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There is always something new to learn about money and how it relates to us personally, our employees, and our organizations. And the thing about finance that makes it so exciting and difficult is that it is constantly changing. But, due to the demands of daily life and your profession, it can be impossible to sit down and read periodicals or manuals. This makes us grateful for the podcast. It gives us the chance to learn on the go. Enter, the top Finance Podcasts. Whether you are a finance professional, working towards a career in the finance industry, or a regular Joe or Joanne wanting to plan for the future, these Finance Podcasts can give you real stories and tips on how to navigate these ever-changing waters.

Money Rehab

Money Rehab Podcast

Have you ever seen that we always speak about everything but money? Sex? No issue. Politics? Go for it. Money? Completely prohibited. However, not for long! Author of Rich Bitch, host of Money Rehab, and the only financial expert you don’t need a dictionary to understand, Nicole Lapin is here to rehab your wallet so you can finally get your economic life in order. Each episode lasts 10 minutes. There are no extraneous features, just quick, time-saving ideas and methods. Nicole also wishes to hear from YOU! Nicole will assist you if you send her an email at [email protected] with the questions you have about money. You can even join Nicole on-air for one-on-one intervention.

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Finance Fundamentals

Finance Fundamentals Podcast

Dustin is here to assist you on your journey to financial independence. This finance podcast is a great chance for individuals to build foundational knowledge in finance. He presents personal finance in a straightforward, unpretentious way. Although Dustin does not work as a financial advisor and has a full-time job, he is passionate about investing properly, making sensible financial decisions, and educating his listeners. He believes that our educational system has a severe fault. So, if you can become financially independent and study in a simple, enjoyable way, according to Dustin, then he has done his job.

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Earn Your Leisure

Earn Your Leisure Podcast

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are the Earn Your Leisure podcast hosts. Through Earn Your Leisure, you can learn about the financial aspects of the entertainment and sports industries and entrepreneur success stories. They examine current economic trends and analyze corporate structures. It is described as a business course mixed with pop culture. They blend the two for a unique and intriguing view of the business world.

The cultural monarchs of financial literacy are now educators Troy Millings and financial advisor Rashad Bilal. The dynamic team from the Bronx is on a mission to give the Black community access to financial information so they may use it to make a significant change. They saw a shortage of resources for the Black community in financial literacy and launched the renowned podcast Earn You Leisure (EYL) in January 2019. The cultural shifters had a vision that propelled them to a level of fame that grabbed the interest of high-profile celebrities like Steve Harvey, Nick Cannon, Jemele Hill, and many others. They only had an iPhone, shotgun mics, and the knowledge they possessed.

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Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition Podcast

Another top finance podcast is named Brown Ambition. Every week, two accomplished women of color talk on themes like willpower, financial ambition, and much more. Each week, wisdom is found here.

When Mandi was an editor at Business Insider and wrote a piece about Tiffany, who had just launched the Budgetnista platform, they first connected. At a gathering of financial bloggers a year later, the two eventually met in person. 

They want to establish a safe area where women can ask questions, feel seen and understood, and feel like they’ve made progress toward their career and wealth-building goals with each new episode. They seek to raise the voices of women of color in areas that have never before been accessible to them, such as starting businesses and obtaining boardroom seats. They never hesitate to openly discuss the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learned.

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Meaningful Money

Meaningful Money Podcast

Pete Matthew is the managing director of Jackson’s Wealth Management in Penzance, U.K., and a Chartered Financial Planner. Matthew realized he could use the internet and social media to spread a vital message after reading “Crush It” by one of his internet heroes, Gary Vaynerchuk. His website’s purpose is to share his conviction that, for the vast majority of individuals, financial planning is relatively straightforward. Anyone may accomplish their objectives, whether they are financial or not, by adhering to a few pretty simple guidelines.

In the podcast, Pete Matthew uses straightforward, everyday language to talk about and clarify every area of your finances. Personal finance, investing, insurance, pensions, and seeking financial counsel can all seem intimidating. Still, with the appropriate information and straightforward actions, Pete will assist you in taking control of your financial situation. Every episode is divided into two sections: first, all you need to KNOW, and second, everything you need to do to advance the discussion covered in that episode.

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Ditch the Suits

Ditch the Suits Podcast

Ditch the Suits podcast is where former financial advisors talk honestly about topics nobody in the industry wants you to know about. When looking for a top finance podcast, this show needs to be on your list. Join co-hosts Travis Maus and Steve Campbell for an unabashed and provocative no-holds-barred banter. You’ll hear from successful business owners about how you may better manage your family’s wealth while protecting it from financial exploitation.

