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A Ranked Guide to the Top Online MBA Programs with the Lowest Tuition

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When deciding to go back to school to pursue a top online MBA, price is usually one of the main factors to be considered. While securing grants and loans is an accepted process for graduate students, finding a degree that gives the best bang for your buck is something that can provide benefits for years and even decades. So, while prospective online MBA students should be researching the most prestigious programs, finding the cheapest online MBA programs is a process each student should put significant time and effort into as well.

Finding the Most Affordable Online MBA Programs

To find the cheapest online MBA programs, students must look at the intersection of quality and affordability. They must not settle for just the cheapest programs, but ones that offer a high quality of education. For most prospective students, upward mobility is paramount. A factor in this pursuit is not being saddled with student loans for decades. This is the best impact that a top affordable MBA can have. For context, most Online MBA Programs have a base tuition between $20,000 and $30,000. However, the average base tuition within this ranking of affordable Online MBA programs is below $14,000. All of these affordable MBA programs hold business accreditation from one of the top three agencies: AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE. This list of cheap Online MBA programs is a great place to start looking for your next educational journey.

Ranking Methodology

Our goal was to find the cheapest MBA programs offered online. We first started with our list of top online MBA programs. This list of programs was then ranked based on each program’s base tuition rate, excluding fees and related expenses. The online MBA tuition information was collected directly from each program website. The Online MBA Coach Score rates each program’s affordability in relation to the other degrees in this list.

Recommended Online MBA Programs

Summary of the 10 Cheapest Online MBA Programs

SchoolWebsiteOMBAC Score
1.Augusta UniversityProgram Website100.00
2.Georgia Southwestern State UniversityProgram Website99.13
3.Louisiana Tech UniversityProgram Website99.10
4.Texas A & M University-TexarkanaProgram Website98.91
5.Fayetteville State UniversityProgram Website 98.75
6.University of Texas of the Permian BasinProgram Website98.55
7.Angelo State UniversityProgram Website98.31
8.West Texas A & M UniversityProgram Website98.00
9.Southern Arkansas UniversityProgram Website97.97
10.Arkansas Tech UniversityProgram Website97.72

1 | Augusta University

Augusta University logo

Augusta University’s Hull College of Business offers an affordable Online MBA that every prospective student should consider. This part-time Online MBA was curated with the full-time professional in mind. This AACSB accredited Online MBA program starts with a two-day, on-campus orientation. Students follow this immersive experience with the Georgia Web MBA consortium experience. The Hull College of Business partners with top business schools around the state to provide one of the top accredited online MBA programs available.

This 30-credit-hour curriculum consists of 10 courses covering foundational business management topics. Topics include finance, marketing, supply chain management, and management information systems. While this program can be analyzed solely based on merit, affordability can not be overlooked. Finding an AACSB-accredited program with a base tuition under $10,000 is not one to be dismissed. It not only can provide the rich business management education needed for leaders today, but it also provides a price point that offers Hull graduates extra years of not paying off student loans that their counterparts from other collegiate schools have to endure. The financial, educational, and professional rewards of the Augusta University Online MBA top our list.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 100.00

2 | Georgia Southwestern State University

Georgia Southwestern State University logo

Through its College of Business and Computing, Georgia Southwestern State University offers one of the most convenient, affordable, and accredited Online MBA degrees. This AACSB-accredited degree is not only focused on the knowledge and skills but also the values, ethics, and service attitude needed to lead effective teams in business today. Advanced core requirements within this program include International Business Practices, Organizational Theory & Behavior, Managerial Economics, and Quantitative Management.

Georgia Southwestern has coupled high-quality business online education with the cheapest base tuition, no matter where students live. This level of accessibility allows students from every corner of the country and world to enter into an advanced business degree that will break down barriers to their future management careers. Applicants can seek admission during every semester. They must submit recommendation letters, official school transcripts, applicable test scores, application, and application fee. This Online MBA program confirms that students do not have to compromise quality for affordability.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 99.13

3 | Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University logo.svg

Louisiana Tech University’s College of Business offers an exciting Online MBA program. This flexible MBA not only offers off-the-charts affordability, but they have a top MBA brand. This brand offers prolonged benefits to its graduates. LaTech sits in our Top Online MBA ranking because they are identified as a top MBA, a top Online MBA, and a top university. Their excellent stats across the board coupled with a base tuition under $10,000 means they have an Online MBA that is tough to beat.

The curriculum is said to be interdepartmental and interdisciplinary, meaning it has breadth and depth. Courses include Accounting Analysis for Decision-Making, Organizational Behavior, Global Perspectives in Management, and Administrative Policy. This Online MBA gives students the vocabulary to sit in the management seat, and it gives the understanding of business implications that everyday decisions have in the workplace. Applicants will be admitted based on their previous education and professional experiences. Currently, the GMAT is being waived for applicants through the fall quarter of 2022.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 99.10

4 | Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Texas AM University Texarkana logo from website

The online MBA program at Texas A&M University-Texarkana is well-recognized in the world of business education. The curriculum for this integrative degree includes partnering with local businesses and organizations so that online and on-campus students are exposed to real-world scenarios and solutions. This model also allows students to improve critical thinking skills through thoughtful discussions. Concentrations are offered in Energy Leadership, Information Technology, or Supply Chain Management. Courses are available in both hybrid and online formats to accommodate students’ scheduling needs.

Participants will appreciate this program’s elite AACSB accreditation and accessible base tuition rate of less than $8,000 for all semesters combined. TAMU-Texarkana OMBA students have the option to complete business certificates online in high-interest subjects such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Leadership & Management, Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Taxation. In order to apply to this competitive online Master of Business Administration program, applicants should be prepared with GMAT scores of above 500, a previous GPA of 2.6 or higher, and three letters of recommendation.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 98.91

5 | Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University logo

Fayetteville State University’s Broadwell College of Business and Economics offers one of the cheapest online Master of Business Administration in the University of North Carolina system. It might be cheap in price but not in quality. The OMBA at FayState is AACSB accredited. It works diligently to help students and working professionals reach their education, personal, and career goals. There are ten areas of concentration to choose from in high-impact fields, including Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, International Business, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and more. Graduate certificates are also available in Cyber Security Management, Business, Healthcare Management, or Project Management.

Ninety-three percent of students at UNCFSU choose to complete their MBA online. Because of this, there are many conveniences available to distance learners like classes streamed in real-time via Zoom, microphones throughout the class that allow students to ask questions and connect during class sessions, and recorded sessions for those who aren’t able to make it live. For consideration of this program, students must have a minimum GMAT score of 400 (waivers are available) and an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 98.75

6 | University of Texas of the Permian Basin

University of Texas of the Permian Basin logo

Students enrolled in the online Master of Business Administration program at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin can complete their degree for less than $8,500. Advanced core requirements for this degree cover relevant topics like accounting analysis, financial management, organizational behavior, and marketing management. Once the business core is completed, students can select areas of emphasis in finance, accounting, or a combination of both. Certification is also available in Energy Business.

In order to qualify for regular admissions, students must have a completed bachelor’s degree, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and GMAT scores of average percentile or higher. GMAT requirements can be waived for students who have a GPA of 3.25 or above in the last 60 credit hours of their undergraduate degree. Applicants who do not meet this criterion can still apply for conditional admission, which includes two letters of recommendation and takes previous work experience into consideration.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 98.55

7 | Angelo State University

Angelo State University logo

The Online MBA offered through the Norris-Vincent College of Business at Angelo State University has a goal of helping students enhance the knowledge and skills needed to progress to administrative, management level, and executive roles with public agencies or nonprofit organizations. Over the course of one year, OMBA students complete 30 credit hours either on-campus or online. Those who choose to study online still have access to on-campus events and resources, including a business study abroad program in Europe.

A few of the course topics included in this affordable Online MBA program are advanced management accounting, management of information systems, organizational behavior & leadership, and strategic management in a global environment. A Healthcare Management certification and specialization are available in addition to the general track. There are both fall and spring start dates for this well-rounded program that costs less than $9,000 to complete. To be considered, prospective students should be prepared with a minimum GMAT score of 430 or equivalent GRE performance and an up-to-date resume. For those with a 3.0 GPA or above, GMAT requirements may be waived.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 98.31

8 | West Texas A&M University

West Texas AM University logo

West Texas A&M University’s online MBA was recently listed among the Princeton Review’s Top 50 Online MBA programs. This program also carries esteemed AACSB accreditation and is recognized by Forbes and U.S. News and World Report. Although they have an exceptional reputation, Engler College of Business still offers their distance Master’s of Business Administration for an investment of less than $9,000. All courses are fully online and completely asynchronous, making this an ideal option for those with many work or family responsibilities.

The program is specifically designed with full-time business professionals in mind and allows for up to six years to complete coursework. Students who desire a quicker turnaround can finish this degree at a fast-paced rate in two years. The curriculum begins with leveling courses which can be bypassed with undergraduate requirements. Program participants then move into courses in accounting, computer applications & technology, marketing, business integration, and more. The program is rounded out by a capstone course and specialization options in Computer Information Systems, Healthcare Management, Management, Marketing, or Procurement Management.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 98.00

9 | Southern Arkansas University

SAU Color RGB 1

The Rankin College of Business is affordable, nationally recognized, and holds elite AACSB accreditation. Online and on-campus students can complete the college’s Master of Business Administration degree on-campus, online, or in a combination of both through an innovative hybrid format. Students typically complete this 30-credit program in two years on a full-time basis.

A wide range of topics are covered during this time, including but not limited to economics, accounting, marketing, organizational theory, quantitative analysis, and financial management. Key issues such as ethics, environmental concerns, the legal aspects of business, strategic management, and global perspectives are also addressed. A Social Entrepreneurship emphasis was recently added as an option for those who are interested in learning more about implementing business strategies to achieve a social aim. Other focus areas include Agri-Business, Business Leadership, Data Analytics, and Supply Management. There are four start dates per year, and GMAT scores can be waived for those with a 3.5 GPA from an AACSB-accredited undergraduate program.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 97.97

10 | Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University logo

Students who enroll in Arkansas Tech University’s Online Master of Business Administration program can expect to elevate their skills on key business topics like information analytics, data analytics, decision-making, management, leadership, communication, and research. Base tuition for this accredited program is less than $10,000, making it accessible to a variety of students. Financial aid, payment plans, and graduate assistantships are also available to help offset the costs of earning a degree at ATU.

The completion of Principles of Accounting I & II, Principles of Economics I & II, Business Finance, and Business Statistics is required before students can dive into the business core. Students with a minimum 3.5 GPA from an AACSB accredited program are eligible for unconditional admissions, while those with a 3.25 GPA can have work experience, professional certificates, or other graduate-level coursework considered. Once the business core is completed, students have the option to choose from tracks in General Business, Data Analytics, or Digital Marketing.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 97.72

Recommended Online MBA Programs

11 | University of North Carolina at Pembroke

University of North Carolina at Pembroke logo from website

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is an accredited school of business offering many options for potential students to earn their Online MBA degree. With concentrations in Supply Chain Management, Finance and Financial Services, Business Analytics, and more, students are offered a range of subjects to focus on that are widely applicable to many career fields.

