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Most Affordable Finance Online MBA

If you are wondering if there are any affordable Finance Online MBA programs that can help you climb the professional ladder, look no further. While some of today’s Online MBA degrees cost business students upwards of $10,000-15,000 each semester, this does not have to be the case. The saying “you get what you pay for” does enjoy some exceptions, especially when discussing the benefits of earning an affordable Finance Online MBA.

Where are the Nation’s Most Affordable Finance Online MBA Programs?

For years, the MBA has provided business leaders with the skillsets, knowledge, and experience they need to transform them into attractive candidates for business’s most competitive positions. And if you are contemplating what it takes to enter business school, it may be time to consider the wealth of online degrees currently available at some of the nation’s top business schools. Finance-emphasized MBA degree programs include interactive e-learning tools, multiple start dates, more affordable tuition, a self-paced curriculum, extreme accessibility, and flexible scheduling. The business schools within this ranking provide the most affordable Finance Online MBA programs that can be earned anywhere in the world.


To highlight the top affordable Finance Online MBA programs, we started with our list of top Online MBA programs from leading Online MBAMBA, and university rankings systems. This extensive list was then ordered by each Online MBA’s base tuition rate, collected from each program’s website. We then identified the affordable Online MBA programs intentionally focused on the finance sector. The Online MBA Coach Score is based upon the Finance Online MBA tuition and shows each degree’s affordability in relation to the others in this list.

1 | Fayetteville State University
Broadwell College of Business and Economics

Fayetteville State University logo

The nation’s best affordable finance online MBA is available at Fayetteville State University’s Broadwell College of Business and Economics. This distance education program offers a flexible and affordable way for active professionals to pursue their academic goals. With fully recorded lectures, industry-best software tools, and live lectures, enrolled students are always connected to the business community at Fayetteville State University. The core curriculum for the MBA degree includes twenty-seven credit hours, followed by nine to twelve elective credit hours, which can apply to a specialization in one of ten areas. MBA@FayState concentrations are designed in step with the requirements of the industries for professionals in various fields. The online MBA in Finance offers a comprehensive study of financial reporting and analysis, economic theory, mathematics, quantitative finance, valuation, investments, and markets for those focusing on finance-related fields. The program also helps students prepare for professional certifications like CPA and CFP. It is clear why this program is the best affordable finance online MBA in the nation.

OMBA Coach Score: 100.00

2 | University of Texas of the Permian Basin
College of Business

University of Texas of the Permian Basin logo

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin features an affordable finance online MBA at the College of Business. This AACSB-accredited online Master of Business Administration specializing in finance is a thirty-three to forty-two-credit program that provides highly marketable leadership skills and operational knowledge with an in-depth emphasis on financial management. UT at Permian Basin’s online MBA with a concentration in finance helps graduate students master strategic thinking and management skills that can be easily applied to real-world scenarios. Through each course of this comprehensive program, distance learners understand the application and interpretation of multiple areas of accounting, investment, and economics. Designed specifically for working professionals to complete the program at their chosen pace, the online MBA with a finance concentration can be completed in four semesters. All online courses are taught by the same doctoral-level business instructors on campus. This affordable finance degree will help MBA students put what they learn into practice.

OMBA Coach Score: 98.91

3 | University of North Carolina at Pembroke
School of Business

University of North Carolina at Pembroke logo from website

The School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke features an excellent and affordable finance online MBA. Designed to help distance learners succeed in any business environment, UNCP’s fully online Master of Business Administration is one of the most versatile professional degrees in the nation. Whether MBA students want the credentials to advance in their current organizations or start their own, this AACSB-accredited MBA can help them get there. Enrolled students learn all significant aspects of business, including marketing, accounting, finance, and economics. They also develop their interpersonal and management skills while examining the nature of human behavior, organizational processes and structures, the impact of financial decisions on the economy, and the essential elements of international business. Taught by the same instructors who teach on campus, online MBA students integrate knowledge from multiple functional areas and gain hands-on experience by managing a computer-simulated enterprise. This award-winning finance program has been recognized for its excellent value.

