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Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Are you ready to boss up? Then I am sure you are looking into an Online MBA program. There’s no denying that there are tons of programs out there, but you want to get into the best Online MBA program. To get into the best program, your application needs to be impressive, and you need a great score on the GRE or GMAT. Yes, another test, but as you approach grad school, there is time to prepare for taking the GMAT or the GRE. So let’s focus first on the GMAT. Here we have found the ten best online GMAT prep sources to help you prepare for the exam. These top online GMAT prep are going to offer initial assessments, practice tests, study schedules, GMAT tutors, and tips to help you get on the top of your game.

But how good do you need to be on the GMAT?

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According to GMAC, the makers of the GMAT, the total average score of the GMAT, from 200-800, is 568. But the average GMAT score of newly admitted students to top MBA programs is 609. This means that prospective students need to study hard to get a higher than average GMAT score, plus the competition will be steep.

The good news is that there are many resources to choose from. It’s time to dive into the leading online GMAT prep sources and see which one will be a good fit for you. The secret to getting ahead is getting started, and you are well on your way to success; this is what we call #SuccessOnPurpose. 

Bloomberg GMAT Prep

First, let’s check out Bloomberg GMAT prep. Bloomberg is a big name in business, but maybe you haven’t heard about their top-notch GMAT prep. The first perk with this online GMAT prep option is the free seven-day trial. Some of the main features include up to seven simulation exams and over 5,000 practice questions. There’s also adaptive learning with AI features. Those AI features target your problem areas and allow you to focus on those particular areas. This website also offers one-on-one tutoring. Here you have the opportunity to get live peer tutoring, and you also have the chance to ask personalized questions. It’s not always an option where you are guaranteed a great score, or you can receive your money back. According to the website, 98.2% of the graduates were satisfied or extremely satisfied. 

Economist GMAT Tutor

The Economist Group, another name in international business, offers a leading online GMAT prep program. Here with the Economist, we have another seven-day free trial, and their motto on their site is Online GMAT prep that focuses your practice where it has the most impact on your score. Some of the features on this GMAT site are Adaptive Learning, Customisable Plans, 70+ Score-improvement Guarantee, and a Digital Subscription to the Economist. Have you ever wanted a program that caters to your study habits? Well, here it is. The adaptive learning features analyze your study habits and other algorithms to tailor a program just for you. You pay for what you need with the customizable plans feature. You don’t have to worry about subscribing to an all-inclusive service. And did you catch that they have a guarantee? This website’s program guarantees a 70 point improvement with their Premium and Genius plan or your money back. 

GMAT Ninja

Are you ready to kick the GMAT with a Karate chop? The GMAT Ninja is the truth, and they give it to you straight with no chaser. This website reminds me of the old school teaching we used to get into the ’90s, where the teachers knew your parents and didn’t mind staying over a little to make sure you were successful. On their site, they confidently profess their ability and their success rate. They are personalized tutors, and their job, as mentioned, is to figure out what holds students back from their GMAT goals. They are not about the quick fix but understanding. They focus on habits, processes, and finding underlying issues to offer an open path to success.

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GMAT Official

If you are wanting to get the inside scoop on the GMAT from the source, GMAC is where you need to go. Here, you get the Official GMAT starter kit along with practice exams 1&2. We like free stuff because this gives us the chance to evaluate the content and how this website words and caters to one’s particular needs. 

What You’ll Get:

  • Free access
  • Two full-length, official Practice Exams 
  • A total of 90 practice IR, quantitative reasoning, and verbal questions
  • Same scoring algorithm as the real exam
  • Questions that adapt in difficulty 
  • Time management reports
  • Ability to create practice sets

This website offers an a la carte feature to purchase what you need, such as more practice tests and quantitative practice. This website helps you to get well acquainted with the test and key in on problem areas. It also features two full-length adaptive practice exams and leverages the same scoring algorithm as the real GMATâ„¢ exam. 


If you have done any research into test prep, you have probably heard of Kaplan. They are one of the leading test prep companies in the nation. Kaplan believes they can help raise your test scores by using innovative strategy, having all your prep needs in one place, experienced teachers, and trial test day run. They believe that you will succeed when you begin to think like the test. The highlighted feature here is the one-stop shop for all your prep needs and the practice test simulation where you have the opportunity to take an actual practice test in a testing center. Kaplan also offers a money-back guarantee if your scores aren’t raised. 


