconsin is ranked in the top five for fostering entrepreneurial growth. U.S. News and World Report places Wisconsin at #8 for education overall.


The Dairyland’s economy is impacted by more than cheese curds. Wisconsin features industry sectors in information technology, agriculture, and manufacturing. The state is also home to many Fortune 500 companies, including:

Largest Companies in Wisconsin

The prestige of any degree is higher in close proximity of the university. Graduates from the Wisconsin Online MBA hidden gems have many options when searching for Wisconsin-based companies with a large employee base.

CompanyLocationNumber of Employees
Kohl’sMenomonee Falls, WI110,000
Johnson ControlsMilwaukee, WI97,000
MenardsEau Claire, WI45,000
Aurora Health CareMilwaukee, WI33,000
Kohler Co.Kohler, WI32,000
Data from https://www.zippia.com/advice/largest-companies-in-wisconsin/

Is Wisconsin a Good Place to Pursue an Online MBA?

MBA applications doubled in number at top business schools two years ago. According to a recent Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, recruiters need candidates with business-focused skills. Nine out of ten recruiters predicted hiring MBA graduates in 2021.

An online MBA in Wisconsin can:

  • Increase your salary potential,
  • Advance your career, and
  • Develop your leadership and business skills

Each year more traditional programs move online. Distance learners can attend business schools across Wisconsin state on a flexible schedule that accommodates their successful careers.

How Do I Know I am Ready to Pursue an Online MBA in Wisconsin?

online course work

Many graduate students are concerned about choosing the right online MBA program. The first question to answer is whether you are ready to earn a distance degree. Online MBA programs are rigorous but rewarding. Many programs require incoming students to have previous business experience before joining. A graduate degree in business is a big commitment. 

Deciding on an MBA is a big decision. Before deciding, potential degree-seekers should make a plan that suits their career goals, skills, and academic talents. 

What Types of Accreditations Exist for Online MBA Programs in Wisconsin?

The proper accreditation ensures that a program and business school are certified and trustworthy. Accredited schools have shown they meet high-quality educational standards and are reviewed by third parties outside learning commissions. Attending an accredited school allows distance learners to know they are getting the best education.

University accreditation comes in two types: regional and national. Regional accreditation is considered more prestigious as schools endure a more rigorous process. Students aspiring to attend graduate school or receive licensure should attend a regionally accredited institution.

Business schools and MBA programs can hold program-specific accreditation. These credentials show that business programs meet industry standards.

What Does the Admissions Process Look Like for Online MBA Programs in Wisconsin?


Online MBA programs seek the best applicants that fit their criteria, and acceptance rates in business schools continue to remain competitive. Students should prepare themselves for competitive admissions.

Before beginning the application process, candidates should look at their favorite Wisconsin schools’ admissions policies. They can get a sense of standard requirements and expectations. Graduate students should be prepared to provide these items to the admissions department:

Undergraduate GPA and Official Transcripts

Some institutions have no minimum GPA requirements. However, most business schools do use this metric during the acceptance process. If your GPA falls below the minimum of your favorite business school, don’t loose heart. You can try and boost up your other admissions requirements or even go take some courses over to increase your GPA.

GMAT Scores

Not all business schools post GMAT score ranges for acceptance. Some do not require it at all, but students need to check this requirement closely. GMAT waivers can be obtained under specific circumstances. If students do need to take the GMAT, they must factor in the time, money, and energy into their admissions process.

Work Experience

MBA students often have two to five years of professional experience under their belts. Business schools include information about experience-related requirements on their websites. Many business schools even ask for management experience. Remember this when leadership opportunities arise at work.

Letters of Recommendation

Most programs ask applicants to submit three letters of recommendation. Individual programs feature different requirements. This is a great opportunity for applicants. Students should be very intentional on who they pick for their recommendation letters and how they can give context to process. An informed writer will be able to write better recommendations.

Personal Statement

This document could be the linchpin of the entire application. The personal statement should highlight why candidates want to attend business school and how they are a good fit for the program. This statement gives students the chance to move beyond data on a page and write a compelling story.

What are Some Typical MBA Concentrations in Wisconsin?


Business students can choose a specialization during their online MBA program. Concentrations provide more focused education. They make it possible for MBA graduates to dive deep into a particular business topic.

International Business

Some business students want to work with multinational corporations. They may plan to move abroad. An international business concentration will serve them well. These professionals find work in many settings. They might work in a global consumer goods company or international boutique hotel. Individuals following this path can expect to take coursework in global operations and supply chain strategies, international accounting, or multinational financial management.


A marketing specialization helps prepare students for jobs in advertising, product management, branding, market research, and digital media. Some graduates seek employment at tech start-ups. Others focus on working with restaurant groups. Typical coursework includes studies in strategic market planning, digital marketing, global marketing strategies, and marketing research.


Payscale reports that individuals with an MBA in finance enjoy salaries averaging $103,000. These professionals work in hedge funds, financial management institutions, banks, and other financial enterprises. Some classes in this concentration include investment management, multinational banking and finance, securities trading, and financial derivatives.