OMBA Coach Score: 98.28

4 | University of Central Arkansas
College of Business

University of Central Arkansas logo from website

An affordable finance online MBA is available at the University of Central Arkansas’ College of Business. The distance degree is designed to meet the needs of graduate students preparing for positions in upper management in business and other organizations. The 100% distance degree offers MBA students advanced study in functional business areas, emphasizing teaming, project-based instruction, communication, case studies, problem-solving, research, and computer technology. The program is flexible as students can select an area of concentration reflective of their interests. To receive the MBA degree, distance learners must complete twenty-one hours of MBA core courses and nine hours of electives with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Incoming students with a non-business bachelor’s degree must take prerequisite courses before enrolling in the MBA core courses. Some of the MBA prerequisites can be waived by the MBA Director depending on academic experience. Finance-specific courses include Investments, Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance, Bank Management, International Finance, Financial Derivatives, and Entrepreneurial and Small Business Finance. This finance degree is incredible.

OMBA Coach Score: 98.17

5 | Prairie View A&M University
College of Business

Prairie View AM University logo

Prairie View A&M University’s College of Business offers an affordable finance online MBA. PVAMU’s College of Business’s Master of Business Administration is designed to provide the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in profit or not-for-profit organizations. The program includes various business disciplines to provide the high-quality educational experience required to assume a leadership position as a manager or entrepreneur. The AACSB-International accredits both business school’s online and evening MBA programs. Flexibility is the name of the game as students may choose the evening MBA program with courses meeting in Houston at the PVAMU Northwest Houston Center or take courses through distance learning and earn their MBA 100% online. This stellar MBA requires thirty-six semester credit hours, including thirty SCH of core courses and six SCH of electives assuming all prerequisites have been satisfied. A distance learner whose undergraduate program includes some subject content equivalent to the program’s prerequisite courses may be exempted from some courses. PVAMU’s affordable finance online MBA is everything a top-five program should be.

OMBA Coach Score: 97.89

6 | Missouri State University
College of Business

Missouri State University logo from website

An affordable finance online MBA is available at the College of Business at Missouri State University. Enrolled students advance as business leaders as they build on their management and teamwork skills. Business students seeking advancement within their organization, looking for positions within a different firm, or wanting to start their own business will discover the many things that Missouri State’s online Master of Business Administration degree provides. Distance learners can build on their current skill sets while analyzing the ethical implications of business decisions to understand global perspectives and more. MSU’s College of Business operates as a member of only 10% of the nation’s colleges of business accredited by AACSB. Online MBA students pursuing this program can be sure they are earning a degree with top-shelf standards. The online MBA program requires eighteen hours of foundation courses. Its foundation includes six graduate-level courses designed to provide accelerated coverage of the knowledge base needed for students to benefit from the MBA curriculum. This affordable finance degree deserves a second look.

OMBA Coach Score: 96.94

7 | Texas A&M International University
A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business

Texas AM International University logo

An affordable finance online MBA is offered at Texas A&M International University’s A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business. The business school draws from a multicultural group of instructors who are recognized experts in their respective fields. All professors are focused on providing distance learners with the best education possible. Within this online program, business students acquire the tools to be successful, independent, and resourceful in the business world and beyond. MBA students can enrich their ability to lead their organizations’ involvement with financial markets and institutions domestically and globally. The online MBA in International Banking and Finance program at TAMIU is a convenient and affordable program focusing on deepening knowledge of international investments. Within this rigorous, AACSB-accredited MBA, distance students study securities trading, interest rate mechanics, central banking techniques, regulatory environments, and ethical issues in banking. MBA students also examine how to analyze international portfolio investments, international trade financing, and international parity relationships. This affordable finance MBA is brimming with potential.

OMBA Coach Score: 96.82

8 | Western Illinois University
College of Business and Technology

Western Illinois University logo

An affordable finance online MBA is currently available at Western Illinois University’s College of Business and Technology. The business school offers graduate work leading to the Master of Business Administration. All courses are provided by the University’s various departments, including the School of Computer Sciences and the Departments of Management and Marketing, Decision Sciences, Accounting, and Finance. WIU’s online MBA is open to business graduates and students pursuing science, liberal arts, math, engineering, and other fields. Individual degree program requirements are based on previous academic experience and may range between thirty-three and fifty-four semester hours. Benefits of this program in finance include a diverse class delivery of 100% online, on-campus, or a hybrid Livestream. Daytime and evening courses fit into active lifestyles. The business school’s affordable tuition rates can put an MBA degree within distance learners’ reach. Internship and assistantship opportunities allow graduate students to combine work and education. Program instructors boast doctoral and law degrees from over forty internationally recognized universities. This affordable finance MBA combines affordability and educational excellence.

