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The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported an increase of 10.9 million job openings as of July 2021. The largest increases are in healthcare and social assistance, finance and insurance, accommodation, and food services. U.S employment is 153.5 million, and in the next decade, it’s expected to rise by 7%. While that may not sound significant, it is actually an additional 11.9 million jobs, bringing the total to 165.4 million employment opportunities. By using Glassdoor, an online job board with thousands of listings, you could land one of these jobs for yourself. 

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Glassdoor is a company that has been around since 2008 and boasts 55 million unique visitors each month. It currently hosts 1.7 million employers who rely on Glassdoor to recruit and hire employees who stay longer. Whether you are newly emerging into the job market or you have decided to change careers, here are a few tips that can help you get started applying through Glassdoor.

Getting Started

Glassdoor has listings for a variety of different career fields. To find the one right for you, it’s easy to get set up either online or using an app on an Android or iPhone. Setting up your profile is simple and should be set up before you apply to jobs – name and a professional picture of yourself, and your resume or CV. Once these are set up and uploaded, you’re ready to begin your search.

Update Your CV and Resume

Your CV or resume is important for your job search. Employers, of course, want to review your qualifications, experience, and education. Glassdoor allows you to use their site and a quick fill feature to construct your resume on the site or upload your own.

With each job, you can adjust your resume, so it reflects that you are a fit for that job. Not an embellishment, but as each job is different, it would require highlighting different skills. You can highlight the skills and experience you have that would be more appropriate depending on the position.

For example, you might say something different when applying to a front desk position at a doctor’s office than you would at virtual assistant work. While both would want organizational skills, graphic design skills or experience with a particular client management system would be more relevant for the VA position.

If you adjust the resume, the point is not to copy and paste the exact language that the job listing uses. But be intentional about answering the question of whether or not you are fit for the job.

Be Specific

Because there are nearly two million employers on Glassdoor, there are many jobs listed in a variety of fields. It can easily be overwhelming sifting through pages of listings. But if you have a plan and a purpose, the daunting job hunting scroll doesn’t have to make you anxious.

Prepare yourself by knowing what job you are seeking. You can search by company and job role easily. You can narrow down your Glassdoor search by using keywords for the career field, the job position, salary, and other terms.

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Read the job description and roles carefully. Save the job positions you want to apply for and go back later. By creating your own database of the jobs you are considering, you can decide later which are worth actually applying to later.

Go Broad

One of the great benefits of earning an Online MBA is that this degree can open the door to many positions. It is important to be open-minded. You shouldn’t compromise in a way that is unfair to you and your goals. But if you are looking for a managerial position in a hospital setting, you might find a similar opportunity in a health insurance company instead.

You might now know the exact role you are searching for – and the company may not use your exact wording. After you have exhausted the specific niche, broaden your search. If you find a few jobs in one company, search the entire company rather than just one role. Or search other companies in that job field. You might find the job for you in a place you didn’t expect. A benefit of Glassdoor is that it learns what positions might be a good fit for you and shows you jobs like the ones you have previously shown interest in.

Schedule Your Time

Job hunting is a job in and of itself. It takes time to search for a job, even with the convenience of online job boards like Glassdoor.

While there are thousands of job opportunities, it can still take upwards of two to six months to land a job. A long job hunt can negatively affect your mental health. Being employed and having a sure income gives you a sense of stability and control. Lack of this security can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious to be out of a job. This can lead to stress, desperation, and a mental health spiral as you can start to feel the loss of control.

Job hunting burn-out is a real phenomenon. If you’re unemployed, still take the time to care for yourself by creating a routine of job hunting hours and real-life hours. Life doesn’t stop simply because you’re unemployed. Use the free time to do things you enjoy and normally wouldn’t be able to do with the time demands of a full-time job or attending classes. Once you are employed, you’ll wish you’d spent the downtime practicing self-care and doing things you like.

Set a goal, like applying to five jobs or spending one hour in the pursuit. Once you are done, stop and celebrate your wins. You can apply or do more after you complete your achievable goals, but if you do, still remember to acknowledge what you have accomplished so far.

Create a Spreadsheet

It is unlikely you will be able to keep track of all of the jobs you apply to in the course of your job hunt. You can keep a log of your activity by creating a spreadsheet or just writing it down with pen and paper. You can log what jobs you applied to and when, whether you were offered an interview or not, the results of the interview, the number of jobs you’ve applied for, etc. 

Don’t get discouraged if the numbers start getting high. Every ‘no’ or non-response is simply an obstacle being removed on the path to finding the job that is right for you. Along with tracking your job search details, you can track your wins, ways you’ve celebrated, and how you will reward yourself when you do land your dream job.

Other Features

As you search on Glassdoor, you will be asked and sometimes required to leave a review of your previous experience with employers. This feature allows you as a job searcher to review the honest opinions of employees who worked for the companies you are interested in. These reviews are anonymous and help applicants determine whether the company and position are a match. A review might be the make-or-break on whether you accept or reject a job offer.

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Action Steps

  • Sign up to Glassdoor.
  • Fill out your profile – personal info and resume.
  • Leave a review for a previous position to unlock extra features.
  • Schedule your time.
  • Save the jobs that appeal to you.
  • Celebrate your wins.

There are many jobs available, and a great one for you is out there. With nearly 12 million new employment opportunities on the market and Glassdoor, your new career could be only a few clicks away.

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