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Are you a project management professional looking for the latest information on this exciting sector? Top project management podcasts can be a great resource for you.

Project management is utilizing knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to construct or deliver something of value to consumers. Professionals interested in becoming project managers can pursue excellent business degrees offered by the nation’s best business schools. Masters and MBAs in project management provide graduate students with the knowledge and skills to become experts in the field.

Other resources for project management include free podcasts on the topic. These virtual lessons and conversations are full of helpful content that is relevant as it is accessible. Here are ten of the best podcasts on project management:

5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas has been recording the 5 Minutes Podcast since 2007. He addresses the main topics of project management in a quick and practical way. Vargas also delves into business agility, risk and crisis management, and other relevant topics.

“Using Technology Readiness Level to Measure New Technology Risks” is one of his recent episodes. Within the podcast, Ricardo discusses TRL (the Technology Readiness Level). TRL is a method developed by NASA fifty years ago. It ensures the reliability and safety of the technology used in their projects. The higher the TRL number, the more developed and safer the technology is. All the issues that come at the outset of studying an untested technology—an idea, empirical research, an article, a scientific concept, etc.—are related to the first three stages of TRL.

Another excellent episode listeners will enjoy is “The Relevance of the Right Project Governance.” In this episode, Ricardo discusses decision-making in the context of projects. Structures and processes are utilized to make decisions about changes and planning the next steps of project findings. This podcast on project management is a worthy listen.

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LeadingAgile SoundNotes: an Agile Podcast

LeadingAgile SoundNotes an Agile Podcast

Dave Prior hosts the weekly Agile podcast. It covers many topics, including Leadership, Scrum, Agile Transformation, and Project Management. Listeners new to Agile development and Agile veteran will appreciate this podcast. Each week, Dave and his guests are sure to make you think about Agile in a new way.

LeadingAgile is committed to helping large, more complex organizations achieve tangible results and favorable business outcomes. It does this through its customized, time-tested approach to Agile delivery methods across an entire enterprise.

The podcast-producing organization is passionate about enabling clients to reach goals and is committed to engaging. It respects where each of its clients is today, while laying a foundation for where they need to be in the future

One excellent episode of the project management podcast is “Maximizing the Value of Agile Metrics.” Organizations need a way to measure performance and improvements, so leaders continue to support initiatives. Listeners learn how metrics are used to help teams get better over time and drive successful outcomes. LeadingAgile is a top-notch project management podcast.

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Manage This – The Project Management Podcast

Manage This The Project Management Podcast

Manage This is marketed as a “podcast by project managers and for project managers.” Every first and third Tuesday, podcast hosts lead conversations about what matters to project management professionals. Andy Crowe and Bill Yates are well-respected thought leaders within the project management industry. They cover topics on project management certification and performing project management tasks. Each episode gets inside the brains of industry leaders. Listeners also benefit from hearing their stories.

Subject Matter Experts join the hosts to discuss topics ranging from leadership tips and advice for someone starting in project management to how to manage project teams, managing the unexpected, and more. Professional project managers, PMPs, and those on the road to becoming them can tune in to hear real advice and relevant tips on all things project management. Listeners with questions about project management will discover this podcast has project management experts to answer them.

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People and Projects Podcast: Project Management Podcast

People and Projects Podcast Project Management Podcast

People and Projects Podcast covers the topics of project management. Hosts vary weekly, and content is helpful to listeners looking for information on the business leadership topic. Episode titles include “Mistakes (New) Managers Make” and “Influence and Manipulation.”

“Mistakes (New) Managers Make” reminds listeners currently in management roles to remember what it was like when they first took on that new position. Podcast hosts guide listeners to remember their struggles and accomplishments when they began their careers.

Author Janet Polach joins the podcast in the episode to share components from her book. The Seven Mistakes New Managers Make: and How to Avoid Them and Thrive is full of practical help for project managers. It’s a book for new managers, but the hosts and author agree all listeners can benefit from remembering the traps we can fall into as we seek to become more effective leaders. People and Projects Podcast: Project Management Podcast is a must for today’s project management professionals.

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PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott

PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott

The PMP exam is a comprehensive and lengthy test professionals take to become certified as project managers by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It’s the best way to make sure these professionals will meet industry-wide standards when they begin their project management careers.

Acquiring PMP certification also makes workers attractive candidates for potential employers. According to the Project Management Institute, the average salary for PMP holders in the United States is 25% higher than for those lacking the certification.

PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott is a podcast that understands acing the exam isn’t a cakewalk. It has changed significantly this year. It is heavily influenced by the seventh edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge and includes questions on Agile project management.

According to the PMI, two out of five students fail on their first attempt. Successful test-takers put in 35 hours prepping for the four-hour exam. Once students are approved to take the exam, they have a year, and up to three attempts, to pass it. PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott features helpful information for passing the project management test.

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Project Management Happy Hour

Project Management Happy Hour

Project Management Happy Hour is a podcast that features a frank and honest discussion about real-world project management issues. Podcast hosts do it in a way that’s not dry. It may get a bit salty on occasion.

