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The C.T. Bauer College of Business at U of H offers a top ranked online MBA degree. The Online MBA from Bauer is a fully online experience that features the exceptional convenience of attending class from wherever distance learners are. They couple the convenience of their program with the unparalleled academic quality that the business school has a reputation for providing.

Program designers recognize that going back to school is an important decision and their admissions team is there to help. At any point in candidates’ decision-making process, they can feel free to schedule time with one of the Online Program Recruiters.

Business School

The Bauer College of Business at U of H connects industry to academia. They provide experiential education opportunities to business students and empower Houston’s workforce. Houston’s Bauer College is the city’s most comprehensive business school, featuring a range of degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Program leaders prepare students to get a job and make an impact. They have an extensive course portfolio covering topics ranging from the energy business to how to launch a startup.

Online MBA Requirements

Bauer has taken a unique approach to develop its online MBA program. Many universities have a one-size-fits-all model, but program designers believe each course warrants a unique mix of learning methods. The team of world-class faculty and instructional designers creates courses that MBA students will find enriching and engaging.

Online MBA courses are delivered in two forms: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous courses are “live online.” In this mode of instruction, the instructor provides live lectures at predetermined class times (typically weeknight evenings) using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Asynchronous courses are “self-paced” or “on-demand.” In this format, the instructor posts all the course content, including assignments, recorded lectures/videos, and reading materials on the course website. Students don’t meet at a set time. As there are no predetermined meeting times, the asynchronous delivery mode still has live, online office hours utilizing Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Admission Requirements

Qualified candidates for the Bauer online MBA need a four-year bachelor’s degree (or international equivalent) from an accredited college or university. Post-graduate professional work experience is preferred, and incoming students must take the GRE or GMAT.

GMAT waivers are available for qualified candidates who can demonstrate some years of professional experience or provide proof of a high level of analytical and quantitative knowledge. To verify one’s eligibility for a GMAT waiver, the candidate must submit an online application with other admissions requirements for the admission committee to review.

The University of Houston refers to the Bauer online MBA as a “UH Extend” program. Applicants must select the “UH Extend” option for the program they are interested in when utilizing the online application form.


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Get matched with top online MBA programs now!