We had the opportunity to look at their Prep App, and Magoosh is innovative and believes in catering to your testing needs. Currently, Magoosh proudly serves over 1.5 million students, and they will give you a complete refund if you don’t like the product for any reason. We want this option! Magoosh is accessible, practical, and designed to wow. Magoosh has many features and specified affordable plans. Their top online GMAT prep offers over 1300 test questions, more than 300 video lessons, and full length practice tests. The website also offers a prep schedule where you make sure you are staying motivated and on task. Another great perk is the 24/7 online student support. 

Prep Scholar

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Another great online GMAT prep source is Prep Scholar. Prep Scholar offers a free assessment once you sign up. You will take a free diagnostic evaluation so they can better understand your strengths and weaknesses in areas such as reading comprehension, sentence correction, critical reasoning, and arithmetic geometry, and algebra. They have a perk called the double guarantee. Here you have a five-day risk-free trial where you are allowed to cancel your Prep Scholar account at any time during the five-day trial. Another perk they have is the 60 point guarantee. When you complete the entire Prep Scholar and take the GMAT, they will refund your money if you do not see a 60 point improvement. Per their website, they believe they have the best guarantee the industry has to offer. This online prep source has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, ABC, MSNBC, and Lifetime. 

Princeton Review GMAT Test Prep

We have heard about the Princeton Review and the tremendous instructional tools they offer. They have pulled out all the stops with their GMAT Prep program. The Princeton Review wants you to work smarter and not harder. Their GMAT 700+ will ensure that your score is competitive, and you will be confident when applying to the top Online MBA Programs. While having the same framework as many, this prep site offers adaptive video lessons. When you have a confusing and challenging answer, the video will allow you to see the program being worked on and offer suggestions. This program also has AI features with algorithm tracking to gauge your success and problem areas across the site. John Flumer is a content creator and tutor for the Princeton Review and has worked with the company since 1993.  

Target Test Prep

Another great online GMAT prep sources is Target Test Prep. This website offers a 110 point test score improvement and only costs $1 for full access to their website for five days. To qualify for the money-back guarantee, you need to take the GMAT and score 200 to 560. Once you have taken the test, enroll in the program and complete the TTP GMAT Course. Also, you need to meet or exceed the benchmarks within your study plan. Once you have retaken the test, email your score, and if they don’t improve by 110 points, they will refund your money. Their test prep offers personalized test plans, smart analytics to track strengths and weaknesses, over 4000 test questions, and more than 1200 teaching videos.


This online GMAT prep program offers one year of access, 12 interactive lessons, and a 140 average GMAT score increase. Veritas provides a self-paced program where you can study how you want and where you want with their GMAT self-study program. Veritas also offers expert, engaging video lessons; These videos are short and exciting to where you feel like you have accomplished a lot, and the engagement keeps you entertained. “Veritas Prep On Demand is the right path for a high GMAT score, and high achievers have built it for high achievers” Bill Francis- WHARTON’ 18 – 760 GMAT 

Action Plans

PLAN + ACTION = #SuccessOnPurpose

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This list explicitly highlights 10 of the best online GMAT prep programs out there. These are just 10 of the options available to prospective students. Take the time and see what works for you. Try some introductory offers. What type of learner are you? Are you more visual than analytical? Do you handle content in smaller batches? How much time do you have to prep? When you take this inventory with yourself, note this as you choose your prep program. Remember, this is an investment. Suppose you have taken the GMAT already and want a specific score to get into a particular school. You know where you are and where you want to be. Think about what prep course will help with that goal.

This is a lot of information to take in a while and make a monetary investment. The best investment there is to invest in yourself. Make sure you take your time to read every site and go with your gut. You know what works for you. 

Here are 13 steps to put into place as you prepare for your GMAT Prep and study from GMAT ScholarPrep

  • Set a target GMAT score you are shooting for and take a diagnostic GMAT to get a starting baseline
  • Create a GMAT study plan and stick to a routine
  • Use high-quality GMAT prep resources
  • Learn the GMAT format
  • Analyze your mistakes
  • Practice your pacing
  • Simulate GMAT test conditions
  • Review math concepts
  • Practice completing calculations in your head
  • Learn GMAT grammar rules
  • Read and analyze complex texts
  • Practice outlining
  • Study real GMAT writing prompts

Preparing for a big test like the GMAT can be very stressful, and we don’t want you to get lost in the fray. Remember that self-care is the best care. Plan out some rewards as you meet your test prep goals. While scheduling times to study and take your test, make sure that you schedule in some me-time. A massage or time at the spa is an excellent opportunity to offer self-care. Schedule a nice massage the day before or a day after the test. It was Colin Powell that said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” The ball is in your court, and now this is your first step to boss up and move towards the dream job you want.

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