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Olin Business School leaders at Washington University in St. Louis understand that technology rapidly changes the world. They know that MBA students need knowledge and skills that can stand up to the issues of today’s issues and what’s on the horizon for tomorrow. WashU Olin’s online MBA degree program is based on core MBA fundamentals. It goes further by framing all courses—required and elective—through the filter of a digitally-driven economic landscape. As advances like the Internet of Things, AI, big data, and cloud infrastructure redefine products and service deliveries, a new, evolved online MBA is required.

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The Olin Business School works for WashU students to stay connected to courses, instructors, classmates, and the school. From uniquely designed classroom sessions to robust communication tools and lifelong learning opportunities, business students remain engaged and continually grow long after leaving their student days behind.

Washington University in St. Louis’ innovative Center for Digital Education is the driving force behind the online student’s digital experience. The center exists to provide world-class eLearning support for the University. That happens in new and exciting ways like digital course design, digital publishing, online course delivery, faculty training, lifelong learning modules, and media production.

Online MBA Requirements

Instead of being a program about technical expertise, this online MBA is for those who want to be digitally literate business leaders who use technology as a strategy and make an impact. The program’s progressive curriculum is framed on WashU Olin’s value-based and data-driven leadership framework. Online MBA students are transformed into advanced leaders who can manage the fundamental shifts in how society works and lives.

Program highlights include a solid MBA core through a digital lens for the first five semesters. Students can choose from over twenty electives in nine functional business areas. MBA students enjoy a unique program-long Digital Impact Project where they create a high-potential digital initiative and topical learning exercises like sector deep dives and live cases. Graduate students are encouraged to build their professional network with instructors, business experts, and peers across the nation. The 30-month program features 54 credits and is 100% online. It does not require any residencies. There are eight synchronous weeks in each twelve-week semester.

Application Requirements

Acceptance into the online MBA program is selective. Business school leaders review each applicant on several factors, looking for strong academic and professional experience candidates. The business school admits students with different backgrounds and experiences to provide unique expertise in the classroom. MBA students must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Besides this determining factor, there are no specific prerequisites required for admission into the program.


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Get matched with top online MBA programs now!