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While pursuing elevation and success, we can often take the stairs or the elevator. Those involved with the GMAT/ GMAC cheating scandal in India decided to take the elevator, and we have to investigate why many people fell victim to this heinous offense.

Cheating on the GMAT

Candidates paid up to $20,000 to have someone else take the GMAT test for them.

GMAT scandal

An anonymous Reddit user claimed to have beaten the online GMAT, bragging that “there is always a way to beat the system when things are online.” It was a tempting proposition for anyone ready to take advantage of the situation. The scammer solicited people interested in a foolproof way to get someone else to write your GMAT for the test taker. He also alluded to getting developers to design software that prevents GMAT from identifying that another person is writing your test. They promised you a score between 700 and 750. The test taker was comforted by the scammer’s openness about his accurate scores, which he exploited as bait. The scammer even said they would not accept payment until receiving your score.

Raj Teotia, 33, has been identified as the ringleader of the cheating ring, which has allegedly been operating since 2019. His wife’s decision to take an online test appears to have prompted him to devise a method of cheating on the online versions of standardized exams that were introduced at the beginning of the pandemic. According to police, he traveled to Russia to meet and employ cyberpunks for the gang, and he also asked them to India to set up the malware during the lockdown. Because he worked in the tourism industry, Teotia was said to have ties to Russia.

Along with Teotia, six Russians were arrested in January, according to Indian media, on suspicion of orchestrating “a major online examination hacking racket” using software they built. The GMAT and an exam for Indian engineering institutes were both hacked.

To cheat or not to cheat

During the pandemic, when GMAT test centers were shut down or had minimal capacity, online testing helped the testing community improve access to their exams, which benefited many candidates. Unfortunately, this distribution format opens the door to unscrupulous actors looking to take advantage of the system, as with any new technology.

Candidates paid between $4,000 and $20,000 to have a member of the online cheating syndicate take the test for them, according to the police. They were able to attain scores as high as 780 in some situations, which would place the candidate in the top 1% of GMAT test-takers worldwide.

Advanced forensics and proprietary security techniques enabled the conclusion because they produced overwhelming proof that the candidates were guilty of significant policy violations, including proxy test-taking (having someone else take the test on their behalf).



These cheating services ostensibly aimed to help applicants earn higher results are frequently scams designed to defraud candidates of their money. We advise candidates not to be deceived; participating in these activities might lead to them becoming the victim of extortion. Candidates also face the genuine and severe repercussions of cheating, including criminal prosecution by law enforcement officials, who are now aware of the problem and are actively working to combat it.

It’s critical to recognize the dangers and notify our community of schools and b-school candidates about our efforts to improve test security in the future. With the evidence presented, the testing community will probably take these incidents into account and modify security measures. 

The Aftermath

Unwittingly, the online GMAT test has opened the door to one of the largest cheating scandals in the test’s history. The Graduate Management Admission Council, who supervises and gives the GMAT, has revoked the scores of over 100 people who benefited from the GMAT exam cheating ring.

Now that punishment has been passed down, it makes one think about the consequences of such allegations. It would have been better to prioritize your time, find reputable testing resources, and gain the confidence to take the test independently.

GMAC remains committed to safeguarding the integrity of the GMAT exam and using the most up-to-date technology and tactics to deter inappropriate behavior before, during, and after an exam is delivered, whether in a test center or online, on behalf of candidates and schools. GMAC is committed to staying on the cutting edge of secure browser technology, ongoing proctor training, and improved pre-and post-test data forensics. As technologies and methodologies advance, they will continue to adapt to guarantee that schools have confidence in the validity of test scores and that candidates are assured that the test is administered fairly.

Taking Action

Do not believe the hype in matters such as cheating. As seen in this article, you will be held accountable for any elements of cheating. So do the work yourself. There are prep courses that can help you along the way, such as The Princeton Review. The Princeton Review offers private instruction as well as online and in-person courses. The cost of the courses varies, and some offer money-back guarantees if students do not improve their GMAT score the next time they take it. You may always use GMAT Prep applications on both Android and iOS app stores if you’re on the go. These applications are free to download, but they include in-app purchases.


Knowing how the test is constructed is an intelligent place to start. The writing and integrated reasoning sections each take 30 minutes. Students will examine one question and analyze an argument in the writing section. Twelve questions in the integrated portion focus on interpreting images, analyzing tables, multi-source reasoning, and two-part analysis. Each of the final two parts lasts just over 60 minutes. The quantitative section has 31 data sufficiency and problem-solving questions. Finally, 36 questions in the verbal section require reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. Students should decide on the order in which they want to finish the exam when they arrive.

Taking and passing the GMAT provides students an advantage and opens up many possibilities. The GMAT is similar to a résumé and transcript in that it displays knowledge and abilities and critical thinking and reasoning abilities. Some business schools consider it the most crucial aspect of a student’s application. It highlights and recognizes students as exceptional candidates for business schools (b-schools), assisting with entrance. The GMAT also aids business school assessment committees in determining if applicants can perform well in the MBA curriculum. The GMAT can be a lifeline for applicants with a low-grade point average. It is essential to stay focused on the goal and not let your ambition get ahead of know-how. Take the stairs, it may be a long way to get to the top, but at least you can pace yourself and do it all independently.

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