Hosts Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson cover an issue project management deals with today. They share real-life examples, practical advice, and the occasional project horror story. Every podcast is also an online class. Listeners can learn much from this podcast. One of the hosts is a PMI Registered Education Provider. Podcast leaders have structured each episode as an easy-to-listen-to lesson.

Listeners interested in receiving credit for the material can go to the podcast’s website at They can purchase a class, take the exam based on podcast content, and get a PDU certificate instantly. Project Management Happy Hour is an entertaining and engaging podcast covering project management’s intricacies.

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Project Management Podcast: Project Management for the Masses with Cesar Abeid, PMP

Project Management Podcast Project Management for the Masses

Project Management Podcast: Project Management for the Masses with Cesar Abeid, PMP, is a program that understands how project managers get things done. Professionals in project management set complex goals and see them through to completion. Once these professionals check them off, they move on to the next one. Project managers have the skills and knowledge to change the world, one work package at a time.

Once the podcast host learned good project management, he started applying it to his life. Cesar Abeid began achieving more and took charge of his career. His podcast, website, and blog goal is to show project managers how they can apply their valuable skill set to their lives and careers. They can achieve outstanding results that will propel their careers forward.

The PM for the Masses Podcast is the flagship avenue for Abeid’s content creation. It brings the listener project management interviews with professionals in project management. These leaders achieve success in their careers and lives. Besides sharing their expertise with the audience, podcast producers explain the recipe for their success and do what project managers do best: break success down into manageable chunks and show how listeners can take similar steps.

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The Projectified Podcast lets listeners stay current on hot topics and emerging trends influencing the project management world. Projectified is a forward-looking project management podcast offering conversations with established and rising project managers.

Hosts discuss business with leaders in Fortune 500 companies and startups. Listeners can also hear from best-selling authors, researchers, and project management changemakers. Episodes include conversations with leading-edge innovators. They discuss how to navigate unprecedented global issues. They also share insights into project management skills and career development. Some episodes dive into the future of technology and organizational transformation.

One notable episode is “2022 Most Influential Projects: Creative Innovation.” This conversation includes feats of engineering and art and explores the unknown. The podcast’s 2022 Most Influential Projects showcase creative and innovative efforts from teams across regions and sectors. Guests discuss two projects. One bridges the digital and physical worlds to create a rock band’s immersive concert experience. Another project pushes agricultural innovation to deliver the world’s most extensive vertical farm. Projectified is an excellent project management podcast.

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The Project Management Podcast

The Project Management Podcast

The Project Management Podcast is for today’s practicing project managers. Listeners are project managers looking for advice to lead and manage their projects successfully.

This excellent podcast is for beginners and experts. Each episode features interviews with worldwide project managers. Listeners learn what makes them successful, so they can apply their lessons to their projects and duplicate their success. Leading projects is not easy. The advice given throughout this project management podcast helps.

Listeners getting started with The Project Management Podcast should refer to the guide the producers provide to help them begin the process. This podcast is one of the best for project management.

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Women Of Project Management®

Women Of Project Management®

Women Of Project Management’s community was designed for professional women across the project management industry. Professionals who already have established careers and are just starting will appreciate this podcast. The virtual and curated community is where consumers can find excellent resources. The podcast allows listeners to expand their networks, increase visibility, and receive invaluable mentorship. This superb podcast explores the vast world of project management.

Asya Watkins is an MBA, 6σGB, PMP, and founder and creator of Women Of Project Management. Each episode includes a discussion over a series of eye-opening and honest conversations. Topics include being women and women of color in the project management industry. Guests are some of Watkins’ favorite women in the industry worldwide. Listeners are invited to sit at the table and enjoy the Women Of Project Management Podcast.

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Action Steps

You’ve taken in some excellent podcasts on project management. What action steps can you take toward a successful career in the business field? 

1) Discover the Basics of Project Management

Since the beginning of society, project management has been practiced informally. It began to emerge as a profession in the 1950s when a group of forward-thinking leaders from the telecommunications, aerospace, engineering, and pharmaceutical fields saw a changing world that needed new tools. Like them, you can learn about the need to address the scheduling and resource problems associated with increasingly complex projects. The Project Management Institute (PMI) was established in 1969. It still offers valuable tools for those interested in project management.

2) Learn How Project Management Influences Change

Today, we live in The Project Economy. Projects are the influencing force behind how work gets done. Within this realm is where change is realized and value gets delivered. The worldwide development of project management proves its value within the Project Economy. It includes strategic organizational competence, subjects for training and education, and career paths.

Project management skills help young students working on projects realize success. It also allows corporate executives to settle personality disputes. These skills help nurses streamline shift changes and improve ward response times. They help IT professionals deliver innovative software in record time and assist government agencies in enhancing their services.

3) Find Out What Program is Right For You

Today there are many free resources for those interested in a future in project management. Once you listen to some of these valuable podcast episodes, you may be drawn to read some of the books by industry-leading authors—many of these professionals started by pursuing excellent business degrees like undergraduate and graduate degrees in project management. An online or on-campus MBA in project management features the business training and PM fundamentals needed for successful careers.

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