Requiring 36 credits, a student can complete the University of North Carolina’s OMBA in as little as 12 months. With tuition costs under $15,000, this program offers affordability as well. Students are taught by the same on-campus faculty and will gain near real-world experience by working in a computer-simulated company. Online interaction opportunities encourage the potential to build a diverse network of business connections. There are four official start dates throughout the year, so students can plan ahead and choose to begin at a time that is most convenient to them.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 97.05

12 | University of Central Arkansas

University of Central Arkansas logo from website

The University of Central Arkansas offers an AACSB International accredited Online Master’s of Business Administration at an affordable price point. Students will be prepared for a role in upper management through this well-rounded degree. The 30-credit-hour program exposes students to a diverse set of coursework in all major business disciplines and can be completed in just one year. UCA’s Online MBA is best for people who are interested in advancing in their careers, entering a new profession, and growing their knowledge and skills.

Students have the option to focus their studies on Information Management, International Business, Health Care Administration, and Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics. In addition, program participants will explore several functional areas of business with an emphasis on communication, problem-solving, computer technology, project-based instruction, and case studies. Students can earn their degree 100% online. This program only has three enrollment periods in the spring, summer, or fall, so prospective students should be aware as they plan for applications.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 96.94

13 | Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View AM University logo

Prairie View A&M University has been recognized as one of the cheapest programs accredited by AACSB International for more than five years. This dynamic Online MBA degree program offers concentrations in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, and Management Information Systems. Students who acquire their Online Masters of Business Administration through this program will have the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a successful management career in profit or not-for-profit companies.

Prairie View A&M’s OMBA has three enrollment periods per year- summer, spring, or fall. Students will be fully prepared to take on careers in a leadership role as a manager or entrepreneur with this low-cost program. The 36-credit hour degree is done at a part-time pace and can be completed in two years. Students can complete this program to obtain their MBA completely online. The primary goal of the Prairie View Online Master of Business Administration is to ensure that students feel confident in achieving the goals they set for themselves academically and professionally.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 96.67

14 | University of Nebraska at Kearney

University of Nebraska at Kearney logo from website

The highly regarded College of Business and Technology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney prepares online and on-campus students to become leaders in one of four specific concentrations – Professional, Accounting, Human Resources, or Marketing. Graduating students will receive an International Master of Business Administration degree, setting them up to step into leadership roles in a global economy.

The Online MBA program delivers a unique experience maximized for convenience by blending the benefits of live interactions with peers and faculty with the flexibility of online courses. Students have the option to attend some in-person classes or experience face-to-face interactions fully remote. This format allows students to enhance their knowledge, critical-thinking skills, networking, decision-making, and leadership abilities. Throughout the program, each student will develop these skills, which are essential to managing a successful enterprise. This accredited OMBA requires 33 credit hours. With tuition for online students around 10k, this affordable, adaptable program is designed to accommodate students who have a full-time work schedule.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 96.25

15 | Missouri State University

Missouri State University logo from website

Missouri State University ranked within U.S. News and World Report’s best business schools of 2022 and top 100 of Fortune’s Best Online MBA Degrees in 2021. This prominent university’s high-quality Master of Business Administration degree can be earned at affordable tuition and fully online. It requires 18 credit hours of foundational courses and then an additional 34 semester hours of graduate credit, a total of 52 credit hours.

The program aims to build graduates who analyze the ethical implications of business decisions and their global impact. Online classes are developed and taught by the same on-campus faculty. This highly competitive degree offers enrollment three times a year and includes specializations in Information Technology, Financial Analysis, Marketing Analysis, Quantitative Enterprise Risk Management, and Project Management. For less than a 20k investment in tuition, students can earn an Online Master’s of Business Administration that has helped other graduates secure jobs at companies like Target, IBM, Apple, Goldman Sachs, and more.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 95.73

16 | Texas A&M International University

Texas AM International University logo

The A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business at the Texas A&M International University offers potential students a viable path to position themselves as valuable assets to any company. Students can earn a high-standing Online MBA from a diverse range of concentrations such as International Trade & Logistics, Criminal Justice, International Business, International Banking and Finance, and Health Care Administration.

The 30 credit hours necessary to graduate can be completed in as little as 15 months in a fully online format and at a cheap tuition rate. Ranked 520 on Forbes’s list of top colleges in the United States, this reputable program fully delivers all of the tools needed to become successful in the business world. Courses are taught by a distinguished faculty who is well-versed in actual corporate ventures. Designed with the working professional in mind, the program offers six start dates for online students seeking to accommodate their full-time work schedules.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 95.61

17 | North Carolina Central University

North Carolina Central University logo

North Carolina Central University’s School of Business is designed to give its Online MBA students access to a full curriculum that will prepare them to be global executives. It is meant specifically for applicants with at least five years of work experience as it is a rigorous, specialized program. With specializations in Data Analytics, Marketing, Hospitality Management, Wealth Management, and Real Estate, NC Central University offers students a diverse catalog to choose from.

Students must complete 36 credit hours, which they are able to finish in 18 to 24 months. Business management is built into each track, affording students the tangible, real-world experience they’ll need to succeed in their chosen career path. The NCCU OMBA provides the convenience of online learning without requiring students to sacrifice the quality of education one would expect from an accredited master’s program. Additionally, its affordability makes this degree an excellent choice for goal-driven individuals who are seeking higher opportunities.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 95.50

18 | Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University logo

Accredited by AACSB International, the College of Business and Technology at Western Illinois University offers students the opportunity to earn a high-caliber Online MBA degree. Depending on previously enrolled courses, students will need to complete 33 to 54 credit hours to obtain their degree. This affordable program makes a quality MBA accessible. With their online format, no face-to-face interaction is required to receive the knowledge, skills, and education you need. Online classes and live streams are done in the evening to accommodate the students with full-time work obligations.

An Online Master’s of Business Administration from Western Illinois University has several options for students to pick their specializations such as Health Services Administration, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Economics. Earning a degree can take one or up to two years. Because individuals are able to tailor their semester based on their commitments and abilities, this can vary. However, most take two years to complete their degree.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 95.37

19 | Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University logo

Pittsburg State University offers students the opportunity to earn a high-quality, online Master’s of Business Administration that is delivered through the Kelce College of Business. Graduating students will be prepared to enter the workforce as future leaders and executives. The degree has four concentrations for General Administration, International Business, Accounting, and Human Resources, which can be earned completely online.

On average, students are typically able to complete 30 credit hours necessary for their Online Master of Business Administration degree in about 12 to 18 months. With ten potential start dates, the program is flexible for the ambitious, working professional. Pitt State has been ranked among the cheapest in the United States by leading educational ranking systems, making it a viable option for budget-minded individuals. Ninety percent of previous PSU Online MBA students are either employed in their chosen career or are on their path to a higher academic level.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 95.33

20 | Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University logo from website

Backed by AACSB International accreditation since 1996, SHSU’s College of Business has a history of developing accomplished experts for the business world. The Sam Houston State University, a proud member of the Texas State University System, is ranked as one of the top 500 Top Colleges by Forbes and their Online MBA is offered at a very affordable price point. Graduates of this MBA degree program will be prepared for modern organizations, which are dynamic and swiftly changing with new technology.

A student must complete 36 credit hours, during which they will have developed the ability to integrate several disciplines in order to evaluate and make solid business choices. While SHSU offers a General concentration that will fully qualify any student, it heavily emphasizes its Banking and Financial Institution concentrations. Students could ideally earn their online MBA in four semesters. It is more likely for the challenging and demanding coursework to take up to two years to complete. Sam Houston’s OMBA is a fully online degree, but the College also offers events for students to participate in that will aid in their development of soft professional skills that are valuable in organizational settings.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 95.03

Recommended Online MBA Programs

22 | Henderson State University

Henderson State University logo

The School of Business at Henderson State University gives students the opportunity to earn an accelerated and affordable Master’s of Business Administration degree completely online. In as little as 14 months, students complete the 33 credit hours needed to obtain their degree. Henderson State University has specializations in Accounting, Aviation Management, Data Science, Engineering Management, and Management.

For less than 15k, students can bypass the GMAT, essay, and other prerequisites while still earning a respected degree taught by highly credentialed faculty. Students will be given work-relevant online education and real-world experiences that will prepare them to apply their skills and knowledge to their careers. Ideal for those who want to go further in their career or transition to a new one, this program aims to develop the leadership skills necessary for working in the business world. Ranked in the ‘Top Public Schools, Regional Universities South by U.S. News & World Report, students are able to customize this dynamic degree to their interests with electives.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 95.01

22 | Emporia State University

Emporia State University logo

The School of Business at Emporia State University will provide students with a fully online MBA in as little as 12 months. This accelerated program is delivered by the same high-quality, on-campus faculty who have had hands-on experience in the business world. After completing 33 credit hours, students will have the skills to explore more successful career and salary opportunities.

This challenging, prestigious program offers concentrations in General, Accounting, Information Systems, and Marketing, as well as six potential start dates. Using case study-driven coursework, students will be able to transition into the workforce more readily. ESU’s Online MBA is created to prepare students to become strategic leaders in their chosen career fields. This top-notch program is financially accessible to a wide range of budgets and holds esteemed AACSB International accreditation. There are six start dates per year with a streamlined application process. At this time, GMAT/GRE scores are not required making it easy to apply and get started within just a few short months.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.54

23 | Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University logo

The elite Jacksonville State University offers an accredited Online Master of Business Administration to individuals seeking to further their skills and knowledge to advance their careers. The online program has concentrations in General, Accounting, and Administrative Management. During the program, students learn business fundamentals, aspects of the international business environment, and the changing nature of business technologies.

Students not holding an undergraduate business degree may have to complete nine credit hours in addition to the 30 credit hours for the MBA. With reasonable tuition under 15k, Jacksonville State University was recently ranked as one of the top business schools in the United States by the Princeton Review. Students typically complete the program in 12 months or up to 18 months, depending on whether they are working towards their degree on a full or part-time basis. Previously rated as 2nd in the country for opportunities for women, the JSU provides quality education and experience for students to succeed in the world of business.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.52

24 | Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southeastern Oklahoma State University logo from website

Students can earn an affordable and comprehensive Online MBA at the John Massey School of Business at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. This degree is a 36-credit hour program designed in a way for students to complete the accelerated format in as little as 12 months. Tuition for this highly regarded degree is less than $15,000.

The Massey OMBA offers a diverse set of available concentrations in Data Analytics, Health Care Information Systems, Human Resources, Native American Leaders, Women in Leadership. The program also allows students to enroll without completing the GMAT. Additionally, students without a Bachelor’s in business have the option to complete the required prerequisites with four 1-week online leveling courses. This Online Master’s of Business Administration is designed for individuals who are planning a career change in their future by giving them the education and skills they need to make the switch. Students will learn about the fundamentals of financial management, accounting, economics, behavioral management, research, and data analysis in all of their core classes, exposing them to all aspects of general business management skills.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.38

25 | Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University logo from website

Florida Gulf Coast University’s Lutgert College of Business offers a diverse Master of Business Administration degree that students can complete entirely online. The Princeton Review recently ranked FGCU as one of the top universities in the Southeastern region. Their innovative OMBA program is developed to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve executive, supervisory, and management roles in business. Forbes ranks the Lutgert College of Business in their top 500 colleges of 2021 as well.

