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Living in the “new normal,” we have found that we make choices that might not fit our personality or lifestyles. Life for the social butterfly has changed, and it has caused depression in some because of the pandemic and the rules we have to govern ourselves. Many business schools went to online learning, and that worked for some people. Those who are extroverted might have found a bit of adversity because they are used to thriving with in-person learning. Extroverts thrive on external energy and social engagement; thus, synchronous classes are a great fit. However, it might be tough to make significant connections with others in a live class of two dozen or more people. Sometimes, the party’s life has its perks outside of social situations. 

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As children, some of us were singled out as the classmates who talked too much. As with so many other traits, extroversion and external processing has its strengths and weaknesses in social settings. Many extroverts have capitalized on their ease of communication with others to easily make new friends and build relationships socially and in the business realm. Extroverts can also be high-level thinkers and love making connections with people. They are great candidates for Online MBA programs, and here is why. 

The DNA of an Extrovert

Extroverts (sometimes known as extraverts) and introverts are two types of people. In face, some view personality is made up of five main dimensions, and one of the primary personality factors that make up the five-factor model of personality is introversion and extroversion. While some people lean toward one extreme or the other, the majority of people fall somewhere in the middle. So, while you may have many characteristics that define you as an extrovert, you may also exhibit introverted characteristics.

Traits of an Extroverts

  • Spending time with people will give them energy.
  • Having a large social circle is advantageous.
  • Tend to think out loud 
  • Like working in groups 
  • Usually outgoing 

The Guardian says, “Highly extroverted individuals are 25% more likely to secure a top job, yet research shows that introverts make superior leaders.”

Many extroverts function at a high energy level, and they are very outgoing. The trait can be a plus when these students are in a room and don’t know anyone. They can use the gift of gab to strike up conversations and sell themselves at the moment. This is a great way to connect and build your professional network for the future. Remember your networks determine your net worth.


Extroverts are bold and will talk to anyone, especially if they pour into them. “Those who are extroverted and have a proactive personality are naturally more likely to develop mentor relationships,” explains MU Trulaske College of Business Professor Daniel Turban. According a the study, proactive people are more likely to receive mentoring because they are more naturally outgoing. Extroverts need to be more proactive in seeking out mentors and developing other critical developmental relationships, in the classroom and out.

This study also discovered that persons with proactive personalities tended to have more knowledge than less bold characters. This leads to tremendous job success. Again, this isn’t due to any inherent differences between extroverts and other people, but rather to the behaviors proactive people are prone to exhibit.

Tips for Success in Online Learning for the Extrovert

Adapting to an online learning environment in an Online MBA can be very advantageous for the extrovert. In fact, making important connections in an online classroom might not be as hard as you think. Extroverts, and others, can log in early to class to chat with other students in smaller groups. They can also prepare for class by talking about it on online discussion boards, in chat rooms, or via email or text. The advantage for extroverts in these situations is that the effort and time invested in connecting with peers and professors out of the classroom feeds their energy and output.

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Within an MBA course, when the lecturer opens the floor for student debate, extroverts can find it challenging to compete for attention in an extensive Zoom session. The immediate enjoyment of class involvement is curtailed even further in asynchronous courses. Extroverts have an easier time adapting to a synchronous learning setting than introverts; they can get right into the conversation without fading away. Extroverts can participate in asynchronous classes by taking advantage of live office hours, review sessions, and small discussion groups. Another great mode for extroverts to pursue is a hybrid learning environment. A hybrid MBA will allow students to have face-to-face interaction intermingled with their online courses.

Extroverts are well-suited to group work because of their collaborative character. They can play crucial roles as group leaders and mediators, ensuring that talks stay on track. Group work allows extroverts to flourish, although they have to continually be aware that they can’t overshadow other members of the group. Extroverts should attempt to create an environment where everyone feels at ease and is encouraged to speak up.

Extroverts may have an advantage when meeting friends, but even outgoing people have a unique challenge in virtual classes. When meeting in person isn’t possible, extroverts may find it more challenging to establish a genuine relationship. Extroverts, like introverts, should exchange contact information with other students in their classes and can use digital platforms to virtual hang out. Texting, group chats, video calls, and even online gaming are excellent ways to make new friends.

Take Action

We need you to understand that every Online MBA program has an identity of its own. Plan to make a list of what you want out of your Online MBA and make time to research each program you might be interested in, watch their video footage and listen to Alumni testimonials. Some of these schools allow you to be a part of the campus culture. The FEMBA program at UCLA Anderson School of Management might be optimal for an extrovert.  

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Long before COVID-19 swept the globe, virtual learning was a developing trend. With several universities still postponing in-person classes, an increasing number of students may expect to attend classes online. While some might debate about who is more intelligent, the Extrovert or the Introvert, the component is this person’s tactics. While extroverts may be deemed more socially acceptable and their methodology is the societal norm, introverts lead the way with quiet confidence and compete in the workplace just as their counterparts. We cannot think that one is brighter than the other. Their methods match their personality. But no matter where on the spectrum you might land, there are numerous MBA programs available to meet your current and future needs. All you need is the drive to find them.

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