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Leaders at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business believe that it takes true revolutionaries to lead effectively in today’s business. The complicated global issues that define modern business resist conventional answers.

The Online MBA at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business imparts the essential business skills and knowledge by building the dynamic mindset needed to lead today’s challenging and rapidly evolving business environment. It’s no wonder that nearly 100% of the school’s alumni describe their satisfaction with the program as “high” or “very high.”

Business School

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business programs are built on William & Mary’s centuries-long commitment to academic excellence and educational innovation. All programs currently offered at the business school reveal how its mission to revolutionize business and transform careers is as vibrant as ever.

Online MBA Requirements

Graduate students pursuing an online MBA at William & Mary are opting to earn an essential element of revolutionary leadership known as design thinking. Design thinking is a method of tackling issues that do not presume a simple solution. It actively replaces a linear mindset that prefers completion over innovation with an iterative approach that prioritizes constant refinement and is always open to unexpected discoveries.

Design thinking is an integral component of the online MBA program’s first course, Renaissance Manager. The framework of this course was derived from the Renaissance ideal of Leonardo da Vinci. This ideal has been adapted for the modern business world as it informs the decisions of influential design thinkers. When students embrace design thinking, as explained in the Online MBA curriculum, they build the mental agility to accept new data openly, collaborate easily, and innovate perpetually, seeking meaningful improvements instead of finite solutions. This 49-credit-hour online MBA features approximately 22 students per course. The 12-courses are divided between seven and a half weeks per course with one on-campus residency.

Application Requirements

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business seeks dynamic and driven applicants ready to proactively improve the workplace and redefine it to be a business leader. Ideal candidates are career-minded professionals open to novel problem-solving techniques, willing to experiment and develop from failure and embrace the issues and rewards of balancing school, work, and family.

While the business school accepts applicants from various academic fields and professional disciplines, all are required to have a minimum of two years of professional working experience and an undergraduate degree (or equivalent) from an accredited college or university.

The business school is committed to holistically evaluating candidates and considering all aspects of their academic and professional and academic backgrounds. Understanding that standardized tests are not always the best indicators of an applicant’s readiness to succeed, there is no GMAT requirement within the application process.


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Find Your MBA

Get matched with top online MBA programs now!