During the program, students will learn concepts across all business disciplines and how to apply tech, behavioral, and analytical tools to real-world business problems. The program offers various concentrations in Health Care Management, Data Analytics, Accounting and Taxation, Information Systems, and International Business. This accredited, cost-effective online solution to higher education requires 33 credit hours. Because students are able to access classes anytime and anywhere, online program participants can earn their MBA in as few as 12 months. This fast-paced format means that students can fully transform their lives in a single year.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.18

26 | Longwood University

Longwood University’s College of Business and Economics offers a Master’s of Business Administration that won’t break the bank. This affordable MBA program costs less than $12,500 and can be completed in as few as ten months. The curriculum consists of 31 credit hours and features a General Business track designed to cover a broad scope of business principles, including accounting, data management, economics, entrepreneurship, information technology management, and marketing. Upon completing 25 hours of foundational courses, students are able to choose six hours of electives. A few elective choices include Real Estate Economics and Development, Data Visualization, and Internet Marketing.

Students will also improve upon leadership skills, such as conflict management, decision-making, team building, and strategic thinking. A business simulator allows students to gain hands-on experience. During the program’s unique capstone course, participants create a personalized business perspective tying together their newly acquired business acumen. Alumni have assumed business leadership positions as Chief Executive Officers, Directors of Operations, Financial Analysts, Marketing Directors, Human Resource Directors, and Project Managers.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.16

27 | Nicholls State University

The College of Business Administration at Nicholls State University offers a cost-effective Online MBA. This AACSB-accredited program is just over $12,000 from start to finish. Full-time students can complete their degree at an accelerated pace of 12 months, and part-time students can complete their degree in a minimum of 18 months.

Classes are offered in flexible eight-week sessions with two sessions per semester. The majority of coursework is asynchronous. Online MBA students are eligible for graduate assistantships to further assist with the cost of tuition if they can commute to campus to complete their work requirements. Students also have the flexibility to take some of their courses on campus if they wish. Classes on campus and online are taught by the same outstanding professors. The 30-credit hour curriculum is comprised of three tiers: The Language and Tools of Business Analysis, Achieving Competitive Success, and Understanding Organizational Processes, Markets, and Employees.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.13

28 | University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Students seeking a budget-friendly, reputable online MBA should consider attending the College of Business at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The 36-credit hour Flex MBA program will cost students less than $13,000. In 2021, U.S. News and World Report ranked the Business Programs amongst the best in the nation. Students have the option to switch between in-person or live online courses as their schedule permits.

Concentration options are available in Business Analytics, Financial Accounting Analysis, Human Resources, or Organizational Communication. Students can further customize their degree and boost their resume with a graduate certificate, such as Business Information Systems or Management. Degree completion ranges from two years to six years, depending on whether students choose to enroll part-time or full-time. Prospective business students are invited to attend a virtual MBA information session to learn how this dynamic degree can help them achieve their higher education and career goals.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.07

29 | Louisiana State University Shreveport

The Louisiana State University Shreveport’s College of Business offers financially savvy students an online MBA that meets their financial and educational goals. This 30-credit hour program is offered at a low rate of around $400 per credit hour and can be completed in just ten months. A heavy emphasis is placed on an entrepreneurial mindset and building leadership competencies such as adaptability.

The curriculum consists of seven advanced core requirements in fundamental business areas such as accounting, organizational leadership, and marketing, followed by three electives for students to explore their specific business interests. A few of the elective options include Casino and Resort Management, Fraud Detection through Data Analytics, International Business, Taxation for Individuals and Businesses, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity. An optional international experience is also available for students interested in learning business perspectives spanning the globe. Multiple start dates are offered for this convenient online MBA so that students can begin right away.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 94.01

30 | University of Houston-Victoria

The University of Houston-Victoria’s School of Business Administration prides itself on making education affordable for all students. The online Global MBA is offered in entirety at an excellent price point that is equal to the cost of just one semester at many other programs. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board ranks UHV the 7th most affordable public university in the state. Students don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price because this MBA is fully accredited by AACSB International.

Students in the Global MBA can tailor their degree with a concentration in General Business, Finance, Human Resources Management, Management, or Marketing. International Business is emphasized across all programs, offering the knowledge students need to practice business anywhere in the world. The Global MBA consists of 30 credit hours and can be completed in as few as 12 months. Classes feature experiential learning opportunities through international business simulations, case studies, and projects. Five start dates and an expedited admissions process allow students to start shortly after being accepted.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.99

Recommended Online MBA Programs

31 | Delta State University

The Integrated Master of Business Administration is offered 100% online through Delta State University’s College of Business and Aviation. This one-year iMBA is amongst the most competitively priced programs, with current tuition at approximately $13,000. Students who have achieved at least six credit hours are also eligible for the Jerry Williams MBA Outstanding MBA Scholarship to help finance their degree.

The iMBA program holds accreditation through the ACBSP. The 30-credit hour curriculum is structured around three modules: Financial Strategy, Emphasis, and Operational Strategy. During the Financial Strategy module, students will learn how to make profitable investments utilizing various financial tools. The Operational Strategy portion focuses on strategic marketing and Human Resource Management. Students can select an emphasis in General Business, Human Resource, Healthcare Administration, Information Systems Management, or Entertainment Industry Studies. At the end of each semester, students will complete a project demonstrating knowledge of coursework covered throughout the semester.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.95

32 | Lamar University

Lamar University’s College of Business offers the perfect combination of high-quality curriculum and faculty and low tuition and student-to-faculty ratios. The total Online MBA program cost falls below $13,000. Additional financial aid opportunities, such as grants, are also available to make this degree even cheaper. This program is fully accredited by AACSB International, and The Princeton Review ranks the COB amongst the best business schools in the country.

This comprehensive degree consists of 30 credit hours and can be completed in as few as 12 months. Students will deepen their accounting and finance knowledge, learn management principles, and develop marketing skills. Beyond the core, students have a wide array of electives to choose from. Elective choices include Business Intelligence, Concepts and Applications for New Ventures, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management, Personal Leadership, and Supply Chain Management. The streamlined application process and multiple start dates make it easy to start your online MBA journey.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.85

33 | Auburn University at Montgomery

Auburn University at Montgomery’s College of Business features one of the top affordable Online MBA Programs. It holds prestigious AACSB accreditation. Students receive an excellent value, with tuition reasonably priced below $13,000. In 2021, the CoB’s business programs were recognized amongst the best nationwide by U.S. News and World Report, and the Online MBA was named one of the Best Online MBA Programs by Fortune.

The 30-credit hour curriculum consists of eight MBA core courses and two electives. The MBA core is based on employer demand and includes career preparation and hands-on application in accounting, communication, data analysis, financial valuation, and management. Ambitious students who are able to make a significant time commitment can complete this degree in as little as one calendar year. Students with a more limited schedule can take two or more years to complete, depending on the number of classes they enroll in each semester. Classes can be completed fully online, so students can continue their full-time careers.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.84

34 | Clayton State University

Earning your Online MBA from Clayton State University’s College of Business is not only convenient but also affordable. The modest tuition is just more than $12,000. Tuition reductions are offered on a competitive basis for students who complete a virtual graduate assistantship. Students who pursue the General Business track can complete this online MBA in as few as 12 months.

Specialized concentrations required a slightly longer time frame. Specialty concentrations are offered in the following highly in-demand fields: Accounting, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Leadership, International Business, and Supply Chain Management. Students can enhance their studies with engaged learning opportunities such as internships and study abroad trips. Faculty also helps students make industry connections and collaborate on scholarly research. Classes are offered in efficient eight-week terms with five start dates. Students can launch their online MBA degree during any term. If you’re ready to invest in your future, register to attend a virtual open house.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.76

35 | Southeast Missouri State University

The Harrison College of Business and Computing at Southeast Missouri State University makes earning your online Master’s of Business Administration attainable with flexible schedules and economical tuition rates. Students may also be eligible to earn course credits for prior work experience through the Prior Learning Assessment. The Harrison CoB is a highly accredited institution. It holds prestigious AACSB accreditation and is additionally accredited by the Network of International Business Schools.

Online MBA concentration options include General Management, Health Administration, and Sports Management. Global business and technology are integrated into the curriculum to prepare students for 21st-century business careers. Experiential learning opportunities include participating in a global think tank, designing a marketing campaign, and even starting a business with fellow graduate classmates. Students can apply what they’ve learned in their online courses and gain professional business experience through an assistantship or internship. It is reported that within six months of graduation, 98% of graduates are employed.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.71

36 | University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers an all-inclusive tuition package for below $13,000 for their Online MBA through the BI Moody, III School of Business Administration. The Online MBA in Healthcare Administration is priced slightly higher with a cost of around $15,000. All educational resources, with the exception of exam proctoring fees, are included.

Eight online MBA concentrations are offered: Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Management, Hospitality Management, HR Management, Project Management, and Sales Leadership. Multiple online supports are in place to help students succeed, including online tutoring, library resources, tech assistance, and academic advising. There’s also an Academic Success Hub where students can connect with their classmates and professors in virtual environments. Courses are offered in an accelerated eight-week format, and students can complete all requirements for their online MBA degree in as few as 15 months. New students attend an Online Student Orientation and have the flexibility to begin in August, October, January, March, or June.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.66

37 | Texas Woman’s University

Texas Women’s University’s College of Business offers a transformational online Master’s of Business Administration with excellent ROI potential. Students can graduate from this 36-credit hour program in as few as 15 months. Students with a non-business background may need to take an additional nine credit hours. Core courses are designed to apply to a wide range of managerial careers and include accounting, finance, management, marketing, law, and strategy. Emphases allow students to individualize their degree plans and include traditional and innovative options in Accounting, Business Analytics, General Business, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Sport Management, and Women in Leadership.

Marketable skills, such as critical thinking, diversity, ethical reasoning, and teamwork, are an integral part of the program. Students can apply these skills through case studies, group projects, and business challenges and earn elective credit hours for participating in study abroad programs and internships. MBA applications are accepted through a rolling admissions process.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.63

38 | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Lee Business School at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, equips students with the tools to transform into tomorrow’s business leaders through a hybrid Master’s of Business Administration at a price that is easy on the wallet. The low-cost tuition for this exceptional program is close to $13,000. Lee Business School states the tuition-income ROI is an astounding 450%!

Students can select a concentration in Finance, Healthcare Management, Marketing, New Venture Management, Management Information Systems, and Human Resources Management. Hybrid MBA students have a multitude of opportunities to see business in action, from the MBA Speaker Series to company tours offered twice a semester. Guest presenters have represented Fortune 500 companies, such as Boeing, Intel, Microsoft, and Pfizer. Students can expand their network through the MBA Student Association, which hosts annual mixers and career-building workshops. International trips are also offered in the summertime. Previous destinations have included Argentina, China, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.62

39 | University of Southern Indiana

The Online MBA at the Romain College of Business at the University of Southern Indiana is best described as convenient, challenging, and cost-efficient. Tuition is just below $13,000 to give graduate students an opportunity to advance their education at a price that fits their budget.