OMBA Coach Score: 96.59

9 | Southeastern Oklahoma State University
John Massey School of Business

Southeastern Oklahoma State University logo from website

The John Massey School of Business at Southeastern Oklahoma State University provides an affordable finance online MBA. At Southeastern Oklahoma State University online, graduate students can prepare for success through the 100% online, accelerated MBA program. Each online Master of Business Administration program provides distance learners with essential business skills in strategic management, finance, and marketing, along with specialization courses in their chosen fields. Southeastern Oklahoma State puts the power in its students’ hands as they decide which AACSB-accredited MBA online programs are right for them. Students seeking the affordable finance MBA can fine-tune their finance acumen and open more doors in their business careers. Specialized topics within this program include exploring modern portfolio theory, security investments, and international financial management. Graduates of the program are prepared for rewarding positions like analyst, chief financial officer, accountant, advisor, auditor, or financial manager. Core coursework includes research and data analysis, fundamentals in finance, behavioral management, accounting, and economics. This finance degree offers a lot for an attractive tuition rate.

OMBA Coach Score: 95.58

10 | University of Arkansas at Little Rock
College of Business

University of Arkansas at Little Rock logo

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock provides an affordable finance online MBA at the College of Business. UA Little Rock’s MBA flex program operates as Little Rock’s exclusive AACSB-accredited program. It is also the most affordable. Business school leaders offer unparalleled flexibility for active professionals allowing them to choose live online or on-campus classes. Enrolled students can switch seamlessly from one to the other at their choice. Distance learners can also control their program pace and complete their degrees in two to six years. The business school provides prospective students the option to schedule a video call to get more information about this exciting program. Since attending classes on campus does not always fit easily within some professionals’ schedules, this program features video-conferencing technology-enhanced classes so distance learners can join their classmates and instructors live without stepping onto campus. This top-ten affordable finance MBA is an excellent program for remote learners.

OMBA Coach Score: 95.27

11 | Louisiana State University Shreveport
College of Business

Louisiana State University Shreveport logo

The College of Business at Louisiana State University Shreveport provides an affordable finance online MBA. Distance learners pursuing this stellar degree gain a thorough understanding of financial management within the online MBA in Finance. This top-shelf program provides a deep level of critical thinking and quantitative skills, ultimately positioning graduates as attractive candidates in the competitive job market. Distance learners increase their knowledge of financial market behaviors and conditions, better preparing them for all business areas. Program graduates often gain access to careers in various settings, including venture capital firms, Fortune 500 companies, and commercial banks. The online MBA in Finance includes thirty credit hours, including seven core courses, or twenty-one credit hours, and the completion of a specialization. All students pursuing the MBA with a finance concentration must take three concentration courses equaling nine credit hours. The online Master of Business Administration with a Finance specialization also includes core courses. These courses will prepare distance learners with a managerial accounting and finance foundation. This affordable finance degree offers not just affordability but value.

OMBA Coach Score: 95.20

12 | University of Houston-Victoria
School of Business Administration

University of Houston Victoria logo from website

The University of Houston-Victoria School of Business Administration offers an affordable finance online MBA. UHV’s AACSB-accredited School of Business Administration offers this business degree for today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders. Its dynamic, 100% online program is relevant and equips distance learners with the reasoning and analytical skills to succeed in diverse cultures and economies. Graduate students can choose the Global MBA online program that best fits their personal and professional business goals. Earning a Global MBA in Finance online gives graduate students a solid base of general business knowledge with a thorough study of insurance, investments, and risk management. This well-accredited program deepens distance learners’ critical-thinking skills and provides a global perspective, giving MBAs a clear advantage in the competitive financial job market. The business school offers five start dates each year, and graduate students can complete their degree in as few as one year. It is no wonder why this affordable finance online MBA at the University of Houston-Victoria is one of the best in the nation.