Wisconsin Online MBA Hidden Gems

Finding the right program is an exciting process. Students can pursue Online MBA programs in an accelerated format or over a long period of time. They might choose a general curriculum or choose a concentration. There is a program for everyone. To help students during this process, check out this list of Wisconsin Online MBA hidden gems. There are online MBA programs that everyone should know about.

Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University features an excellent online MBA at the College of Business and Management. This stellar MBA program equips current business professionals to be more competitive in the complex global marketplace. Program leaders provide students with a sound understanding of the ethical, technical, international, and cross-cultural contexts of business through the lens of a leader.

This online program develops leadership for companies that value people, profit, and the planet. The business school is a pioneer in innovative business education. The program shows students how to apply business theory practically. This excellent online MBA is a must for today’s business leaders.

Concordia University Wisconsin

Concordia University Wisconsin

The Batterman School of Business at Concordia University Wisconsin offers an excellent online MBA. This program is for students wanting to advance their careers or become better leaders. An online MBA from Concordia University Wisconsin gives distance learners an advantage in the workforce. The business school offers flexibility first and foremost.

Business students can choose courses that meet their goals with customizable MBA concentrations. These virtual learners also choose their program completion time. Concordia offers five newly revamped core classes. These courses are required for every student. Then students choose four classes from a concentration area, two experiential learning classes, and a capstone course. Batterman is the right place for today’s graduates.

Edgewood College

Edgewood College

Edgewood College’s School of Business features a noteworthy online MBA. This is an excellent program for students building their careers in finance, marketing, human resources, or pursuing a CEO position. This MBA gives distance learners the critical learning experiences they need. The rigorous curriculum gives students the breadth to think broadly about all functional business areas. It also offers the depth to have a competitive advantage in a chosen area of expertise.

This online curriculum is structured around the perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard Framework – Process, Financial, Customer, and Employee. Business students looking for a hidden gem of a degree will find it here.

Marquette University

Marquette University

Marquette University features an excellent online MBA at the Graduate School of Management. Enrolled students build their skills and professional brand as strategic leaders with this world-class online MBA. Marquette comes through with a quality curriculum presented in a format perfect for active professionals. The business school’s online MBA students are known for having leading-edge skills. They possess the confidence born of a principled, ethics-infused perspective.

Graduates of the program produce innovative solutions to societal and business issues. Marquette’s fully online MBA program is an affordable opportunity for domestic and international students to earn a transformative business credential. Students can learn wherever they live and on their time. This online MBA is worth its weight in gold.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s College of Business offers a top-notch online MBA. This degree is the perfect fit for leaders with real-world experience who want to get ahead. Enrolled students earn their MBA degree on their timetable. They take classes around their schedule and in a format that fits their lifestyles.

Business students can commit to professional development in their current field or expand their career options. Classes are held asynchronously; however, some courses have synchronous components. Look to this program for a quality online MBA.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Lubar School of Business features an excellent online MBA. Students enrolled in the Lubar online MBA program learn alongside peers with similar aspirations. They are led by academic and executive instructors who understand today’s business environment. Distance learners are guided in making intelligent, informed business decisions.

Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Lubar online MBA provides students with a “deep dive” into all business topics. Graduate students learn in a schedule they can manage and at a pace that accommodates their career and life responsibilities. The online program features networking, mentoring, and career services that help students grow and advance. You can get ready to go places with a Lubar MBA.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

University of Wisconsin Parkside logo

The College of Business, Economics, and Computing at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside has a quality online MBA. The business school’s highly esteemed faculty at UW-Parkside provides a student-centered education. There is a purposeful emphasis on skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving world. With a high value on innovation, the business school develops relevant online programs that put students on the leading edge of a changing global marketplace.

Online MBA students will be empowered with the knowledge and practical skills vital to achieving professional success in their changing local and global communities. This stellar online MBA is an excellent choice.

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

University of Wisconsin River Falls

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls has an excellent online MBA at the College of Business and Economics. Enrolled students open doors to peer networking and cultivate powerful connections with an online MBA from UWRF. The business school strategically approaches lessons with career advancement in mind.

Distance learners enjoy small classes and faculty/student mentoring. Along with its traditional MBA, UWRF features three specialized tracks that allow students to customize their MBA experience based on specific career goals. This online MBA requires a minimum of 30 graduate credits. It includes six required courses and four elective courses. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is an innovator in business education.

Viterbo University

Viterbo University

The Dahl School of Business at Viterbo University has an excellent online MBA. The Higher Learning Commission and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Program accredits Viterbo’s MBA program. All the business school’s online programs offer students high value. This online MBA in Health Care Leadership features flexible and convenient scheduling with focused, relevant, and practical work for working professionals.

The cohort-based model builds a solid professional network for students. The 34-credit program can be completed in less than twenty-four months. Viterbo’s caring, Franciscan, student-centered atmosphere includes rich discussions and broad perspectives. This program has a solid reputation and is an excellent value. The Dahl School of Business offers a lot to today’s business students.

A Wisconsin Online MBA For Everyone

As you can see, an online MBA in Wisconsin has a lot going for it. This hefty business credential consists of a quality curriculum delivered in a flexible and convenient context. There has never been a better time to consider a Wisconsin Online MBA.

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