In this 30-credit hour program, students will complete seven core courses, one data-driven course, and two electives. Elective options include seminars in Auditing, Information Visualization and Dashboarding, Legal and Social Environment of Business, Lean Six Sigma, and many more. Students are able to design a degree around their interests with concentrations in Accounting, Data Analytics, Engineering Management, Healthcare Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, and Project Management.

With this flexible program that can be completed 100% online, students can maintain a work/life balance and graduate in as few as 11 months. Professors are accessible, and the program kicks off with a virtual orientation, so students learn the tips they need to succeed.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.56

40 | University of Nebraska-Omaha

The University of Nebraska-Omaha’s College of Business Administration offers a convenient Online MBA designed for busy business professionals at an affordable rate. The entire program has a base tuition just shy of $13,000. Students can also finance their education through graduate assistantships, scholarships, and tuition waivers. The online MBA holds dual business and accounting accreditation through AACSB International. Additionally, this elite program is ranked among the best Part-Time MBA Programs by U.S. News and Report.

The curriculum focuses on the triple bottom line framework of people, planet, and profit. Students can customize their degree to be as unique as their career goals with ten concentrations. Concentrations include Business Analytics, Business Technology, Collaboration Science, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Investment Science, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, and Sustainability. Students can further distinguish themselves with a professional certificate in Business for Bioscientist, Business in Health Administration, Human Resources and Training, or Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.48

41 | Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

The Texas A&M University System is one of the most respected university systems, and the Corpus Christi branch offers affordable tuition for its fully online Master’s of Business Administration degree. This degree can be completed for slightly over $13,000. This 30-credit hour program holds prestigious dual accreditation in business and accounting through AACSB International, an achievement held by less than 200 business schools worldwide.

In just 12-20 months, students can add this distinguished degree to their resume. The well-rounded curriculum consists of eight core courses and two electives. Elective options are designed around today’s most in-demand skills, including Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Social Media Marketing. Students can also customize their MBA with a concentration in Accounting, Data Analytics, Finance, Healthcare Administration, or International Business. Classes are offered in manageable seven-week sessions, which help students stay focused and motivated. With six start dates per year, there’s always a start date in the near future.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.38

42 | Texas A&M University-Commerce

The College of Business at Texas A&M University-Commerce delivers an innovative online Master’s of Business Administration at a practical price. The tuition for this program is just over $13,000. This 30-credit hour degree can be achieved in two years or less.

Through core courses, students will acquire professional skills in economics, finance, management, and marketing. Students can make this degree their own by adding a minor or specialized certificate. Minors are offered in 13 areas, with options such as Agribusiness, Cyber Security, Financial Planning, and Real Estate. To increase your marketability, consider adding a certificate in Auditing and Forensic Accounting, Business Analytics, Economics of U.S. Healthcare, Operational Excellence, or Tax Accounting.

Students are encouraged to participate in virtual and in-person events to establish industry connections. Guest speakers, company tours, and networking opportunities are just a few of the ways students can strengthen their ties with the business community. The CoB has a dedicated Career Services Center to assist students with securing internships and full-time employment opportunities as they near graduation.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.34

43 (Tied) | Ball State University

The Miller College of Business at Ball State University offers an affordable pathway to an Online MBA. Aspiring business leaders can complete this degree for roughly $13,000. Graduate assistantships and scholarships are available to make this degree attainable for even more students. Tuition is waived for students selected for a graduate assistantship, and students will also receive a small stipend.

This 30-34 credit-hour MBA degree is highly customizable. Students can enroll in classes part-time or full-time and can choose all online courses or a blend of virtual and in-person courses. Eight concentrations are offered: Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Construction Management, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Health Economics Policy and Administration, Information Technology Leadership, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. Students who would like a broader course of study can pursue the General MBA. Professional certificates can also be earned in conjunction with an MBA and will appear on students’ official transcripts.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.30

43 (Tied) | University of Montevallo

The highly acclaimed Michael E. Stephens College of Business at the University of Montevallo features an online Master of Business Administration ideal for students with lots of passion but limited time. For an investment of about $13,000, students can earn this leadership-driven MBA. UM is recognized among the Best Colleges in the Regional University South category by U.S. News and World Report and Stephens CoB holds prestigious accreditation through AACSB International.

Students have the flexibility to log in or drop in for every class meeting. Classes are taught by caring professors with extensive industry experience, and classes are capped at 21 students. This degree can be completed in approximately one year by full-time students or two years by part-time students. The program culminates with a required Strategic Management Capstone course. 98% of students who enter this program graduate. This can be attributed to the program’s flexibility, high-caliber professors, and career support.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.30

45 | University of Montana

The University of Montana’s College of Business offers the only MBA program in the state of Montana. This degree is offered in a flexible online format at a cheap base tuition rate of a little over $13,000. While earning an MBA, students can enhance their degree with a professional certificate in Cybersecurity, Entertainment Management, or Entrepreneurship. With the help of an advisor, students can create a personalized degree completion timeline.

Students who can fully dedicate themselves to the program can complete this degree in approximately one year, while students who work full-time usually take two to three years to graduate. Career services offered through the Student Success Center and the networking opportunities with a diverse set of peers make it possible for students to advance in their current careers, change careers, or open their own businesses. Classes also incorporate live interactions with real clients through consulting projects, which prepares students to succeed beyond graduation.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.15

46 | Radford University

Radford University’s Davis College of Business and Economics offers a top-ranked online Master’s of Business Administration at an unbeatable price. For approximately $13,000, students can reap the benefits of an AACSB-accredited Online MBA program with numerous accolades. The Princeton Review ranked this exceptional program among the Best Online MBA Programs. Davis CoBE has consistently been recognized amongst Princeton’s Best Business Schools since 2012. Additionally, this MBA made Fortune’s list of Best Part-Time MBA Programs.

Students can pursue a concentration in Business Analytics or the General MBA. Electives in analytics and innovation prepare students to tackle leadership challenges through experiential learning. All courses are seven weeks long and offered in a flexible asynchronous format. This degree can be completed in as few as 12 months by enrolling in two courses per seven-week term. Students with other commitments can choose to focus on just one at a time.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 93.07

47 | Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration realizes time is valuable. Students work hard for their money, so they’ve created an online Master’s of Business Administration that will fit your lifestyle and budget. For just $13,500, students can earn an AACSB-accredited MBA in as little as 14 months.

This 30-credit hour program offers courses in condensed seven-week sessions. Classes move at a fast pace. However, students retain the information because they are able to directly apply it to their current job. Students will take eight core courses, followed by two specialization courses. Specializations are offered in Digital Marketing, Health Care Management, and Leadership. Additionally, MBA students have the option to add a graduate certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning or Instructional Communication. The WCBA Center for Career Management helps students fine-tune their professional skills through internships, create a personal brand, and locate post-graduation employment opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.91

48 | East Carolina University

East Carolina University’s College of Business was the first university in the state of North Carolina to offer an online Master of Business Administration. The longevity of this program, coupled with its affordability, makes it an excellent option for a student interested in pursuing a flexible MBA. For less than $14,000, students can earn this AACSB-accredited degree. The CoB awards more than $300,000 in annual scholarships for graduate business students. MBA students are also eligible for graduate assistantships.

The MBA program ranges from 33-54 credit hours, depending on whether a student must take the foundational business courses. Students can customize their degrees by earning a graduate certificate. With 13 options available, students are sure to find one that piques their interest. A few of the available certificates include Hospitality Management, International Management, Leadership in Organizations, Security Studies, and Sustainable Tourism. Online MBA students receive support from the Career Center and are invited to attend the annual Business Student Leadership Conference.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.73

49 | Idaho State University

Students can pursue an affordable online Master of Business Administration at Idaho State University’s College of Business. This degree is an excellent investment, at just under $14,000. It has been recognized by the AACSB as a high-quality business education. Students holding a business undergraduate degree will need to complete 30 credit hours and can accomplish this in two years.

MBA applicants from other degree fields will need to complete 48 credit hours, which will require three years. Courses are offered in an asynchronous modality for ultimate flexibility and in a synchronous online format from 6-8:45 in the evenings for students who prefer live interaction with peers and their professors. Experiential learning opportunities, including a national business competition, and the opportunity to work with real clients, are what make this program stand out and help students build the experience highly sought by future employers. This program offers a fall, spring, and summer start date.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.65

50 | Midwestern State University

The Dillard College of Business Administration at Midwestern State University is committed to providing a high-quality education that is also affordable. The online Master’s of Business Administration program can be obtained with a base tuition just under $14,000 in one to two years. Graduate assistantships, tuition waivers, and scholarships are also offered on a competitive basis.

This 33-credit hour program allows students to tailor it to their career goals with three distinct specializations in Accounting, Business Analytics, or Energy Management. All courses are taught by graduate faculty who hold a doctoral degree in their field. They have decades of industry experience working for companies such as Exxon/Mobil, General Motors, IBM, and the U.S. Department of Commerce Small Business Development Centers. Classes are kept small, allowing cohorts to benefit from the intimate connections they’ll form, and professors know their students by name. In the summer, students have the opportunity to earn six credit hours by studying abroad in London.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.55

51 | Jackson State University

An affordable Online MBA program is available at Jackson State University’s College of Business. This distance degree is designed to develop MBA students in all functional areas of economics and business from an applications standpoint by training them in business research methodology and equipping them with skills they will need for business leadership positions. Additionally, this affordable MBA Online is designed to enable working professionals to obtain a quality education while maintaining their commitments to work and family.

The curriculum features a total of 30-33 graduate credit hours to satisfy all program requirements. Program designers have created the distance degree to be like the traditional, on-campus MBA program. All delivered courses are compatible with the traditional program and are taught by the current JSU College of Business faculty. MBA students are exposed to business statistics, accounting, economics, finance, and management courses. It is clear to see why this affordable MBA is one of the best in the nation.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.52

52 | Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University features one of the most affordable Online MBA Programs at the Harley Langdale, Jr. College of Business Administration. The business school’s Master of Business Administration specializing in Healthcare Administration is a 36-hour, non-thesis business program. Full-time instructors teach all coursework within Langdale College’s online MBA from the Langdale College of Business Administration.

Sensitive to the specific needs of distance learners, the program addresses the professional and academic expectations of those currently employed in healthcare management and students who seek new careers in the healthcare field. The AACSB accredits this degree at Valdosta State and represents the top five percent of all business schools. The online MBA-HCAD provides training in strategic management, management, health information technology, health law/ethics, healthcare finance, healthcare economics, quantitative methods, and health operations management. It centers on business and attaining the needed leadership skills to manage people, services, and resources, within a healthcare organization.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.52

53 | Marshall University

The Lewis College of Business at Marshall University features one of the most affordable Online MBA Programs. The distance degree program from Marshall University will help prepare business leaders for career advancement and achievement. With particular emphasis placed on applying theory to real-world applications, business school graduates can meet the global marketplace’s current needs and evolving demands. The program will help polish MBA students’ management, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Instructors leading the MBA program are professors with educational experience and backgrounds in the functional fields of organizational behavior, business administration, law, accounting, finance, management, MIS, marketing, economics, and communications. The rigorous nature of this MBA online program requires a thorough understanding of business fundamentals. Applicants lacking an undergraduate degree in business may need some additional foundational business courses. Excellent staff and robust coursework make this distance degree one you will consider. This online MBA would be an asset to anyone’s academic credentials.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.49

54 | William Paterson University

An affordable online MBA program is available at William Paterson University’s Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business. Business leaders can pursue a pathway to distinctive leadership with a fully online business degree program from William Paterson. Distance learners will develop the essential knowledge and skills set to advance in an increasingly competitive and diverse global business environment through the engaging online coursework from the AACSB-accredited business school. MBA students can shape their studies to meet goals and career aspirations with multiple options.