The managing partner of Wealth Manager and co-host of the podcast “Ditch the Suits,” Travis Maus is dedicated to enabling all of his customers and S.E.E.D. staff to perform at their absolute best while receiving the finest possible care and support. He assists people in seeing that there is a clear route to financial freedom and that riches are more than just money. He puts a lot of effort into assembling the ideal group of advisors to realize a client’s desires by coordinating planning with their overall objectives and way of life.

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Choose FI

Choose FI Podcast

How would your life change if you achieved financial independence and arrived at the point where working is no longer necessary? What steps can you pursue right now to increase the likelihood that this will happen? The strategies the FI community employs to recapture decades of their lives are examined by Jonathan & Brad. They go into cutting costs, paying off debt, tax planning, creating passive income streams through real estate and online enterprises, as well as how to travel the world for nothing. No subject is off-limits as long as it advances the timeline for achieving financial independence.

Each podcast, video, and article is jam-packed with information and helpful advice. The largest FI community in the world contributed to it by sharing their life hacks, such as how to travel for free, pay off debt, and drastically reduce groceries and living costs. 

There is no better moment to start working toward FI, and there is no better team to help you get there than ChooseFI. Whether your chosen learning method and taking action is by listening, watching, or reading, there is no better time to start. Co-Founders and Co-Hosts Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett are in charge of ChooseFI Media.

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Financial Feminist

Financial Feminist Podcast

In a society dominated by affluent white men, Tori Dunlap shows you how to earn more, spend less, and feel financially secure. You will learn how to get, save, and grow money through solo episodes and interviews with special guests, giving you the tools you need to achieve financial independence while also kicking some patriarchal ass. A new Financial Feminist episode is released every Tuesday, and a mini-episode is released every other Thursday.

Tori Dunlap knew she was strong since she was a young child. At the age of nine, Dunlap started her first company. She was the owner of vending machines where you could put a quarter in and receive some candies out. By the time she was a senior in high school, she had fifteen machines, and all of the money from sales went into her college fund. And after eleven years, Tori sold the company to a ten-year-old girl named Tori. She realized the benefits of developing her independence and confidence while creating something on her own. She then transferred that sense of ownership and authority to another young girl.

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Women & Money

Women Money Podcast

This show hits our list of top finance podcasts for good reason. With the most renowned personal finance expert in the world today, embark on a priceless trip into your life and the life of your money. Suze Orman is hailed for her innovative approach to money and has amassed millions of devotees whose lives have been transformed by heeding her special counsel. You’ll discover in just 30 minutes how to look within to understand why you are going without and that you cannot solve a financial issue with money.

To help you be more and consequently have more, Suze contributes more than 40 years of knowledge. Subscribe to one of the most well-liked podcasts in America right away to learn why you don’t have the money you desire. You get to make the decision.

Every Sunday and Thursday, a new episode is released.

Download the Women & Money App on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Join Suze’s free podcast community, where you can search prior episodes, ask Suze questions (which, if chosen, will be addressed on the podcast), attend lessons, and interact with other listeners and Suze herself.

Orman worked as a contributing editor for “O,” The Oprah Magazine for 16 years, and the Costco Connection Magazine for over 18 years. She also presented the popular Suze Orman Show for 13 years on CNBC. Suze has accomplished things that no other television personality has ever managed to do throughout her time on television. She is not only the most successful fundraiser in the history of Public Television, but she is also the only person to have won eight Gracie Awards, a record for this prestigious honor. The Gracie Awards honor the most outstanding radio, television, and cable programs produced for, by, and about women in the country.

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Invest Like the Best

Invest Like the Best Podcast

The podcast Invest Like the Best examines concepts, strategies, and human experiences that can improve how you spend your time and money. Patrick O’Shaughnessy is the host of this podcast.

Patrick is in charge of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management’s daily operations and leads OSAM’s initiatives in investor relations, investor education, and research and portfolio management. Before taking on the position of CEO, Patrick worked for 11 years on the Research & Portfolio Management team at OSAM, where he helped advance the company’s investment tactics.

Patrick is the author of the Palgrave Macmillan book Millennial Money: How Young Investors Can Build a Fortune and a contributor to the fourth edition of What Works on Wall Street. The number of listeners to Patrick’s podcast “Invest Like the Best,” which features interviews with top investors from various asset classes, has recently surpassed seven million. The Wall Street Journal listed it as one of the “5 Investment Podcasts You Should Listen To.” The I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation Investment Committee has Patrick as a member. Patrick is a CFA charter holder with a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame. He resides in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife and two kids.

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You haveve probably noticed that there is a podcast for just about anything. However, before you can start learning about money through a finance podcast, you must choose your unique interests. Are you looking for a realistic viewpoint? Do you have a passion for underrepresented groups or women’s financial issues? Do you possess analytical skills and enjoy a thorough textbook approach? Then it would help if you listened to the finance podcasts relevant to your area of interest. Happy listening!

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