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The online MBA (also known as the iMBA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Gies College of Business is an excellent distance degree. Renowned for its curriculum and live, interactive sessions, this degree is highly regarded for its unique and engaging format. Delivered at a price point that is a fraction of what one would pay at most residential MBA programs, Gies’s iMBA consistently earns satisfaction ratings of 100% from students. Business school officials believe the real-time return on investment and student satisfaction drive this program’s popularity and tremendous application growth.

Business School

Gies College of Business leaders understand that knowledge alone doesn’t change the world. For that, leaders need something more. Enrolled students at Gies College of Business spend quality hours discovering what that is. At Gies, everything done is designed to help business students connect the dots between their education and a purposeful future. The available programs encourage big ideas and big thinking. With programs led by expert faculty and staff, the business school guides students to think beyond the possible. Fellow students challenge each other’s assumptions and help invent new ways to make a difference.

Gies provides the resources and environment that foster meaningful actions, empowers business students to make their mark, and puts their purpose into practice while making the world a better place. Gies College of Business has designed its leading-edge curriculums, innovative programs, and experiential learning opportunities to prepare and empower students to turn big concepts into meaningful actions for over a century. This occurs when all students can access innovative curricular initiatives, elite faculty talent, state-of-the-art resources, a solid reputation with employers, and excellent networking opportunities.

Online MBA Requirements

The 100% online MBA at Gies features no travel requirements and no added expenses. It was designed as a completely online experience, including all group and coursework plus faculty office hours so MBA students can discuss material, ask questions, and get help. The profoundly engaging curriculum means that MBA students work personally with senior instructors and exceptional practitioner professors from organizations like Google. Online MBA students also connect with accomplished students worldwide each day.

A high leadership level associated with this degree shapes a student’s ability to lead, execute, and manage. Enrolled students have an iMBA edge with advanced training on innovating, shaping the digital world, and going global. This career-advancing, 100% online MBA degree from one of the nation’s top universities features academic content curated to be actionable and business-ready. A well-balanced blend of business concentrations accompanies this degree.

Admission Requirements

Once applicants start their applications, they receive regular communications from the iMBA program with tips for completing a competitive application. The minimum requirements for this program include an undergraduate degree with a recommended GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). The business school reviews applications holistically and considers work experience, references, and the personal statement indicators of future success.


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