Program architects have built a curriculum that developed advanced managerial skills applicable to many business disciplines while shaping this degree to meet the working professional’s goals. Enrolled students prepare for wide-ranging business leadership positions and career paths with a rigorous core curriculum. Students can expect to deepen their understanding and use of financial operations, negotiation strategies, global economics, business analytics, persuasion skills, production and operations management, innovation, and corporate sustainability. William Paterson knocks it out of the park with this affordable business degree.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 92.11

55 | North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State University’s Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics offers one of the most affordable MBA programs. Each year the business school seeks to build a class of MBA students who can collaborate as a community of distance learners toward excellence in scholarship, creative expression, research, and community engagement. While program designers understand that business students come with different experiences and backgrounds, they all share the common characteristics of analytical aptitude and intellectual curiosity.

This online MBA is perfect for discovery-driven individuals who have a passion for lifelong learning and collaboration. The course design and desire for student-faculty interaction depend on the active participation of innovative graduate students who can assess, understand, and act upon complex data focused on real-life issues. This online MBA has a strong job placement record, with 90% of the 2016 and 2017 classes finding good positions before commencement. The degree at Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics is worth its weight in gold.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.98

56 | Governors State University

An affordable online MBA program is available at the College of Business at the Governors State University. It is no secret that MBA holders possess the specialized skills to impact organizational business operations in many situations immediately. Enrolled students gain the management skills to supervise organizations’ production and operations management and advance profitability effectively. Graduates of this program can expect to open the door to thriving career opportunities as General Managers, Operations Managers, Business Development Managers, Human Resources Directors, and Senior Financial Analysts.

GSU MBAs work throughout industries, such as government, financial services, nonprofits, and manufacturing. They’re employed by top organizations, like MB Financial Bank, JB Hunt, Coca-Cola, and GC America. Online MBA students can graduate in as little as 18 months. Governors State’s 36-credit hour MBA is 100% online or hybrid format. Incoming business students can enroll full-time to jumpstart their careers or part-time for added flexibility. This online MBA at Governors State University is affordable and rigorous.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.71

57 | New Mexico State University

An affordable online MBA degree is offered at New Mexico State University’s College of Business. NMSU’s Cohort-based online MBA program is designed for working professionals desiring to continue their education without compromising current careers. The program allows graduate students to obtain an MBA through a hybrid format. Hybrid courses combine online instruction and face-to-face coursework through Adobe Connect.

A student cohort works together throughout the entire two-year curriculum. Cohorts start each fall semester annually. All distance learners are expected to take two courses per semester, including summers. The program begins with an orientation on the Las Cruces campus or through Zoom. Students complete the program by attending a two-day meeting in Las Cruces or through Zoom. Specific business background knowledge courses must be satisfied before starting the program. Previous academic work can be substituted for some prerequisites, but it is best to contact the business school’s MBA Advisor for advising information.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.50

58 (Tied) | University of Louisiana at Monroe

The College of Business and Social Sciences at the University of Louisiana at Monroe provides one of the best online MBA programs. In addition to ULM’s face-to-face, the on-campus MBA program offers an accredited online distance MBA Program designed for actively working graduate students lacking access to the ULM campus.

Admission requirements are identical to the face-to-face MBA program. Incoming students may enter the program at the start of the fall, spring, or summer semesters. To be eligible for the online MBA program or any online MBA course, distance learners must have Microsoft Office, high-speed Internet access, and a computer with audio and video capability, including headsets with built-in microphones and Webcams. All business school candidates must meet one of the following minimum requirements to be admitted: a graduate or professional degree from an accredited university, a cumulative 3.0 undergraduate GPA (based on a 4.0 scale) from an accredited university, or a 3.0 GPA in the last sixty-plus hours of bachelor’s or master’s coursework from an accredited university. This affordable degree offers today’s MBA students an excellent value.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.30

58 (Tied) | Indiana State University

Indiana State University provides one of the most affordable Online MBA Programs through the Scott College of Business. The Scott online MBA is a highly respected, powerful, affordable, and flexible advanced business degree with an elite accreditation. It provides a unique opportunity for graduate students seeking an accelerated career track. Program architects have designed it to promote a healthy work-life balance. Its eleven courses delivered in an eight-week asynchronous format give distance learners the flexibility to graduate within one and two years.

Dedicated instructors with rich experience in the industry supply currency and relevance to practitioner-focused coursework. This coursework imparts the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to negotiate the issues of an ever-evolving global business environment. Graduate students can begin the online Scott MBA program in the fall, spring, or summer. The AACSB International accredits the Scott College of Business. Princeton Review has recognized the Scott MBA as a “Nation’s Best” program for fifteen years in a row. This program turns graduate students into strategic leaders.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.30

58 (Tied) | Missouri Western State University

The Steven L. Craig School of Business at Missouri Western State University provides one of the best affordable Online MBA Programs. The AACSB-International accredits Missouri Western’s Master of Business Administration program. This professional degree program offers students of all professional and educational backgrounds a broad business education to begin or advance their professional careers. Program designers have constructed the curriculum to focus on applied academic education by developing a student’s decision-making and analytical abilities.

Missouri Western has both online and on-campus MBA program options. Both MBA programs feature courses covering business disciplines like management, accounting, finance, and marketing. The program accommodates working business professionals wanting to advance their careers and recent graduates desiring to advance into graduate studies. This stellar MBA online program features a total of ten courses amounting to 30 credit hours. In step with Missouri Western’s operating as an open-enrollment business school, this MBA program has multiple admissions paths that include a no-GMAT score option. This online MBA program is an excellent investment.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.30

61 | University of West Florida

The College of Business at the University of West Florida currently features an affordable online MBA program from a leading accredited institution. Business school students can gain comprehensive skills and applied, experiential learning with this MBA program that prepares them to lead in various business settings. Incoming students can choose the general program or one specializing in entrepreneurship, supply chain logistics management, or accounting. This MBA online program is AACSB accredited, the standard of achievement and excellence for business schools worldwide.

UWF’s online MBA features a comprehensive curriculum, giving students the expert business tools, skills, and experiences that allow them to advance their professional careers quickly and affordably. More than half of the courses include applied, experiential learning, enabling distance learners to build an integrated Portfolio demonstrating strategic skills and expertise. All students can select their industry, ensuring the skills gained apply to their current job responsibilities while preparing them for new opportunities after graduation.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.23

62 | University of Illinois at Springfield

The College of Business and Management at the University of Illinois at Springfield provides an affordable online MBA program. Business students can earn the degree they need to succeed, delivered in a structure that fits their budget and lifestyle. UIS’s AACSB-accredited MBA online program is affordable, career-relevant, and convenient.

Business school leaders understand how to deliver practical applications and strategic knowledge to help active working professionals advance in their careers. They have excelled in world-class online teaching for over two decades, and the business school’s online professors are the same instructors who teach on campus. They operate as experienced practitioners and supportive academics with a real-world understanding of business issues and a commitment to collaboration and diversity. Distance learners can earn an online MBA from UIS for less than they would expect with the College of Business and Management’s budget-friendly, ala carte flexibility. Online MBA students needing preparation for careers in business leadership need to look no further.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.12

63 | Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University’s Haile/US Bank College of Business provides an excellent affordable online MBA program. This fully online Master of Business Administration at Northern Kentucky gives its students valuable tools for career advancement while empowering them to tailor their degrees to meet professional and personal goals. Boasting a holistic admission process, this AACSB-accredited distance degree delivers relevant content in an accelerated online format designed to fuel a business leader’s ambition.

Enrolled students can enrich their MBA with an innovative area of emphasis. In addition to their online MBA essentials and capstone courses, students choose a stack. Online MBA students choose two of these stacks or combine courses from any stack to further customize their online experience: Data Analytics, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Innovation Through Competitive Intelligence, Leadership, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Construction Management, Legal Studies, and Health Care Commercialization. With many options to choose from, this online degree features advantages you won’t find elsewhere.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.11

64 | Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University’s College of Business features an affordable online MBA program. Program architects understand that not enough MBA programs consider how quickly the business leadership revolution has altered how managers identify trends and recognize opportunities. MSU’s online MBA is taught by instructors who realize that the traditional managerial toolkit, which includes strategy, finance, and marketing, and strategy must be complemented with skills and knowledge in analytics and technology to encourage success.

All courses within this online program feature applied exercises that prepare distance learners to be capable leaders who make direct, information-supported decisions. New analytical tools are incorporated as well as current research insights. No advanced business degree is complete without the chance to apply what MBA students have learned on a real-life project. This may be a consulting assignment with industry leaders, research projects addressing an industry fault, or nurturing an entrepreneurial venture at the College of Business. Designed to fit a working professional’s schedule, this affordable MBA has it all.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 91.10

65 | Dakota Wesleyan University

The Department of Business at Dakota Wesleyan University provides an affordable online MBA program. This stellar program offers many opportunities for graduate students to develop their professional skills while earning credentials that meet their needs and can do so in a way that is practical, cost-effective, and relevant to their context. Enrolled students complete their coursework anytime and anywhere without ever visiting campus.

This highly interactive Online MBA program will keep business students engaged, and they will enjoy access to support from the entire campus community. Some courses may offer pre-recorded or live video meetings. All courses pack the content into seven weeks so MBAs can focus for maximum impact. There are two start times each year – January and August. There is no thesis for this program, and it consists of complete projects and coursework that focus on applying learned theories and practices. Students can prove that they’re learning by using it. Business school faculty spend extra time making meaningful and personal connections with students. This stellar MBA is ideal for actively working professionals ready to position themselves for success and growth.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.98

66 | Troy University

An affordable online MBA program is delivered at Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business. This degree provides comprehensive preparation in business administration within a global business framework. Enrolled students position themselves as leaders in the field by obtaining proficiency in the technical, behavioral, and analytical tools needed to develop and administer strategic business efforts. Sorrell College of Business leaders are dedicated to helping MBA students obtain the knowledge to become valuable members of the global society.

The business school’s MBA – General Management is a perfect fit for working professionals. Its flexibility allows learners to take the entire program on campus or entirely online. Thanks to the program’s structure, enrolled MBA students can move between online and evening courses to satisfy all degree requirements. The online MBA – General Management allows students trying to balance work, family life, and education to excel. Students who already hold an undergraduate degree in business can complete all courses within this 31-hour program in one year. Troy University MBAs can earn the advanced business degree they’ve always wanted.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.96

67 | University of Alaska Anchorage

The College of Business and Public Policy at the University of Alaska Anchorage provides an affordable online MBA program. This excellent program provides students with the skills and perspectives to assume significant managerial and leadership roles. Through action-based learning, graduate students will gain the collaborative skills to lead healthy teams to success. Students learn to ask the right questions, identify challenges, and generate solutions.