OMBA Coach Score: 95.18

13 | Lamar University
College of Business

Lamar University logo from website

The College of Business at Lamar University provides an affordable finance online MBA. Graduate students can elevate their career opportunities and earn potential by gaining expertise in navigating the concepts of business finance. The online Master of Business Administration in Financial Management program prepares distance learners for professional advancement in many corporate environments, including nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. Enrolled students enhance their knowledge of managerial decision-making and essential business functions within this online MBA core coursework. Business students also gain advanced skills in international commerce, corporate finance, economic variables in markets, investments, risk management, regulations, and money management. Prospective students ready to start their degree program online but who need help finding ways to fund their education will want to research student financing sources, including grants, loans, and other payment options. Online MBA students looking for a finance degree that prepares them for careers in business have no need to look further.

OMBA Coach Score: 95.04

14 | University of Louisiana at Lafayette
B. I. Moody, III School of Business Administration

University of Louisiana at Lafayette logo from website

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s B. I. Moody, III School of Business Administration provides an excellent and affordable finance online MBA. Enrolled students have the chance to sharpen their skills and upgrade their finance toolkit through the accelerated online MBA with an emphasis in finance from the Moody College of Business Administration. This finance-focused online program balances mathematical concepts with management courses while trailblazing to career opportunities in the C-suite or corporate finance. The ability to understand and interpret the complexities of the financial world is valuable to managers in all industries. Graduate students can broaden their understanding of strategic performance factors. All coursework encompasses advanced financial management and policy, investment analysis and portfolio management, and analytical methods for planning and control. Throughout this AACSB-accredited program, distance learners analyze stocks, bonds, and other derivatives and learn to measure portfolio performance. This affordable finance degree features advantages MBA students won’t find anywhere else.

OMBA Coach Score: 94.85

15 | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lee Business School

University of Nevada Las Vegas logo

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Lee Business School features a solid and affordable finance online MBA. This online program offers a robust variety of opportunities for graduate students interested in the demanding world of business. The MBA degree provides distance learners with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced, ever-evolving business world through dynamic and innovative programs and courses. The online MBA program’s finance emphasis elevates students to leadership positions in financial management. Traveling beyond a mere working knowledge of financial management, an online MBA provides the skills needed to solve the complex issues in managing a firm’s financial affairs. Business school leaders encourage their students to cultivate innovative approaches to investments and master conceptual frameworks in financial assets, including derivative securities, stocks, and bonds. Learning outcomes of this affordable finance online MBA include recognizing and evaluating business leadership’s legal, ethical, and regulatory dimensions.

OMBA Coach Score: 94.82

16 | Ball State University
Miller College of Business

Ball State University logo

The Miller College of Business at Ball State University provides an affordable finance online MBA. This program has a reputation for quality learning that delivers the rigorous and practical experiences needed to excel in today’s digital and global economy. Business school leaders stress convenience and personal attention while presenting a degree that focuses on building skills, strategy, ethics, and leadership knowledge. High regard for decision-making is one of the differentiators of Ball State’s online MBA. Delivered with the flexibility of on-campus or online classes, or a blend of both, graduate students can customize their MBA further by choosing one of eight specializations or a general MBA. This online MBA in finance trains tomorrow’s business leaders since finance professionals are critical to businesses, financial institutions, governments, and not-for-profit entities. Graduates of this online program may be led into commercial banking, corporate finance, financial planning, insurance, private equity, or real estate. These professionals will need the theoretical and analytical tools to master practical finance issues. This affordable finance program has it all.

OMBA Coach Score: 94.48

17 | East Carolina University
College of Business

East Carolina University logo

A top affordable finance online MBA is delivered at East Carolina University’s College of Business. This stellar online MBA program has been offered through distance learning since 2005. It was the first online MBA in the entire state of North Carolina. Its instructors are well-versed in delivering challenging, interactive, and engaging content in an online format. College of Business faculty and staff are knowledgeable and supportive of graduate students new to distance learning. Enrolled students can pursue the MBA program on-campus, 100% online, or as a fusion of the two delivery methods. With just one admissions application approved, MBA students can switch from on-campus to online without any other paperwork. Program structure and requirements are identical regardless of online or on-campus delivery. The business school does not advertise a residency requirement. Business and non-business undergraduates are qualified for ECU’s online MBA program. The curriculum is entirely self-contained. East Carolina gives today’s online MBA students plenty of reasons to pursue a high-powered finance degree.