With a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles of business, distance learners will graduate prepared to lead organizations to be highly adaptive to change and realize success within the complex global environment where they operate. UAA’s MBA online program is designed to fit working business professionals’ schedules. Designed around a typical workday, this MBA program allows business students to build a degree relevant to their profession and interests without disrupting existing responsibilities during the day. This affordable MBA is an excellent choice.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.88

68 | Eastern Washington University

One of the best online MBA programs is currently available at Eastern Washington University’s College of Business. Leaders at EWU are committed to excellence in providing relevant and dynamic programs for modern professional careers. The EWU College of Business features accessible, innovative, exceptional, and experiential education that develops locally and globally conscious leaders. The AACSB International has continuously accredited the EWU College of Business since 1974.

This quality MBA online program is among the cheapest in the Pacific Northwest and allows distance learners to complete their degrees in as few as eleven months. Applicants have the flexibility to choose the online MBA program that best fits their professional and personal goals. They also gain essential managerial skills relevant to today’s growing business marketplace in the online MBA with a General Business program from Eastern Washington. This advanced professional degree includes leadership insight that can empower business leaders for success in various organizational environments. This 100% online MBA is a comprehensive business degree.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.87

69 (Tied) | West Chester University

West Chester University features a top-notch, affordable online MBA program at the College of Business and Public Management. Enrolled students can watch their careers take off with this Master of Business Administration from West Chester University. The business school has frozen tuition for the last two years, so the program is as affordable as it is rigorous.

Program architects have been offering this online program for over ten years, and it has been nationally ranked since 2016. Instructors have been teaching online courses since before the year 2000. This dynamic curriculum prepares business students for a constantly evolving world. The entire degree is delivered in a fully online class format. Distance learners can take one course at a time on a part-time basis and graduate in under two years. Many students complete their degree 100% online in less than a year as full-time students, never needing to visit the university’s campus. This affordable MBA from West Chester will serve distance learners well.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.78

69 (Tied) | Shippensburg University

The John L. Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University provides an affordable online MBA program at a highly accredited institution. This stellar distance degree utilizes the same highly qualified instructors with a reputation for quality, convenience, and affordability among our on-site students. The 30-credit program includes eight required core courses (three credits each) and two elective classes. It is designed to help business students develop the skills and knowledge to conduct business successfully in both a regional and international context.

The courses are delivered in a fully online format using a combination of asynchronous and synchronous exercises, lectures, and discussions. All synchronous components are optional, allowing distance learners to adapt their class schedules to fit their life schedules. All courses are delivered in accelerated, eight-week sessions and allow students to concentrate on each course while completing courses more quickly. Online MBA students must have a computer with a high-speed internet connection, webcam, and headset/microphone meeting minimum specifications to participate in video conferencing sessions and other online activities. This degree shines with many excellent advantages.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.78

69 (Tied) | Clarion University

An affordable online MBA program is featured at Clarion University’s College of Business Administration and Information Sciences. The accounting specialization within the MBA program prepares graduate students for careers in Certified Public Accounting, corporate accounting, accounting consulting, and various financial management roles. Students have the chance to develop broad managerial skills. Clarion’s general MBA provides an essential core of knowledge of problem-solving and business administration theories and practices.

By earning the finance specialization with the school’s MBA degree, distance learners gain risk management and derivatives, and international finance knowledge. Students also explore real-world problems in finance and create solutions based on current industry practices in this field. The online MBA in Health Care prepares students for life sciences, healthcare, insurance, biotechnology, and supporting industry careers. In this program, traditional MBA courses are fused with healthcare-specific courses giving students unique insight into the business world of healthcare. All these programs are offered online at an attractive tuition rate.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.78

72 | University of Central Oklahoma

An affordable online MBA program is delivered at the University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Business. This fully online MBA program creates many opportunities for career advancement in various fields. Designed to be completed in just over a year, this flexible MBA program utilizes an accelerated structure that blends coursework developed with industry leader input, intimate class sizes taught by supportive instructors, and a connection-encouraging environment. Enrolled students gain the skills needed for advancement in today’s competitive and evolving marketplace while joining a community invested in their success.

The online Professional MBA program lets distance learners take courses around their schedule, ensuring they don’t have to take a break from their careers. Getting MBA students to the next step is a stellar curriculum based on practical applications of management theories. Through this program’s core courses and electives letting distance learners develop a specialization, they’ll cultivate the leadership skills needed to stand out and support their potential. Distance learners thrive within this affordable MBA.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.76

73 | University of South Dakota

The Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota provides an excellent affordable online MBA program. Program architects understand that an online MBA program’s purpose is to develop business, industry, and government leaders by encouraging graduate students interested in teaching and an interest in an academic career to continue their studies at the doctoral level. The program highlights problem-solving, understanding the role of business in society, decision-making, and developing leadership abilities and social responsibility.

Future MBA students looking for a high-quality, affordable MBA program should consider Beacom’s Master of Business Administration with a General Business emphasis. It is designed to develop current and future business leaders in management while giving them the flexibility of selecting courses that best enhance their career paths. The program develops analytical and critical thinking skills by preparing students for executive-level leadership. Beacom School of Business’s online MBA offers an abundance of resources for distance learners.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.74

74 | Oklahoma State University

One of the best online MBA programs is available at Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business. OSU’s online programs are an alternative way to earn a quality business degree. Program designers believe that all graduate students should have access to affordable education, regardless of their location or schedule. The benefits of online courses are plentiful as they are available 24/7 and designed with multimedia content with virtual activities to promote group work.

This online MBA is a thirty-three-credit-hour, part-time program that can be completed as quickly as one calendar year. In addition to the general MBA, degree specializations are available. Applicants to this program must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and submit transcripts from all colleges and universities attended before gaining acceptance into the Spears School of Business. Other program requirements include a competitive GRE or GMAT test score and three professional letters of recommendation with a statement of purpose. Students seeking flexibility and affordability will want to investigate Spears.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.36

75 | Francis Marion University

One of the most affordable online MBA programs is available at Francis Marion University’s School of Business. This program’s AACSB accreditation ensures enrolled students enjoy the highest quality curriculum, faculty, and unique learning opportunities. The thirty-hour program highlights outstanding instructors who have work experience and terminal degrees in their fields. This degree is advertised as costing less than comparable programs in the region. It is designed for working professionals and includes online instruction at the student’s own pace and in-person instruction.

Students beginning their careers will discover that the FMU MBA program provides the needed management and leadership skills to expand their career opportunities. Experienced professionals will find that this MBA enhances their abilities to identify, understand, and solve executive issues within their organizations. The FMU MBA provides the skills and knowledge needed for today’s challenges for all graduate students. MBA students with undergraduate business degrees will discover that the program’s focus on applying global awareness, analytics, ethics, and innovation will improve their executive management expertise. It is no surprise that this affordable MBA is one of the best you will find.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.31

76 | Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University features an affordable online MBA program at the College of Business. This distance degree gives graduate students the professional edge they need to succeed in today’s modern business world. US News and World Report and other ranking entities have recognized this program as a top MBA among AACSB online programs. FSU’s online degree is delivered through a seven-week course model that allows students the chance to manage their professional, academic, and personal commitments.

The 36-credit hour program features eight core MBA courses to provide distance learners with a well-rounded foundation to advance their careers in leadership and management. MBA students also choose among three concentrations, including four courses focusing on honing professional knowledge and skills to align with a predetermined career path. These emphases include Management, Business Analytics, and Health Care Management. The MBA degree requires twelve courses-eight core courses and four concentration courses. This affordable program will put the skills and knowledge distance learners need into practice.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.17

77 | Murray State University

The Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business at Murray State University features one of the best online MBA programs. This distance degree has a long, proud, and rigorous tradition of quality and excellence in management and business education and a recognized capacity for exceeding the educational needs of 21st-century MBA students.

Although the quality of this MBA program is self-evident, external validations of its quality abound. For instance, the business school has held continuous accreditation by AACSB-International since 1981, making it one of the best accredited MBA programs worldwide. All MBA students are placed into two internal prep courses that cover financial accounting and calculus/microeconomics upon admission. These two free prep courses are required for all MBA students in the program regardless of work experience or undergraduate degree field to have everyone equipped with the same content for the two MBA core courses of Accounting for Decision Making and Managerial Economics. This online MBA helps business leaders realize their full career potential.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.08

78 | University of North Alabama

An affordable online MBA program is available at the University of North Alabama’s Brock College of Business. Program designers understand that the Master of Business Administration graduate degree is one of the world’s most recognizable and desired professional degrees. This esteemed degree’s purpose is to provide training in the practice and theory of business management. Its content is suitable for business students from many bachelor’s backgrounds.

No matter their career goals, working professionals will discover that a graduate business degree can help them achieve them. An online MBA gives active graduate students control of their future, provides opportunities, and allows them to be valuable contributors to the world around them. UNA’s historical foundation, combined with modern course delivery and highly qualified instructors, makes it a perfect fit for today’s prospective MBA students. The affordable MBA online program is ideal for business students with various career aspirations and life stages.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.06

79 | University of Alaska Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Management offers an affordable online MBA program. This fully online MBA program allows graduate students to pursue their academic goals within a format that fits their needs. With smaller class sizes, an engaging faculty, and a thriving online community and classroom, UAF’s Master of Business Administration helps MBA students build skills and gain hands-on experience in organizational behavior, marketing, finance, strategy, and more.

Distance learners can choose from four specializations: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), business continuity, cybersecurity, and general management. Graduate students can also tailor their degree by choosing from a list of approved electives offered through the MBA, UAS’s Master of Public Administration (MPA)m, and the Master of Security and Disaster Management (MSDM) program. The AACSB International accredits the MBA degree, ensuring it meets rigorous standards and delivers a trusted management education. It is clear to see why this affordable MBA is a top program.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 90.04

80 | University of Central Missouri

An affordable online MBA program is available at the University of Central Missouri’s Harmon College of Business. The Master of Business Administration uses an experiential learning approach to bring real business solutions into the classroom, so MBA students can practice the skills they need to impact their organizations. Program instructors incorporate management best practices and practical skills, including quantitative analysis, teamwork, effective communication, and leadership.

MBA graduates possess a skill set in fact-based and strategic decision-making and are adequately equipped to assume leadership positions. With high-caliber academic training and real-world experience, the expert faculty members who lead UCM’s MBA program strive to provide distance learners with the support they need to succeed academically and in their work environments. Instructors are accessible and prepared to provide MBAs with mentoring and research assistance when meeting face-to-face and virtually. The University of Central Missouri’s program uses an experiential learning approach that uses real business issues in the classroom so graduates will possess valuable skills in strategic, research-based problem-solving.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.90

81 | McNeese State University

An affordable online MBA degree is offered at McNeese State University’s College of Business. This excellent curriculum has been designed to equip distance learners with the background, skills, and insight they need to function effectively in leadership and administrative roles in a globally competitive atmosphere. This top-shelf MBA degree program also features convenient and flexible class options that allow students to complete program requirements at their own pace, including 100% online.