OMBA Coach Score: 93.91

18 | Idaho State University
College of Business

Idaho State University logo

The College of Business at Idaho State University provides a top finance online MBA with an affordable tuition rate. This degree stands as one of the most widely recognized graduate programs in the state. Earning an MBA is one of the best ways to increase earning potential and readiness for business leadership. The Idaho State University College of Business offers the flexibility of pursuing an accredited, self-paced, and affordable 100% online MBA. This accredited MBA program provides a flexible and affordable education featuring experiential learning and international competitions. The MBA’s format is designed to be flexible and accommodating for distance learners with or without a business background. Various dual degree options can be completed in just twelve months. Outstanding faculty members who are qualified both academically and professionally with years of experience in business lead the distance degree. Idaho State University’s degree is an excellent choice.

OMBA Coach Score: 93.83

19 | Marshall University
Lewis College of Business

Marshall University logo

An affordable finance online MBA is currently available at Marshall University’s Lewis College of Business Administration. Marshall’s online MBA program in finance is designed for graduate students looking to complete a first-rate MBA education without enrolling in an on-campus, full-time program. The distance degree takes the best of Marshall University’s on-campus curriculum and streamlines it into an online structure. All courses are delivered by the same high-caliber instructors who also teach on-campus. This degree will help prepare business leaders for career achievement and advancement. With an emphasis on applying theory to real-world application, MBA graduates can meet current needs and global marketplace evolving demands. This program helps polish a working professional’s management, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. The MBA program faculty includes professors with educational backgrounds and experience in all functional fields of business administration, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, management, marketing, communications, economics, law, and MIS. Marshall’s affordable finance online MBA is a great find.

OMBA Coach Score: 93.66

20 | William Paterson University
Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business

William Paterson University logo

The Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business at William Paterson University features a top-notch, affordable finance online MBA. Enrolled students have the chance to pursue pathways to distinctive leadership roles with this fully online business degree program from William Paterson University. Distance learners develop the basic skill set and relevant knowledge to advance in an increasingly competitive and diverse global business environment through interactive online coursework from the AACSB-accredited business school. With multiple degree customization options, enrolled MBA students can shape their studies to meet their goals and career aspirations. The curriculum allows learners to develop advanced managerial skills applicable to various business disciplines. Graduate students can also prepare for a rigorous core curriculum with wide-ranging leadership positions and career paths. It will deepen their understanding and use of innovation and corporate sustainability, financial operations, global economics, persuasion and negotiation strategies, and business analytics. This finance online MBA is as applicable as it is affordable.

OMBA Coach Score: 93.28

21 | Troy University
Sorrell College of Business

Troy University logo

The Sorrell College of Business at Troy University provides an affordable finance online MBA. This finance degree provides a broad preparation in business administration within the global business framework. Enrolled students can position themselves as leaders in the field by obtaining proficiency in the technical, behavioral, and analytical tools needed to develop and apply sound business strategies. Leaders at Sorrell College of Business are dedicated to helping distance learners obtain the knowledge to become valuable members of the global society. Thanks to the program’s structure, MBA students can toggle between online and evening courses as they complete coursework. The MBA in finance allows students balancing careers, education, and family life to excel. Incoming students who already hold an undergraduate degree in business can complete all requirements of the 31-hour program in one year. You won’t want to pass up on this affordable finance online MBA.

OMBA Coach Score: 92.76

22 | University of Illinois at Springfield
College of Business and Management

University of Illinois at Springfield logo

An outstanding and affordable finance online MBA is featured at the University of Illinois at Springfield’s College of Business and Management. UIS leaders understand how to deliver practical applications and strategic knowledge to help active working professionals advance in their careers. The business school has excelled in world-class online education for over two decades. Its online professors – the same instructors who teach on campus – are experienced practitioners and supportive academics with a real-world understanding of today’s contemporary business issues and a commitment to collaboration and diversity. The AACSB accredits this finance degree. Of the 13,000 business schools worldwide, less than five percent are accredited by the AACSB. The UIS online MBA opens doors to new opportunities as enrolled students become part of the business school’s active, supportive alumni network. Distance learners can earn an online MBA for less than expected, with budget-friendly, pay-by-the-course flexibility. This same low tuition structure applies to in-state, out-of-state, and online students. This finance degree receives national attention for maintaining attractive tuition rates and a stellar curriculum.