The College of Business is often enhancing the curriculum in the MBA program to ensure graduate students are equipped to move effectively and with expertise in today’s ever-shifting business environment. Plus, with its solid backing from the Lake Charles community, including a substantial, engaged advisory council, the graduate program is connected to area businesses to increase and improve opportunities that help MBAs stand out and succeed in today’s job market. This distance degree has it all.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.82

82 | University of Houston-Downtown

An affordable online MBA program is currently available at the University of Houston-Downtown’s Marilyn Davies College of Business. This program currently operates as the best MBA program in the greater Houston area. It was uniquely designed with corporations’ modern-day needs in mind. Executives, specialists, and leaders from different organizations have directly contributed to this excellent program’s development. In addition, all its classes are team-taught by exceptional instructors and seasoned industry experts.

All MBA candidates enjoy access to maximum personal and professional growth. The Part-Time MBA is convenient and flexible as all MBA Core, MBA Emphasis, and MBA Graduate Certificate courses are delivered through a blended/hybrid (face-to-face and online) environment. This downplays the time needed to be physically present at the business school. Core classes meet on Monday and Wednesday nights, allowing graduate students to complete two core courses every eight weeks. Concentration classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights. U of H Downtown’s online MBA is an excellent degree.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.75

83 | Wichita State University

The W. Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State University provides an excellent affordable online MBA program from a highly accredited institution. This graduate degree in business from Wichita State’s Barton School helps graduate students take the next step in their careers while opening doors to new possibilities. Enrolled students choose from a general track or concentrations in business analytics, supply chain management, information management, finance, marketing, health care administration, and human resource management.

The online Master of Business Administration from Wichita State’s Barton School of Business prepares distance learners for responsible leadership positions in government, health-related organizations, businesses, and other institutions. Special attention is given to the development of organizations as integrated systems. WSU’s online Master of Business Administration is a traditional, management-based program offering coursework in marketing, accounting, business law, finance, economics, and management. A thesis is not required to complete this degree. This online MBA from the W. Frank Barton School of Business pays dividends almost immediately.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.74

84 | Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University provides an affordable online MBA program through its College of Business. This accelerated Online MBA is designed to accommodate the needs of active working professionals better. The one-year program offers a convenient, business-friendly format with classes 100% online in a cohort format. This program sits where business education excellence, flexibility, and affordability converge.

Tennessee State’s Online MBA is perfect for aspiring professionals with a proven commitment to excellence and those looking for higher responsibilities in business leadership. The online MBA provides the same foundation and rigor as the business school’s traditional MBA degree with the bonus of a fast track to improved on-the-job performance and the benefits that come with success. All thirty-six credit hours of this affordable MBA program can be completed in 12 months. The TSU Online MBA includes courses in Operations Management, Managerial Decision Making, Business Strategy & the Economic Environment, and Management & Evaluation of Information Systems.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.70

85 | University of Missouri-Kansas City

The Henry W. Bloch School of Management at the University of Missouri-Kansas City provides an affordable online MBA program. With Bloch’s Professional MBA, graduate students get the total package: active engagement with peers and instructors, the flexibility of online courses, and interaction with the Kansas City business community. The distance program at Bloch offers a rigorous core that keeps students ahead of the curve in the ever-expanding business environment and an attractive menu of electives to help professionals develop expertise in a specialized area.

Enrolled students can combine online and on-campus courses to meet their changing professional and personal needs. Business school candidates not interested in placement tests will appreciate that GMAT waivers are now available for those who qualify with academic performance or professional experience. Online lectures are accessible to distance learners at any time, and scheduled engagement activities are accessible online or in person. Electives in Accounting, Finance, Data Analytics, and Entrepreneurship are included in this excellent and affordable MBA program.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.69

86 | University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

The Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth provides an affordable online MBA program. Many business students understand that the key to finding the perfect program is finding a flexible and affordable one that fits a working professional’s timeline, goals, and budget. The business school’s website features a simple form MBA candidates can complete to begin the conversation and see if UMass Dartmouth’s 30-credit online MBA is the degree they are seeking.

Charlton’s MBA is responsive to the evolving demands of the global, technology-driven economy. All courses are taught by seasoned industry professionals and leading business scholars. This advanced degree also offers the option to concentrate on specific business areas like organizational leadership, accounting, finance, business analytics, and supply chain management. The AACSB accredits the UMassD Charlton School of Business. Students in this program can accommodate work and family responsibilities within assignment due dates. This online MBA offers excellent training at a fantastic price.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.59

87 | University of Akron

The University of Akron’s College of Business Administration provides an excellent affordable online MBA program. This Interdisciplinary MBA allows graduate students the flexibility to customize their electives. Distance learners can craft select electives and add courses to suit their goals outside of business. Graduate courses can be selected from among all CoB departments, other colleges at the University of Akron, or transferred from another university. All transfer courses must fall within the six-year time frame to qualify for program completion.

The College of Business Administration’s flexible MBA course format includes 100% online courses and hybrid courses that offer online and in-person work. To satisfy all degree requirements, students can enroll part-time or full-time. Most classes are offered in both formats at least once per year. Part-time students choosing only an online or hybrid option typically take two or three years to complete the MBA, depending on course selections. This affordable MBA at Akron features advantages you won’t find elsewhere.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.57

88 | University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi’s College of Business & Economic Development features one of the best online MBA programs at an affordable price. Program architects understand that deciding on the perfect online college can be an issue for many prospective MBA students. The University of Southern Mississippi is making it easier with its affordable tuition allowing graduate students to concentrate more on their education and less on paying for it.

The same teachers teach all online classes as the business school’s face-to-face classes, so distance learners can rest easy knowing they get the same education on their schedule. This high-quality education mixed with an affordable online college experience makes this online degree from Southern Miss an excellent value. The University of Southern Mississippi features a convenient, flexible learning platform that allows graduate students to complete the online degree without campus visits. SACSCOC regionally accredits all the business school’s high-quality programs. Designed with the student in mind, this faculty creates high-quality programs and inspired courses designed to equip MBA students with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. While it is one of the cheap Online MBA programs, it couples affordability with rigor and quality.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.26

89 | University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

The Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley provides an affordable online MBA program. The business school’s accelerated online delivery consists of seven-week modules delivered online on a rotating carousel basis. All courses hold accreditation from Quality Matters, which ensures the best quality in online education and technologies.

The program is comprised of 36 credit hours that are offered 100% online. Students can sign up for one or two courses during the seven-week modules and begin the MBA in any of the six start dates each academic year, as specified by the Graduate College Calendar. Business school students choose a concentration in Health Care Administration, Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, or Financial Planning. The program’s Thesis Option features a dissertation embodying the results of original research and substantiating a specific view, one written by an MBA student for an academic degree. UT Rio Grande Valley’s online format and experiential learning combine for an excellent business degree.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.15

90 | Morehead State University

One of the best online MBA programs hails from Morehead State University’s School of Business Administration. This excellent Master of Business Administration program provides quality educational training in business for degree and course completion. MSU’s distance program is offered 100% online. It is perfect for working individuals and designed for professionals seeking to improve their managerial skills.

Applicants with bachelor’s degrees in business can complete the program with a minimum of thirty semester hours. Those without an undergrad in business core courses can be admitted to the program by satisfying the appropriate number of prerequisite courses communicated by the MBA program director. The degree requirements for this stellar MBA specify that all distance learners must complete twenty-four core required hours and six hours of electives. Graduate students interested in healthcare careers will discover the Health Systems Management track will prepare them for leadership positions in healthcare settings. This online MBA is as affordable as it is convenient.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 89.04

91 | University of North Texas

The G. Brint Ryan College of Business at the University of North Texas provides an affordable online MBA program. The business school’s Master of Business Administration in Marketing provides distance learners with the breadth of a traditional MBA fused with the chance to specialize in marketing. The curriculum will equip graduate students with an unparalleled conceptual foundation and managerial skills. After the MBA program completion through the Department of Marketing, Logistics, and Operations Management, career opportunities are numerous.

UNT also features an online MBA in Marketing Analytics. All industries need data collection and processing to help them understand customers, the performance of their goods or services, and ways to maximize their return on investment. With this 100% online MBA in Marketing Analytics, graduates can understand organizational behavior, marketing metrics, data science, marketing management, marketing research, and many related areas. Upon completing either of these MBA programs through the Department of Management, graduates will have developed the abilities, knowledge, and skills needed to market themselves in various careers.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.94

92 | Campbellsville University

An affordable online MBA program is currently available at Campbell University’s School of Business, Economics, and Technology. This top-notch MBA prepares graduate students for leadership roles as executives and managers, helping organizations prepare for and solve complex business issues of tomorrow. Enrolled students gain the leadership skills they need from this accredited Online MBA. Campbell’s program teaches advanced strategies and techniques utilized in foundational business areas.

Graduates of this online MBA are encouraged to integrate Christian values into their business practices and understand how various technologies play a crucial role in decision-making, helping them succeed in their careers and move up the corporate ladder. All online MBA students have the chance to learn to excel in the ever-expanding business management world. Distance learners acquire the leadership skills needed for managerial positions. They gain an understanding of the advanced business concepts used daily in the office. Students also get insight into the trends that affect the economy and training that can be immediately applied to their careers. This best of the best online MBAs is affordable and delivers in many ways.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.89

93 | Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver features a top-notch, affordable online MBA program at the College of Business. The business school aims to outfit its distance learners with valuable, high-quality, and experience-based online MBA degrees through excellence in instruction, individual attention, and relevant experience at an exceptional value. The AACSB International accredits MSU Denver’s College of Business. This recognition is earned by only five percent of business schools worldwide.

The online MBA program features attractive tuition rates for international and out-of-state students. Quality combined with affordability provides an excellent value for graduate students. MBA students also have a professional peer network designed for graduate students. Program concentrations include Accounting, Strategic Business, and Business Analytics. Online students can also complete the program as a general MBA. Courses include Strategic Finance, Knowledge Discovery Using Business Analytics, Practical Business Analytics, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Data Mining for Business Intelligence. Metropolitan State’s program is one of the top cheap Online MBA Programs worth a second look.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.68

94 | Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

The School of Business at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville provides an affordable online MBA. The AACSB International accredits this excellent Master of Business Administration. It is designed to develop the professional capabilities of leaders and managers working in business.

The curriculum’s central objective is to enhance quality and innovation in analyzing, interpreting, and utilizing information for designing, communicating, and implementing managerial leadership of business organizations. The program’s curriculum emphasizes the ethical management of resources within a global environment. Required courses in decision-making and quantitative analysis sharpen the ability of students to apply models and skills while integrating knowledge across disciplinary areas. Students can select an emphasis in project management, business analytics, management information systems, healthcare administration, or a general specialization from four elective courses that fit their specific career objectives.

The accelerated seven-week courses are featured in Flex and Accelerated options. Distance learners have the option of enrolling for any term in the school year and taking courses in either format. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville had designed an excellent MBA at an impressive price.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.31

95 | Bowling Green State University

One of the most affordable MBA programs is featured at Bowling Green State University’s College of Business. Through innovative research, online MBA students develop real-world business knowledge and skills and a global marketplace understanding, led by instructors paving the way for business innovation. Business school applicants can choose the online MBA program that best fits their professional and personal goals.