OMBA Coach Score: 92.28

23 | Eastern Washington University
College of Business

Eastern Washington University logo

A finance online MBA with an affordable price tag is delivered at Eastern Washington University’s College of Business. EWU has committed itself to provide excellence in relevant modern working professionals programs. The College of Business provides accessible, innovative, exceptional, and experiential education developing regional and international leaders. The AACSB International has continuously accredited the EWU College of Business since 1974. EWU’s online MBA program is among the most affordable in the Pacific Northwest, and it allows students to complete their degrees in just 11 months. Incoming students can choose the online MBA program that fits their personal and professional goals. This advanced professional degree emphasizes finance and leadership acumen that can empower graduate students for success in various organizational environments. The curriculum includes core courses in corporate finance, data-driven decision-making, marketing management, leadership and ethics, advanced accounting, and operations management. Enrolled students gain essential managerial skills needed for today’s evolving business marketplace in the finance-focused online Master of Business Administration at Eastern Washington University.

OMBA Coach Score: 92.02

24 | Shippensburg University
John L. Grove College of Business

Shippensburg University logo

The John L. Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University provides an online finance MBA at an affordable price. This AACSB-accredited degree program is identical to the on-campus MBA program, taking advantage of the same highly qualified instructors. It has gained a reputation for quality, convenience, and affordability among those in higher education. The thirty-credit program includes eight required core courses (three credits each) and two elective courses. It is designed to help graduate students develop the skills and knowledge needed to conduct business successfully in a domestic and international context. The courses are delivered in a fully online format using a combination of asynchronous and synchronous exercises, lectures, and discussions. All synchronous elements are optional, allowing distance learners to adjust their class schedules to their active life schedules. All courses are taught in accelerated, eight-week terms. This allows graduate students to concentrate comprehensively on each course and satisfy program requirements more quickly. This affordable finance online MBA is a diamond in the rough for graduate students.

OMBA Coach Score: 91.94

25 | Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
College of Business

Texas AM University Corpus Christi logo

An affordable finance online MBA is available at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s College of Business. The business school’s 100% online Master of Business Administration program is designed to equip distance learners with the critical knowledge and skills to gain a performance edge in today’s business world. Whether they choose a general focus or want to deepen specific skillsets with a specialization, earning their MBA can boost their careers, increase their earning potential, and give MBA students valuable academic credentials. Enrolled students pursuing Texas A&M-Corpus Christi’s AACSB-accredited online degree won’t simply earn their MBA. They will also develop the technology, communications, and analytical skills they need to surpass new levels in their career and enrich their earning potential. MBA students wanting to realize their full capabilities as leaders in business will discover that this isn’t just another MBA program—it’s their distinctive edge in the industry.

OMBA Coach Score: 91.72

By this point in the history of business education, everyone knows that an online MBA program matches the rigor of an on-campus MBA. However, you may be surprised to learn that an online program can often be a better choice, especially if you are considering an Online MBA in finance. Here are some reasons to earn a Finance Online MBA:

1. Finance Online MBA Programs are Affordable.

Many ambitious graduate students are justified in their concern for program rates. MBAs are famous for offering great value for base cost and timeline flexibility. Accredited finance online MBA programs are available for $5,000 to $10,000 a year. Finding a high-quality program does not mean you need to spend upwards of $50,000 a year. At some of the nation’s top business schools, it’s an option to adjust how many credits students enroll for each semester and how long it takes for program completion based on how much MBA students can afford to pay over the degree’s duration. Continuing to work while pursuing an online MBA is an undeniable financial upside.