Throughout this degree, enrolled students deepen their factual knowledge of fundamental business theories, principles, and generalizations. This innovative and affordable MBA enables distance learners to earn a prestigious BGSU degree with the flexibility to accommodate the schedules of actively working professionals. The curriculum features business ethics and law training, managerial accounting, strategy design and implementation, marketing management and strategy, financial management in global environments, and much more. In addition to the dynamic core curriculum, MBA students can choose electives that fit their interests and goals. Bowling Green State’s online MBA is as robust as it is affordable.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.24

96 | Alabama A&M University

An affordable online MBA program hails from Alabama A&M University’s College of Business and Public Affairs. This interdisciplinary program in business is the perfect fit for graduate students who want to advance their careers in leadership and management roles within their organizations. The AACSB accredits the Online MBA program at the College of Business and Public Affairs.

Alabama A&M University’s degree is a working adults-friendly program with on-campus and online coursework options. Enrolled students gain practical skills and knowledge through a relevant business education in management, accounting, finance, and marketing. The core MBA curriculum prepares distance learners for their career advancement in the future. Students can choose the general MBA program or specialize in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSM) or Human Resources Management (HR Management). The business school’s concentrations are for students seeking intensive training to qualify for future employment opportunities related to those business areas.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.20

97 | Coastal Carolina University

The E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration at Coastal Carolina University provides an affordable online MBA. This stellar program develops the practical, analytical, and interpersonal skills business professionals require to make vital decisions in today’s increasingly complex business environment. Program designers have created this online MBA as an advanced professional degree designed to prepare distance learners for challenging and versatile careers.

The program is designed on an interactive model to facilitate robust relationships between students and instructors. Individualized attention from business school leaders, who bring consulting and industry experience to their classrooms, offers a personalized approach to this management education. Leaders at E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration are primarily committed to teaching. They work closely with students to enhance the affordable MBA program’s breadth, depth, and flexibility. In addition, they also understand the needs of business and provide students with experience and a curriculum that reflects these dynamic needs. This 100% online program can’t be beaten. It stands as one of the best Online MBA programs available.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.14

98 | University of Wisconsin-Parkside

The College of Business, Economics, and Computing at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside features an affordable online MBA program. Business school leaders at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside are grounded in academic excellence and focused on success for distance learners. This quality degree program is designed with working professionals in mind and features accelerated completion times, 100% online coursework, and multiple start dates.

Program architects challenge prospective MBA students to join the growing group of professionals who have found success through UWP’s online program. The accessible and affordable online MBA at UW-Parkside covers various essential business leadership concepts and analytical tools. Enrolled students learn how to obtain and evaluate relevant data, approach tasks logically and systematically, analyze problems, create solutions, work in diverse environments, and achieve concrete results. This program’s core coursework empowers MBA students with foundational skills and advanced applications. This affordable online MBA has what it takes for everyone, from corporate managers to entrepreneurs.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 88.08

99 | University of North Carolina Wilmington

An affordable online MBA program is available at the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Cameron School of Business. Enrolled students develop the quantitative and analytical skills they need for organizational management and effective business decision-making in the Master of Business Administration online program from UNC Wilmington.

Tomorrow’s business leaders can advance their careers by completing this world-class degree in as few as one calendar year. In this AACSB-accredited program, distance learners deepen their knowledge in the functional areas of business law, strategic management, accounting, information analysis, business analytics, marketing, production and operations management, economics, corporate finance, and more. MBA students who want an accelerated degree will be happy to graduate in just twelve months without relocating or leaving their current positions. The rigorous core curriculum examines judicial, constitutional, legislative, public policy, and regulatory regulations within the business environment. Students also study the theory and principles of financial and managerial accounting. There is no better time than now to consider this affordable online MBA at UNC Wilmington.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 87.96

100 | Appalachian State University

The Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University offers a high-quality and affordable Online MBA degree. The school is highlighted in rankings from Forbes and U.S. News and World Report, giving graduates a great MBA brand on their resumes. This program offers an AACSB-accredited curriculum consisting of 36 credit hours that can be completed in two years.

The Walker Online MBA couples asynchronous and synchronous class schedules to allow for flexibility plus substantial connection with peers and professors. The courses are intentionally small and interactive, and each student has to fulfill one-course requirement with an international focus. Students will graduate with experience in a domestic and international business mindset. The degree offers a concentration in Interdisciplinary Business with courses like Digital Marketing Strategy, Global Perspectives in FINTECH, and Sustainability Performance Assessment. Application requirements include an online application and fee, official transcripts, a professional resume, a Letter of Intent, and three references. Appalachian State has one of the best Online MBA programs available.

Online MBA Website

OMBA Coach Score: 87.92

Recommended Online MBA Programs

COVID-19 has made us look at higher education differently. Yes, we know that online learning has been going on for years, but we have seen many significant colleges and business schools expand their curriculum and Online MBAs. Going to school online allows for so much more flexibility than attending classes on campus. These programs can be expensive and drive your ambition into the mud! So the big question is, how much does an Online MBA cost? Well, don’t fret! We have found a few programs you might want to look into and ask the following questions to help you choose an Affordable Online MBA. Please take a deep breath, and let’s make sense of this.

How Much Do Most Online MBA Programs Cost?

The prices vary widely, ranging from under $10,000 to over $80,000. An Online MBA is a significant investment, and you may need to take out student loans to pay for it. As a result, students should consider if the institution is a suitable fit for them and their career aspirations and whether the Online MBA program fits into their budget.

Even though some of the most expensive Online MBA schools have the finest reputations, money is not always an indicator of a high-quality Online MBA program. So, why is there such a significant pricing disparity? The cost of an Online MBA program is determined by several factors:

  • the school’s public or private status,
  • the number of students enrolled, and
  • the amount of technology employed on campus.

How Do I Pay for My Online MBA?

Outside of loans, the most straightforward way to pay for your degree is to write checks as you go. Many colleges allow students to complete coursework while working full-time for several years, which is a viable alternative. According to the statistics gathered by the Center for American Progress in 2020, graduate students make up only 15% of students in higher education yet account for 40% of federal student loans disbursed each year. Most graduate students do not self-fund their degrees. It is conceivable if you aren’t in a hurry to complete and can take advantage of other programs or advantages offered by your employer—or if you qualify for a small number of scholarships and grants.

Employee Benefits

If the student is fortunate enough to have an employer-provided education benefit, it’s worth your time to understand how to take advantage of them. The IFEBP (International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans) found that a large number of firms questioned offered official tuition reimbursement as of 2019. Another 4% of firms said they help employees repay student loans, and 23% said they’re considering offering programs to cover or assist in paying for school. Some companies have relationships with universities and provide innovative ways to pay for tuition. Some companies will split the cost with you.


Student loans can get the job done, but you are responsible for repaying them. The National Center on Education Statistics compiled data that revealed an average master’s degree holder leaves school with about $66,000 in debt. The Federal Reserve reported, total student loan debt in the United States presently stands at $1.7 trillion.

The question is whether the student can earn enough to justify the debt and whether the debt will fuel or derail your post-MBA path. That is a personal decision that is not always simple without a clear goal in mind.

How Do I Find MBA Scholarships?

Scholarships can also be a factor to consider. In addition, several collegiate schools utilize them for marketing to and attract students. Make a list of the universities you want to apply to and contact a financial aid advisor who could help you find departmental scholarships to fund your Online MBA studies. Any program’s flexibility and cost structure are key selling advantages for any working student, especially military reimbursement students. On the other hand, schools appreciate that there is no uncertainty about a student’s ability to finance the cost of a degree.

What Should I Be Aware of When Choosing a Program?

Some online programs are officially hybrid, meaning students can attend classes in person if they live nearby or take all of their courses online. Others are entirely online but include one or two extended weekends in person, overseas immersion excursions, or other enrichment opportunities to impress future grads. Depending on the MBA program students are applying to, the university may add additional costs to their tuition; make sure you ask about hybrid programs.

Also, remember to verify accreditation. First, make sure the college holds regional accreditation. Second, look for business accreditation:

  • AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
  • ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs)
  • IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education)

These accreditations will ensure that while your program may be cheap, it also holds the highest value.

What is the ROI of the Cheapest Online MBA Programs?

Earning an Online MBA comes with a slew of advantages. The first and least apparent benefit of having an Online MBA is that it expands your employment options and boosts your earning potential. MBA graduates acquire confidence, influence, and authority in the workplace. The correct institution will also help students achieve self-discipline and address executive-level problems using proven frameworks. MBA students undergo a metamorphosis of leadership and soft skills both online and offline. These tools are essential for moving up the corporate ladder.

A master’s degree is a significant time and financial investment. Prospective students should consider all expenditures and calculate the potential return on investment while making an important life decision. Research the influence of obtaining an MBA on your career trajectory and the compensation differences to determine your ROI.

Job Prospects with an Online MBA

Earning an online MBA can enhance your career prospects and open up a range of opportunities across various industries. The specific job prospects you have with an online MBA can depend on several factors, including your prior work experience, specialization, the reputation of the MBA program, and the state of the job market. Here are some common job prospects associated with an online MBA:

  1. General Management Roles:
    • An MBA provides a solid foundation in business principles, making graduates well-suited for general management positions. This can include roles such as operations manager, business development manager, or project manager.
  2. Financial Analyst or Manager:
    • With a focus on finance during an MBA program, graduates may pursue roles as financial analysts, financial managers, or investment analysts in various industries.
  3. Marketing Manager:
    • Marketing is a popular specialization in MBA programs. Graduates with a marketing focus can pursue roles such as marketing manager, brand manager, or product manager.
  4. Human Resources Manager:
    • MBA graduates with a concentration in human resources may qualify for positions such as HR manager or director. They are often involved in talent acquisition, employee relations, and strategic workforce planning.
  5. Consulting Roles:
    • Management consultants are hired to help organizations solve business problems. An MBA can be a valuable asset for those pursuing careers in consulting, providing them with the analytical and strategic skills needed for this field.
  6. Entrepreneurship:
    • Some MBA graduates choose to start their own businesses or join startups. The comprehensive business education provided by an MBA can be beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to manage and grow their own ventures.
  7. Healthcare Management:
    • Specializations in healthcare management prepare graduates for leadership roles in healthcare organizations. This can include positions such as healthcare administrator or hospital manager.
  8. Information Technology Management:
    • With the increasing integration of technology in business, MBA graduates with a focus on information technology management may pursue roles such as IT manager or chief information officer (CIO).
  9. Supply Chain Management:
    • Those specializing in supply chain management can pursue careers as supply chain managers, logistics managers, or operations managers, overseeing the efficient flow of goods and services.
  10. Nonprofit Management:
    • For individuals interested in working in the nonprofit sector, an MBA with a focus on nonprofit management can lead to roles such as executive director or program manager for nonprofit organizations.

It’s important to note that while an online MBA can enhance your qualifications, job prospects also depend on factors such as networking, internships, and your ability to demonstrate relevant skills and experience. Additionally, staying informed about industry trends and continuously developing your skills through professional development can contribute to long-term career success.

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