2. Finance Online MBA Programs are Very Flexible.

Graduate students enrolled in finance online MBAs balance work and family responsibilities while investing in their future. While most distance degrees feature a combination of synchronous (within an appointed class time) and asynchronous learning (assignments MBA students complete at the time best for them), online MBA schedules are popular because they are highly adaptable to active lifestyles.

Many finance online MBA students complete their courses 100% online. They sometimes have the option of pursuing a campus-based residency in the form of an intensive one-week course or a global field study opportunity. Graduate students needing to work full-time, take care of family members, or graduate from active military service into the American workforce discover that the flexibility of a 100% online program helps them as they add a business degree to their list of priorities.

3. Finance Online MBA Programs Give Students Access to Innovative Technology.

As they present a curriculum through a graduate student’s PC or device, online MBA programs operate from the cutting edge of business technology. Online learning provides two critical advantages for MBA students: they hone their skills in business technology, and they make their educational experience compatible with their personal and professional needs and schedules. Online platforms like ANGEL, Google Docs/Drive, Sakai, and Adobe are constantly updated to make online learning more dynamic and interactive. Most online MBA programs include comprehensive tech support so enrolled students can troubleshoot issues during coursework.

4. Finance Online MBA Programs Contain Much Diversity.

By their very design, online finance MBAs are adaptable to various backgrounds and needs, so graduate students who prioritize learning from different viewpoints will discover that going online is the right move. A business degree provides the chance for distance learners to connect with students of different nationalities, ages, life stages, and career paths. These interactions always help business leaders consider new concepts while reevaluating old ones.

5. Finance Online MBA Programs Can Give Graduate Students Global Opportunities

Since its inception, the online MBA in finance has flourished and gained notoriety in the business education world. Some of the nation’s best programs have prioritized attracting international graduate students. They also offer global business immersions and maintain satellite universities in other countries. Since online MBA students don’t meet with classmates every day, the opportunity to connect with students, instructors, and professionals in immersive international environments will make a significant impact even when the experience lasts a few days a week.

If exposure to international students is a priority, look for a finance online MBA program that features global immersions that include travel to major business centers worldwide. The idea of traveling to cultural hotspots like Paris, Istanbul, Beijing, and Mumbai, all while acquiring course credit, is exciting. If you are interested in expanding your professional network abroad, it is time to take your business education online.

6. Finance Online MBA Programs Can Offer an Accelerated Experience.

The quicker an MBA student can complete her program, the sooner she can apply for a better role in business with this coveted credential on her resume. While a traditional MBA may require graduate students to commit two years to a full-time program, many respected online programs can be finalized in one year or sixteen months in an accelerated format.

7. Finance Online MBA Programs Have Earned Respect Over the Years.

Distance degrees in finance are garnering healthier reputations. In past years, online MBA programs struggled to earn respect for various reasons, but those days are long gone. Today, many employers prefer that their employees pursue an online MBA program as it gives them the convenience and flexibility to work and study simultaneously. A quick online search will reveal that many of the nation’s most respected universities currently feature online MBA programs.

8. Finance Online MBA Programs Provide Financial Aid and Scholarships. 

A recent study by GMAC reveals that almost half of online MBA students rely on employer financial support to help pay for their education. AACSB accredited online MBA programs feature an exact financial assistance process as their traditional counterparts. Many business schools feature specific scholarships to help offset program costs. 

9. Finance Online MBA Programs Foster Real-World Connections. 

While studying on-campus or online can be different experiences, distance learning has improved dramatically in the connection and networking department. In years past, on-campus students have had more opportunities to meet with instructors, form relationships with peers, and attend workshops. Today’s distance education gives business students more access to flexible instructor office hours and cohort learning projects.  

10. Finance Online MBA Programs can Include Internship and Job Fair Opportunities. 

The nation’s best finance online MBA programs give their distance learners opportunities to participate in internships. More business schools incorporate internship programs into their curriculums each year. Some online MBA students who live far from their university have taken advantage of partnerships between local businesses and their business schools. Some corporations offer alumni internships and mentors.

The Finance Online MBA program is a clear path to their career goals for many business professionals. While it’s not the right choice for everyone, it is an excellent option for business professionals in finance who desire to balance a flexible schedule with an affordable tuition rate. When considering various finance programs, you must find one that fits your budget, timeline, and career goals.

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